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List of Video Game Characters in Syphon Filter Franchise
Addison Hargrove [Syphon Filter],
Alec Kabanov [Syphon Filter],
Alex Birchim [Syphon Filter],
Alima Haddad [Syphon Filter],
Anatoly Yuschenko [Syphon Filter],
Andre Proust [Syphon Filter],
Anton Girdeux [Syphon Filter],
Askar Saydahmat [Syphon Filter],
Black King [Syphon Filter],
Black Viper [Syphon Filter],
Blake Hargrove [Syphon Filter],
Carter [Syphon Filter],
Cassia [Syphon Filter],
Cobra [Syphon Filter],
Dane Bishop [Syphon Filter],
Davies [Syphon Filter],
Debbie Oakton [Syphon Filter],
DeMarco [Syphon Filter],
Derek Falkan [Syphon Filter],
Dillon Morgan [Syphon Filter],
Dimitri Alexopolous [Syphon Filter],
Dobson [Syphon Filter],
Dusty Oakton [Syphon Filter],
Earl Oakton [Syphon Filter],
Edward Benton [Syphon Filter],
Ehud Ben Zohar [Syphon Filter],
Ellis [Syphon Filter],
Elsa Weissinger [Syphon Filter],
Engineer [Syphon Filter],
Erich Rhoemer [Syphon Filter],
Eschelman [Syphon Filter],
Fahid Tamer [Syphon Filter],
Fatha al-Hassan [Syphon Filter],
Ferguson [Syphon Filter],
Floyd [Syphon Filter],
Gabe Logan [Syphon Filter],
Gabriel Logan [Syphon Filter],
Gary Stoneman [Syphon Filter],
Georgia Street Terrorists [Syphon Filter],
Gershon [Syphon Filter],
Ghassan Al-Bitar [Syphon Filter],
Gina Hunter [Syphon Filter],
Girdeux's Terrorists [Syphon Filter],
Goran Zivmovi? [Syphon Filter],
Han Yen [Syphon Filter],
Imani Gray [Syphon Filter],
Imposter Gregorov [Syphon Filter],
Jane Doe [Syphon Filter],
Jason Chance [Syphon Filter],
Jean Fournier [Syphon Filter],
Jenkins [Syphon Filter],
Jim Russell [Syphon Filter],
Jimmy Zhou [Syphon Filter],
John Ramirez [Syphon Filter],
Jonathan Phagan [Syphon Filter],
Jorge Marcos [Syphon Filter],
Kelly [Syphon Filter],
Kowalski [Syphon Filter],
Lawrence Mujari [Syphon Filter],
Lian Xing [Syphon Filter],
Lyle Stevens [Syphon Filter],
Maggie Powers [Syphon Filter],
Malak [Syphon Filter],
Malcolm Freeman [Syphon Filter],
Mara Aramov [Syphon Filter],
Mihai Niculescu [Syphon Filter],
Mikhail Pulikovsky [Syphon Filter],
Mikhas Ivankov [Syphon Filter],
Mr. Cochran [Syphon Filter],
Nigel Cummings [Syphon Filter],
Oleg Petrenko [Syphon Filter],
Pavel Kravitch [Syphon Filter],
Petr Lopatin [Syphon Filter],
Pharcom Bodyguards [Syphon Filter],
Private Janzen [Syphon Filter],
Red Jack [Syphon Filter],
Richard Erikson [Syphon Filter],
Richard Kress [Syphon Filter],
Robert Cordell [Syphon Filter],
Rodion Ushakov [Syphon Filter],
Samuel Jones [Syphon Filter],
Sergei Kudrenko [Syphon Filter],
Shawon Dejesus [Syphon Filter],
Shen Rei [Syphon Filter],
Shi-Hao [Syphon Filter],
Silvers [Syphon Filter],
Singularity [Syphon Filter],
Spook [Syphon Filter],
Steven Archer [Syphon Filter],
Surgeyev [Syphon Filter],
Teresa Lipan [Syphon Filter],
Than Muang [Syphon Filter],
Thomas Holman [Syphon Filter],
Thompson [Syphon Filter],
Touchstone [Syphon Filter],
Trinidad [Syphon Filter],
Unnamed Airman [Syphon Filter],
Unnamed Doctor [Syphon Filter],
Unnamed special ops soldier [Syphon Filter],
Uri Gregorov [Syphon Filter],
Venik Smith [Syphon Filter],
Vincent Hadden [Syphon Filter],
Vladik Savin [Syphon Filter],
Vladimir Nedobryi [Syphon Filter],
Vladimir Zhidkov [Syphon Filter],
Vladislav Gabrek [Syphon Filter],
White Scorpion [Syphon Filter],
William Crusher [Syphon Filter],
Yegor Leonov [Syphon Filter],
Yong-Jun Kim [Syphon Filter],
Zayed al-Dhahiri [Syphon Filter],

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