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10-17-19 05:34 AM

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07-07-19 08:16 PM
EX Palen
07-09-19 10:49 AM

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Are there any video game series you want to come back?


07-07-19 08:16 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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Not sure if this thread topic has been done before, but this thread is similar to the any video games you want to end thread:, except the opposite. We're reviving dead games rather than killing existing ones.

As someone that really likes RPGs, I'd really like to see Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Golden Sun all make a comeback. And although not an RPG, I also wouldn't mind seeing F-Zero make a comeback. It's been 15 years.

How about you guys? What games would you like to see make a comeback?
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07-08-19 02:10 PM
Noyb42 is Offline
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I've got to say that after seeing the Secret of Mana remake, not to mention all the FFs (Tellah's beard was blocky because those were individual pixels, not because he was supposed to look like he spent forty hours a day with a Minecraft brand hair iron), I'm not so eager to see this industry remake dead series.

Learn from them. Improve on them. Give me new compelling storylines not tied to an existing IP. Give me character depth that isn't defined by capacity for screwing both a Lawful Good and a Chaotic Evil character on the same night. Don't give me crappy graphics that you think harken back to more primitive times and characters that suggest you read the Cliff's Notes version of what they were like and what they went through last game (or original version of what you're rewriting).

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07-08-19 10:58 PM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
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F-Zero and Golden Sun are the two that I want to see make a comeback the most. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn wasn't as good as the GBA classics, but it left on a cliffhanger that should've been resolved by now. F-Zero's been also been dead for a long time like you said SacredShadow. The switch would be the perfect system for an F-Zero comeback!
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07-09-19 09:33 AM
Sword Legion is Offline
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Definitely Vectorman, even if it's just for the music, I want to see the third game's installment in the series. Originally a story was planned for Vectorman to find his original creator and why he was so different. The fact that it would have been in 3D also really inspired me, since I have great memories of my favorite franchises first move into the 3D environment.

It just had an interesting premise for a series, a great artistic direction and great gameplay.
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07-09-19 10:49 AM
EX Palen is Offline
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EX Palen
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I'm also on board with F-Zero making a comeback, that could probably be the trigger for me to return to Nintendo consoles.

Another series I'd like to see back on the shelves would be Bloody Roar. Humans turning into mad beasts with a simple but deadly battle system. I've always considered Bloody Roar to be one step ahead of Dead or Alive in terms of controls and one step ahead of Tekken in awesomeness (we could throw an opponent into a highway to get run over by a car back when Tekken 4 had barely seen the light), and if those two are still up and going, why couldn't we see a resurrection of the zoanthropes?

I'd also like to see a new Motorstorm game. I always loved the crazy, maniac, suicidal races it allowed and the absolutely bonkers roster of vehicles (the school bus being driven through lava fields was one of my favorite moments). I so wish Evolution Studios could have kept the series up instead of that attempt they made with Driveclub.
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