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05-25-19 02:47 PM

re4leonk07's Profile -

re4leonk07 is Offline

Real Name: Daryl Phoenix
Location: New York
Age: 31 (12-31-87)  Gender: Male
Registered: 10-10-11 11:38 PM (2783 days ago)
Posts: 63  Threads: 12
Post Words: 7,113 (113 word avg)
Viz: 26,306    Contribution Points: 286
Post Rating: 7   Trust Points: 0
Level: 18    Experience: 26382
Next Level: +3515 Exp    Per Post: 628 Exp
Last Activity: 05-25-19 11:09 AM
Last Post: 05-14-19 09:25 AM
  Poetry, not very good.


Forever will I be the evil one, for might controls everything, and without strength, you can not protect anything, let alone yourself! Use it wisely, for it may be your doom if fallen to use only to kill.

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