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04-12-24 02:56 PM
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Nintendo NES
Nintendo of America
Nintendo Co.
UPC: 731069002222

Released: 6-01-86
Players: 1-2
Country Origin: US

Game Genre:
Game Perspective:
Platform, Side-Scrolling
Genre Sport:
Genre Non-Sport:
Game Misc:
Coin-Op Conversion

Price Guide (USD):
Loose:  $19.14
Complete:  $119.95
New:  $129.00
Rarity:  5/10

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Play Donkey Kong Jr (NES) - Online Rom | Nintendo NES

Play Donkey Kong Jr online with Nintendo NES browser emulation for free! Donkey Kong Jr (NES) game rom is loaded with features in our flash, java and rgr plugin emulators. Nothing to configure, we've done it for you!

Donkey Kong Jr

Donkey Kong Jr Title ScreenDonkey Kong Jr Screenshot 1
Donkey Kong Jr Box Art FrontDonkey Kong Jr Box Art BackDonkey Kong Jr Screenthot 2
Rating: 8.3
(78 votes)
Plays: 18,629
Filesize: 17kb

Donkey Kong Jr Box Description

Mario has gone mad! He's turned the tables on Donkey Kong and locked him in a cage. It's up to you, as Donkey Kong Jr., to rescue your father by stealing Mario's set of keys. But it won't be easy. You'll have to fight off ape-eating Snapjaws, jump onto moving islands and break through a jungle of vines to get to the keys that will free Donkey Kong. Can you handle the action? Because this off-the-wall monkey business will have you going bananas!

Donkey Kong Jr (Nintendo NES) Screenshots

X X Donkey Kong Jr
Donkey Kong Jr
by LeeEel (5/5)
Ending : One more game Beaten
Donkey Kong Jr
by no 8120 (5/5)
Introduction : introduction
Donkey Kong Jr
by Jordanv78 (5/5)
Gameover : Jordan v NerotomicZX - I win!
Donkey Kong Jr
by Jordanv78 (5/5)
Gameover : Jordan v Moss wk5 - I WIN!
Donkey Kong Jr
by Jordanv78 (5/5)
Gameover : Jordan v Kruzer wk6 - I Win!
Donkey Kong Jr
by Jordanv78 (5/5)
Gameover : Jordan v Azul wk8 - I WIN!
Donkey Kong Jr
by thephantombrain (4.75/5)
Misc : Winter'14 Netplay Tourn-dragonslayer444 vs me
Donkey Kong Jr
by leo852456 (4.6/5)
Ending : jumpman win!!
Donkey Kong Jr
by madison (4.5/5)
Donkey Kong Jr
by NES59 (4.33/5)
Level Level 1: The start of the game
Donkey Kong Jr
by MechaMento (4.29/5)
Me Loosing to Mourinhosgum
Donkey Kong Jr
by vhero (4.13/5)
Beat the game. Twice
Donkey Kong Jr
by Jordanv78 (3/5)
Gameover : NES Remix Tourney Practice
Donkey Kong Jr
by patar4097 (3/5)
Gameover : Me and Yoshirulez

Videos of Donkey Kong Jr Gameplay

Donkey Kong Jr Rom Hacks

Donkey Kong Jr Featured Review

Donkey Kong Jr Review by: Zircron Swift - 8.8/10

Donkey Kong Review
Donkey Kong Jr is a sequel to the original Donkey Kong. Likebefore, there were arcade versions of the game, but there was also a port forthe NES. And here it is. Having never played this game before, I don't knowmuch about it. So I'll play it now and we'll see what it has to offer. So just jump in, shall we?

So the story is that you are Donkey Kong Jr, and you must save your father Donkey Kong from....Mario? He was refereed to as "Jumpman"  in the first game, so it's interesting that they call him Mario in this game. But he's normally the good guy. Why would he trap Donkey Kong like that? So in this game, Mario is "evil"? What a twist. What next, Browser doing charity work? So you need to save Donkey Kong from Mario as he has caged him up. So you must go through four levels (which is one more than the last game) to save him. How do you do this? Simple, you climb up vines and poles that are conveniently placed there. It's funny how villains always seem to place something  convenient when they want to keep the hero away. You can climb up just one vine or pole, or you can grab a second one to go up faster. Just grabing one vine or pole makes you go down faster.

