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07-24-21 03:18 PM
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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a very welcoming non-family-friendly environment.

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dvkbuddy10623 - 11-29-20 11:36 PM
Hey! it's been a few years since i've been on here. how've you been??
no 8120 - 09-14-20 04:13 AM
Happy Biirthday! hope you have a nice Birthday
Pacman+Mariofan - 05-09-20 10:53 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes!
sonicthehedgehog57 - 05-03-20 09:00 AM
Yeah, am just doing what I can for the store and hoping to keep my place well earned and respectful. I did receive a letter of thanks around that same week so that boosted my spirits slightly. I'm just really looking forward to when everything opens back up and I may be able to work with the State of MO offices once more. (I'm more suited to a desk job than retail...)
sonicthehedgehog57 - 05-03-20 12:31 AM
It's been mostly well, though this past week or so has been a little troublesome (my poor memory has caused me to mess up a bit lately) because of this I'm on strike 1 out of 4 in the termination cycle. Hopefully I don't make anymore slip-ups in the future or at least not for a lonnnnnggg time.
greenluigi - 05-01-20 04:25 PM
greenluigi - 05-01-20 10:56 AM
becerra95 - 05-01-20 10:12 AM
becerra95 - 04-30-20 07:07 PM
Jack said the beanstalk won’t hold up so jill fell down the hill
sonicthehedgehog57 - 04-26-20 02:14 PM
glad to know you've been making it through alright though, wish you the best on your term remainder. Things have been up and down with my work schedule (got a job with wal-mart in October last year)
sonicthehedgehog57 - 04-26-20 09:43 AM
been at least 3 years since left the site. How are you doing?
sonicthehedgehog57 - 04-25-20 07:19 AM
no 8120 - 09-14-19 04:11 AM
Happy Birthday Drew! hope you have a nice Birthday
deggle - 02-14-17 11:08 PM
creative arent you
deggle - 02-14-17 11:08 PM
deggle - 02-14-17 09:46 PM
Frodlex - 02-14-17 03:53 PM
Just curious, but iz u gae?
Lexatom - 02-12-17 09:26 PM
Get on Vizzed Discord more :v
deggle - 02-11-17 11:28 AM
Nothing much frand how has you been lateily
TheFadedWarrior - 02-10-17 04:21 PM
with lots of flower and baking powder and eggs
TheFadedWarrior - 02-10-17 04:21 PM
its a recipe for milkshakes
deggle - 02-09-17 07:51 PM
TheFadedWarrior - 02-09-17 04:25 PM
1 cup sugar 2 cup flour 2 tbsp baking powder 2 eggs 2 tsp vanilla blend for 30 secs
deggle - 02-08-17 03:59 PM
deggle - 02-08-17 03:59 PM
deggle - 02-08-17 03:59 PM
RDay13 - 02-06-17 02:13 PM
RDay13 - 02-06-17 02:12 PM
smh you're so slow lmao
RDay13 - 02-06-17 10:41 AM
I wasn't talking about me tho lol
RDay13 - 02-06-17 08:03 AM
Um, I am not your son tho
RDay13 - 02-05-17 01:36 PM
SMH, I expected better from you, young lady.
RDay13 - 02-05-17 01:36 PM
How dare you not wish your own beloved son a happy birthday?
Lexatom - 02-05-17 11:53 AM
Lexatom - 02-04-17 10:27 AM
rip club penguin
Patrick Star - 01-31-17 08:29 PM
Spicy - 01-31-17 10:11 AM
also how is the laptop situation
Spicy - 01-31-17 10:10 AM
I know i removed it
Patrick Star - 01-30-17 10:40 AM
Our son is a transgender lesbian furry
Spicy - 01-29-17 02:50 PM
autoplay is great isnt it. f*** YOU
sonicthehedgehog57 - 01-27-17 03:44 PM
Lexatom - 01-27-17 03:18 PM
i cant tell you lol
sonicthehedgehog57 - 01-26-17 01:36 PM
If you loved last two xP would love this one.... *hint hint* is one of your favs
sonicthehedgehog57 - 01-26-17 10:05 AM
Think know exactly how to end the amazon review when start xD ....
Lexatom - 01-23-17 12:26 PM
i just need you to send me a sprite sheet of your character for my sprite comic
Lexatom - 01-23-17 10:39 AM
on discord?
MarioLucarioFan64 - 01-23-17 10:22 AM
*likes your school stuff thread twice*
RDay13 - 01-22-17 08:25 PM
are you ok?
RDay13 - 01-22-17 08:25 PM
wtf isn't it 4 AM for you
Lexatom - 01-22-17 08:24 PM
sent you a message on discord please check asap
Spicy - 01-20-17 05:36 PM
its like when they write english words in the arabic alphabet. why it doesnt make any sense
Spicy - 01-20-17 05:32 PM
its really weird and as you know i cant read arabic very well but im pretty sure thats what it was. it makes 0 sense but its amusing
Spicy - 01-20-17 05:27 PM
so i saw my cousin say lmaooo in arabic letters. god is real
Spicy - 01-20-17 08:48 AM
any idea when you're gonna get your laptop back. want to talk to you about some things
Mr. Zed - 01-19-17 06:30 PM
It's interesting but kinda lackluster in the plot department. Somethings seemed rushed. Jake is literally a retard when it comes to decision making on most occasions. You barely ssee any character development and the fight scenes aren't all that. I just watched it because I used to watch it back in the day but never got to finish it. I'd recommend watching Ben 10, Samurai Jack, Generator Rex or Danny Phantom over watching American Dragon.
