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03-20-19 06:15 AM

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12-05-18 11:34 AM
03-13-19 12:13 PM

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Has it snowed where you live yet?


12-19-18 12:14 AM
Furret is Offline
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Update: It actually snowed twice since my last post.

Both times it was the sad kind of snow that melts as soon as it hits the ground
Hoping we get some for Christmas but I'm not sure. No more after that though I have too many plans for New Year's to have it be snowing then.
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01-03-19 01:13 AM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
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Still no snow. We got a pretty bad ice storm that knocked the power out for three days, though. Was a really interesting experience. Candle light is way underrated and the trees were very pretty when they were coated in ice.
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01-03-19 05:52 AM
Lexatom is Offline
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NO, IT STILL HASN'T SNOWED. NOT EVEN ICE!!! I'm very upset about this but now that I do online schooling snow and ice won't really affect me much anymore, besides just being an inconvenience. It's still really cool to see though. I hope it snows this month, cause this month is usually when all the snow and ice comes through but right now, there's no signs of that.
Vizzed Elite
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01-03-19 04:47 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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It has indeed snowed, in all three of the places I live. I live in Binghamton when college is in session, and it snowed there for the first time in November. The same time it was snowing there it all snowed at my other two homes - my mom's house and my dad's house, both of which are on Long Island. Although it has snowed in all three places, it hasn't snowed at my mom's or dad's house since I've been home from school, which was the middle of December.
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01-04-19 12:52 PM
Barathemos is Offline
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Nope, not yet. Down here in the south, our main snow days (if it does snow at all) is mid january, so possibly soon if at all. 

It has gotten cold enough, but only for a few days. We've been getting a ton of rain, it's pretty much raining 4-5 times a week, which has been warming it up, and fending off snow.

Hopefully it snows, it's a nice break from the gloomy rain. 
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01-04-19 02:19 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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This winter has been very lackluster so far. We had a lot of snow just before Thanksgiving, but that was it. Its been about 6 weeks now and it hasn't snowed since then.

Normally we would get like 2 or 3 small snowstorms throughout the month of December so this is pretty weird.

It's global warming or something.
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01-07-19 08:17 PM
NovemberJoy is Offline
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We basically had one, maybe two snows total, and I don't think it even got into the negative temperatures this time. I don't know what's going on, but it sure was a lot warmer Winter than usual so far unless we get a gigantic blizzard in a few days. We did get some ice as well, but that seems to mostly not be happening either. We've either got a lot of winter coming our way or we'll have a very weak winter this time, weaker than I ever remember it being.
Vizzed Elite

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Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Lexatom,

01-09-19 06:17 PM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
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I finally saw some snow where I live. It's been so rainy this winter, and it was rainy throughout 2018 as well.
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01-24-19 09:52 PM
AuraBlaze is Offline
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We had little snow in the last week or two. Had an unexpected dumping back in November that shut down much of the interstate. My usual 15-20 minute drive home took 80 minutes instead, and thank God I made it home in one piece --both me and my car. Had to take back roads, and I could not keep my winshield wipers working properly as it was cold enough for the snow to clump on them.
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01-24-19 10:06 PM
Divine Aurora is Offline
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Divine Aurora
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Yup it has snowed where I live and I live in Virginia, granted it hasn't snowed to bad but even the slightest of snow and everyone shuts down here like stores and school will close and it'll only snow like not even an inch nor would it even be sticking to the ground 
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01-24-19 11:13 PM
Furret is Offline
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It's actually been snowing a bit the past two days. Not a lot mind you but enough of the stuff to actually stay around for a bit instead of melting away within 30 minutes like usual.

It's fun to see it snow as my dog absolutely loves snow and taking her on walks through the snow is such a joy haha.
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03-06-19 06:45 AM
GamingGuy2344 is Offline
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Yeah, it's snowed in my area quite a bit this year. It snowed again just a few days ago, as a matter of fact. It didn't bring as much snow as other snows we've had this year, though.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-16-18
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03-13-19 12:13 PM
Phillipp is Offline
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Lexatom : Snow...
So much snow at my place  it is so much!
I hope it melts soon..

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-10-14
Last Post: 6 days
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