But be careful, there are blue and red crocodiles trying to nom nom (^^) you up. They can travel up and down poles and vines as well. So you must maneuver so they don't get you. You can also get fruit by touching it, which falls down and gives you some points. There are Bananas, which seems reasonable, and apples. No other fruit? No pears or grapes or Cherries? *shrugs* If you let fruit hit an enemy, then it gets killed. Also, this guy is just a little pathetic. Just like in the first game, if you fall too high, you die. Even if the distance seems just right. He also dies if enemies touch him, or if an egg touches him. An egg.....really? That counts as death? What happens? Is he  lactose intolerant?

Just get to the vine with the shield thing with a key on and you have completed the level. The difficulty in levels gets much harder as you go across them. Much harder than Donkey Kong. The second level is murder, and is probably the hardest level there. There are birds, Sparks (accrual name) and other Sparks with different colours. Jumping over an enemy gives you some points, which is nice. You get a different type of jingle when you complete a different level. That's the only music you really get in the game. The background music is very unremembered and boring. But the sound effects are good just like the first game.

There are two types of game play. Game A and Game B. Game A is your basic gameplay. Nothing new here. Game B is basically increased difficulty. You can get this if you complete the game once anyway, but this can be good if you want to start the game harder than normal. There are some handy things that only appear in the second level, and I felt they could have used it again in the third level, or at least in Game B mode, for added difficulty. The last level is not all that bad, and requires quick thinking in order to complete it. You have to push all the keys into the slots to free Donkey Kong and defeat that evil Mario. Still sounds odd saying that. The difficulty of it has the rare  position that makes it seem impossible to complete the level, but at the same time it seems really easy to complete. So if your good at  Donkey Kong, you'll be good at this.

Overall, I give this game a 8.8/10 The graphics might be simple, and the music seems limited, but of what is there is good for a game like this. The background music might have been better as it seems shrouded with all the sound effects that are being produced. The game play itself is simple but effective. Made a little more complex than the first one, I would play this game over Donkey Kong any day, not that the first one was bad or anything. So If you liked Donkey Kong, this is a must play. If you haven't played Donkey Kong yet, I would advise that you play the first one first before you play this one. Enjoy!

  Graphics 7   Sound 7   Addictive 8   Depth 6   Story 4   Difficulty 9

Donkey Kong Jr Game Description

Mario has kidnapped Junior's Papa!Donkey Kong Jr. was originally released in the arcades in 1982 as a sequel to Donkey Kong. In this game, Mario plays the antagonist, finally having captured Donkey Kong, and has put the ape in a locked cage. As Donkey Kong Jr., players will have to make their way through four different levels (Vines, Springboard, Chains and Mario's Hideout) in an attempt to find keys to free the little monkey's Father.Along the way, Mario will send out Snapjaws, swooping purple birds, and electric sparks in an attempt to stop Junior. Junior can defend himself by dropping fruit found around the levels on the heads of his foes. The more foes a piece of fruit hits in a falling sequence, the higher bonus points can be scored.Junior can also avoid enemies more easily by grabbing hold of two chains or vines at a time to climb away faster, or by jumping over his foes. However, any long fall or falling into the water on certain levels will mean the loss of a life for Junior.In the final cut scene, Junior will free Donkey Kong and both will escape after giving Mario the boot. Once all four levels are cleared, the game levels will start over at a higher difficulty.Like the original Donkey Kong, the earlier 1980's console versions do not have all of the levels and animations from the arcade.

Donkey Kong Jr Reviews

Overall 8.3    Graphics 7.3    Sound 7.3    Addictive 7.7    Story 4.5    Depth 4.7    Difficulty 5.7

Donkey Kong Review   Zircron Swift
Donkey Kong Jr is a sequel to the original Donkey Kong. Likebefore, there were arcade versions of th...
  Graphics 7   Sound 7   Addictive 8   Story 4   Depth 6   Difficulty 9

      Review Rating: 4.5/5     Submitted: 09-09-11     Updated: 09-09-11     Review Replies: 0

Mario goes to the DARK SIDE   PixelBrick
Welcome to my review of Donkey Kong Jr. I just decided to review this game for the heck o' it, so le...
  Graphics 6   Sound 7   Addictive 7   Story 5   Depth 2   Difficulty 3

      Review Rating: 4.3/5     Submitted: 07-01-14     Review Replies: 3

Donkey Kong Jr. Review   Marcmoney
Overall - 9 Donkey Kong Jr on the NES is a fun, classical game to play.  When I played this,...
  Graphics 9   Sound 8   Addictive 8   Depth 6   Difficulty 5

      Review Rating: 3.9/5     Submitted: 10-23-11     Updated: 10-23-11     Review Replies: 1

