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List of Video Game Characters in Genghis Khan Franchise
Abaga [Genghis Khan],
Afmad [Genghis Khan],
Ajou [Genghis Khan],
Ala al-Din [Genghis Khan],
Arikkaya [Genghis Khan],
Bayan [Genghis Khan],
Baybars [Genghis Khan],
Belgutei [Genghis Khan],
Borchu [Genghis Khan],
Bordei [Genghis Khan],
Borokhul [Genghis Khan],
Charles I [Genghis Khan],
Chilaun [Genghis Khan],
Chimbe [Genghis Khan],
Diagambou [Genghis Khan],
Dorji [Genghis Khan],
Genghis Khan [Genghis Khan],
Ghuri [Genghis Khan],
Hojo [Genghis Khan],
Hong Cha-qin [Genghis Khan],
Hugeci [Genghis Khan],
Jagatai [Genghis Khan],
Jamuga [Genghis Khan],
Jebe [Genghis Khan],
Jelme [Genghis Khan],
John I [Genghis Khan],
Joti [Genghis Khan],
Kokecu [Genghis Khan],
Michael VIII [Genghis Khan],
Minamoto [Genghis Khan],
Muqali [Genghis Khan],
Nayaa [Genghis Khan],
Oqruqci [Genghis Khan],
Phillip II [Genghis Khan],
Qaciun [Genghis Khan],
Qasar [Genghis Khan],
Qubilai [Genghis Khan],
Shi Tian-ze [Genghis Khan],
Subutai [Genghis Khan],
Tayan Khan [Genghis Khan],
Temuge [Genghis Khan],
Temujin [Genghis Khan],
Togon [Genghis Khan],
Togorul Khan [Genghis Khan],
Tulei [Genghis Khan],
Ugudei [Genghis Khan],
Ve-lu [Genghis Khan],

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