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List of Video Game Characters in StarCraft Franchise
Abathur [StarCraft],
Alarak [StarCraft],
Aldaris [StarCraft],
Alexei Stukov [StarCraft],
Amon [StarCraft],
Annabelle Thatcher [StarCraft],
Arcturus Mengsk [StarCraft],
Ariel Hanson [StarCraft],
Artanis [StarCraft],
Brakk [StarCraft],
Carolina Davis [StarCraft],
Daggoth [StarCraft],
Dehaka [StarCraft],
Edmund Duke [StarCraft],
Egon Stetmann [StarCraft],
Emil Narud [StarCraft],
Fenix [StarCraft],
Gabriel Tosh [StarCraft],
Gerard Dugalle [StarCraft],
Graven Hill [StarCraft],
Horace Warfield [StarCraft],
Izsha [StarCraft],
Jim Raynor [StarCraft],
Karax [StarCraft],
Kate Lockwell [StarCraft],
Kraith [StarCraft],
Ma'lash [StarCraft],
Matt Horner [StarCraft],
Maxwell [StarCraft],
Milo Kachinsky [StarCraft],
Mira Han [StarCraft],
Mohandar [StarCraft],
Nova [StarCraft],
Nova Terra [StarCraft],
Nyon [StarCraft],
Orlan [StarCraft],
Ouros [StarCraft],
Overmind [StarCraft],
Raszagal [StarCraft],
Rohana [StarCraft],
Rory Swann [StarCraft],
Samir Duran [StarCraft],
Sarah Kerrigan [StarCraft],
Selendis [StarCraft],
Slivan [StarCraft],
Talandar [StarCraft],
Talis [StarCraft],
Tassadar [StarCraft],
Tychus Findlay [StarCraft],
Urun [StarCraft],
Valerian Mengsk [StarCraft],
Vorazun [StarCraft],
Yagdra [StarCraft],
Zagara [StarCraft],
Zeratul [StarCraft],
Zurvan [StarCraft],

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