Donkey Kong Jr Highscores

1. 999,900
TimeTrial: 01:12:20
11-25-12 12:56 AM
Donkey Kong Jr - updated - User Screenshot
2. 999,900
TimeTrial: 01:22:42
11-23-12 07:04 PM
Donkey Kong Jr - Level Q or 26.  - User Screenshot
Level Q or 26.
3. 309,700
TimeTrial: 00:28:34
11-17-12 03:40 PM
Donkey Kong Jr -  - User Screenshot
4. 268,100
TimeTrial: 00:49:01
11-10-12 04:01 PM
Donkey Kong Jr - Level 8 - User Screenshot
Level 8
5. 228,200
TimeTrial: 00:00:00
03-25-11 11:33 PM
Donkey Kong Jr - Um, woo... - User Screenshot
Um, woo...
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Donkey Kong Jr Speedruns

Target Screenshot
Ending Screen
Ending Screen
1. 00:01:41
03-23-14 04:25 AM

working for 1:40
2. 00:01:42
04-02-14 11:03 PM

3. 00:01:44
03-09-14 09:05 PM

4. 00:01:46
03-14-14 08:45 PM

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Donkey Kong Jr Game Genie Codes

SZZGTP Infinite lives
PATLST Start with 1 life
TATLST Start with 6 lives
PATLSV Start with 9 lives
AEKGAUIA Controllable jump
EAVGVIAG Faster single vine climbing
PAXIPAIA Can fall onto platforms

Donkey Kong Jr Guides and Walkthroughs

Guide / Walkthrough

Users who own Donkey Kong Jr

Game Owner Name
Play Online
Very Good

Game Characters in Donkey Kong Jr

Comments for Donkey Kong Jr

Cherish 01-30-15 - 03:30 PM
 i have a problem with the screen i can't see all the game what can i do?
Lexatom 01-17-15 - 05:02 PM
 I'm terrible at this game...just like I'm terrible at the original Donkey Kong. But, not as bad as this.
pandamaster10 07-14-14 - 10:56 PM
 I find it crazy how you have to jump on EVERY platform, you can't just walk onto it or you'll die...
gmanny 03-31-14 - 11:57 PM
 how do I get this to play on full screen or at least 4:3
rcarter2 03-14-14 - 01:08 PM
 Pretty crazy how 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place spots right now are just 1 second apart from eachother.
jerryaberry 03-10-14 - 01:41 PM
 dragonslayer444 check out gian97's 2nd video, I think. Basically the enemies have to cooperate on top of having a great run.
dragonslayer444 03-09-14 - 05:52 PM
 How the hell do you get under 1:50 I think Gian has was this I am stumped.
rcarter2 03-05-14 - 08:34 PM
 Nevermind. Didn't see the other video you submitted.
rcarter2 03-05-14 - 08:31 PM
 gian: Is the video you submitted the one that is supposed to count for your 1:47 time? If so, why is it in your video, you don't reach the target screen shot until 1:50?
gian97 03-05-14 - 06:54 AM
 Thanks :D
Awesome-Kid 03-05-14 - 05:39 AM
 Great speed Gian!!
chungchangching 03-01-14 - 09:38 PM
jerryaberry 11-30-12 - 11:18 PM
 Well didn't get to give it one last go, oh well. Congrats theweapon2!
Bluey5 11-17-12 - 10:58 AM
 This game is alright. It's a little bit too tedious for my taste though. Good classic.
jerryaberry 11-15-12 - 03:19 PM
 Tell me about it madison, it's all weapon's fault, lol.
madison 11-12-12 - 10:47 PM
 Those are some crazy high levels, weapon and jerry.
jerryaberry 11-06-12 - 10:13 AM
 Indeed M4g1cW4rr10r. Because of the difficulty of this game and its popularity in arcade culture, many seek this prestigious title.
M4g1cW4rr10r 11-05-12 - 03:37 PM
 I think this competition is just bringing out the true competitiveness of us all, to be the best Donkey Kong Jr.-er...?
jerryaberry 11-04-12 - 02:58 PM
 Great score theweapon2. Hard to believe anyone could beat Neal's score this early in the competition. Level 6 is pretty crazy.
Deleted Account.. 08-22-12 - 03:45 AM
 Wow this has gotten easier than I thought. :)
thefoxahmed_85 06-22-12 - 09:38 AM
alahndangerous 05-31-12 - 02:08 PM
 lol @ narutobro 13
narutobro13 05-29-12 - 04:48 PM
 thats what she said
jc1979 05-27-12 - 10:13 AM
 this is hard
ndjdjksisksk 05-10-12 - 02:20 PM
 how is fruit an insolator for electric

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