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04-20-24 05:15 PM
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Xenthou is Offline

  Vizzed's most dedicated Metroid addict
Trusted Member
Real Name: Callie Waller
Location: Drifting in deep space, waiting to be rescued
Age: 25 (04-05-99)  Gender: Female
Registered: 04-20-12 01:01 AM (4383 days ago)
Posts: 357  Threads: 52
Post Words: 29,312 (82 word avg)
Viz: 219,181    Contribution Points: 812
Post Rating: 6   Trust Points: 13   Chat: 117
Level: 41    Experience: 446602
Next Level: +33543 Exp    Per Post: 1876 Exp
Last Activity: 06-05-22 08:00 AM
Last Post: 06-08-15 04:57 PM
  Weekly Opinionator: HALO


Thank you for staying with us. All visits will be logged and monitored for quality. You are currently the

th visitor.

Please enjoy your stay.

If you're looking for my transgender info and question thread, you can find it here:

Please message me if you have any questions!


The Cake War began on December 10th, 2014.
New recruits report to Xenthou for 1000 standard issue cakes!

The Cake War includes 16 soldiers and counting.

Zanderlex currently holds the record for largest single assault with 100,000,000 cakes in one salvo

Zanderlex currently holds the record for most cakes fired with a total of 100,000,000

calebjudah currently holds the record for most consecutive attacks with 23 rapid cake deliveries

GameBoy1023 currently holds the record for most attacks launched with a total of 40

[12:13 AM] Galacta: are fingers an addon to the commodore 64
[12:13 AM] GameBoy1023: no gal
[12:13 AM] GameBoy1023: fingers are not an addon
[12:13 AM] Xenthou: *duct tapes GB's fingers to the console*
[12:13 AM] Xenthou: they are now

[12:13 AM] GameBoy1023: but xenthou
[12:14 AM] GameBoy1023: mayonaise is not an instrument
[12:14 AM] Xenthou: I can make rhythmic sounds with a pile of mayonnaise
[12:15 AM] Xenthou: Even though I would probably have a very unpleasant time due to the resulting allergic reaction

[12:08 AM] Xenthou: bite me
[12:10 AM] GameBoy1023: OH YEAH
[12:10 AM] GameBoy1023: WELL BITE ME ME
[12:10 AM] Xenthou: syntax error
[12:10 AM] Xenthou: *shuts down*
[12:10 AM] GameBoy1023: YOU ARE NOT A COMMODORE 64

[12:23 AM] Xenthou: Like yeah I'll kill a man
[12:24 AM] Xenthou: But I'll be damned if I'll start a battle without proper bust support
[12:24 AM] xray41x: sounds like a weird japanese game
[12:25 AM] Xenthou: My entire life is a weird japanese game

[1:32 AM] Xenthou: Just the two of us~
[1:32 AM] Xenthou: We can make it if we tryyyy, just the two of us~
[1:33 AM] Xenthou: (just the two of us)
Welcome to General Chat, bostonblokhed1!
[1:35 AM] Xenthou: no longer the two of us~

Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Page Comments

no 8120 - 04-05-22 04:09 AM
Happy Birthday
no 8120 - 04-05-21 03:58 AM
Happy Birthday
Snodeca - 04-05-20 05:27 AM
im wanting to talk to you but you're inactive
Snodeca - 04-05-20 05:24 AM
I actually had a dream about you last night lol wow. Happy birthday though! ^u^
no 8120 - 04-05-20 04:15 AM
Happy Birthday
Snodeca - 11-30-16 11:11 AM
"why do I bother" Wow rude, me..
Snodeca - 10-13-16 12:56 PM
Of course you ain't here. Sigh. Why do I bother
Snodeca - 10-13-16 12:56 PM
Of course you ain't here. Sigh. Why do I bother
Snodeca - 07-21-16 01:39 PM
And yes I realize you aren't on Vizzed anymore but still won't stop me from saying how much i love you :3
Snodeca - 07-21-16 01:39 PM
i still wuv you

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