Lexatom - 01-19-17 04:47 PM
whys ur name drew btw
RDay13 - 01-19-17 03:30 PM
Mr. Zed - 01-18-17 04:14 PM
It's a cartoon from like 2005 with some 14 year old guy that can transform into a Dragon.
Sword Legion - 01-18-17 12:03 PM
is there a delux edition for that number.
Spicy - 01-18-17 11:56 AM
/s btw. Jesus i cant imagine using a 3ds for that.
Spicy - 01-18-17 10:38 AM
alright. I was extremely worried man :/ Where are you even sending me this message from then? Did you sort out the phone thing
Sword Legion - 01-18-17 10:31 AM
Kimmy, Drew, Jasamine, what name matters anymore?
Sword Legion - 01-18-17 10:14 AM
drew is a good name for crayons on a wall
Mr. Zed - 01-15-17 09:54 PM
Have you ever watch the American Dragon?
Patrick Star - 01-12-17 03:53 PM
But how. I already forgot who his new mom was.:
Patrick Star - 01-11-17 03:12 PM
Our baby put himself up for adoption a little while ago
Mr. Zed - 01-07-17 09:55 AM
I want to be a Zoologist. But I'll probably have to become a vet before that so I can get money. What grade are you in? In my country people kinda decide their career by grade 10. Or at least they decide their career field.
Mr. Zed - 01-06-17 05:29 PM
Animating sounds cool. What do you want to become when you grow up?
Mr. Zed - 01-04-17 05:48 PM
I go back on the 22nd. So what have you been up to lately? Studying :p ?
Mr. Zed - 01-03-17 11:23 AM
When do you return to school? And is there an abundance of mosquitoes where you live?
Matthew2321 - 01-01-17 12:18 PM
Ahhh, thanks Kimmy XD
Eniitan - 12-31-16 06:20 PM
Happy New Year! I know it early but I wanted to do it anyway! ^-^
MarioLucarioFan64 - 12-30-16 09:48 AM
Well, i got a secret hobby. I collect LEGO sets just for fun. And my parents bought me one. It actually was €110,- but now it was €55,-. So that's neat.
MarioLucarioFan64 - 12-30-16 09:42 AM
Pretty good, actually. I got a late Christmas gift from my parents today, idk why it was this late. But i'm happy with it and i enjoyed it.
MarioLucarioFan64 - 12-30-16 08:53 AM
Lol. Anyway, how was your Christmas?
MarioLucarioFan64 - 12-29-16 01:40 PM
long picture VS DK picture, who will win?
MarioLucarioFan64 - 12-29-16 01:35 PM
Why is that pic so heavenly long.
Lexatom - 12-29-16 12:36 PM
ur name
Lexatom - 12-28-16 04:31 PM
sonicbros - 12-26-16 01:37 PM
Hey,thanks for the drawing,ends this year nicely
deggle - 12-25-16 08:17 AM
drew is hot
Momo Aria - 12-25-16 05:41 AM
merf - 12-25-16 02:53 AM
Heyyyyyy, that's my name!
RDay13 - 12-25-16 12:53 AM
mountain drew
Mynamescox44 - 12-24-16 04:40 PM
I was going to pay you the Viz for the drawings even though you said not to, but then I realized you have like twice what I do lol... [irony] And people say being an Artist doesn't pay well XD [/irony]
Mynamescox44 - 12-24-16 04:40 PM
I was going to pay you the Viz for the drawings even though you said not to, but then I realized you have like twice what I do lol... [irony] And people say being an Artist doesn't pay well XD [/irony]
no 8120 - 12-23-16 08:43 PM
happy holidays Nintendo Fan Kimmy! hope you have a nice day/night
TheFadedWarrior - 12-23-16 07:49 PM
Snodeca - 12-22-16 12:41 AM
Don't think I replied so if i did, sorry for double reply. School's going planning to kind of change classes so I'll be inactive for a while (not like that never happened here) so yay, that's gonna be interesting.
sonicthehedgehog57 - 12-19-16 11:04 AM
probably be ready in an hour or so :3
Lexatom - 12-19-16 09:38 AM
especially peanut butter ones
Lexatom - 12-19-16 09:38 AM
also i could go for some m and m's right now
Lexatom - 12-19-16 09:37 AM
it's true rday
sonicthehedgehog57 - 12-19-16 09:37 AM
Don't worry it'll be one hell of a "sayian" spirit for you to spread joy with :3
RDay13 - 12-19-16 09:30 AM
the person below me is high af
Lexatom - 12-19-16 09:20 AM
em em em em em em em em em em em em em
sonicthehedgehog57 - 12-19-16 09:19 AM
may be getting a chirstmas gift sometime soon
RDay13 - 12-18-16 10:42 PM
get on steam, we have a lot to talk about
RDay13 - 12-18-16 12:17 PM
RDay13 - 12-18-16 12:17 PM
RDay13 - 12-17-16 03:27 PM
it's ok lmao, i've been out and about for most of the day as well, I just got on here like 20 minutes ago

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Dove4JS - 12-12-20 05:27 AM
no image
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:15 AM
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:15 AM
Aaron moura
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:13 AM
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:13 AM
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:13 AM
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:12 AM
Aaron moura - 11-17-19 08:49 PM
yoshirulez! - 02-07-17 11:13 PM
OwO what's this?
Davideo7 - 01-25-17 08:01 PM

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