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10-19-19 12:53 PM

VaradDude630's Profile -

VaradDude630 is Offline

  I am Master Cobalt! BWA HA HA HA!
Perma Banned
Real Name: Son Goku
Location: 439 East District, Mount Paozu, Japan
Age: 17 (02-19-02)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-06-12 03:33 AM (2722 days ago)
Posts: 1,246  Threads: 38
Post Words: 34,421 (28 word avg)
Viz: 7,180    Contribution Points: 701
Post Rating: 2   Trust Points: -3   Chat: 7
Level: 65    Experience: 2294838
Next Level: +40790 Exp    Per Post: 2762 Exp
Last Activity: 06-09-13 11:17 AM
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Last Post: 06-09-13 10:18 AM


Hi. Welcome to my Biography! Enjoy your day on Vizzed!

Damn counter

My type:

What Cubone's mother looked like (look this is only a suggestion so don't start flaming me)-


Profile views since 15th May 2013-

Quote Wall:
[11:59 AM] Cooljey: oh whatever f*** you Varaddude
[11:59 AM] VaradDude630: Who? You? ok.
[12:00 AM] Cooljey: YOU SUCK YOU ASS-HOLE!
[12:00 AM] VaradDude630: Man why are you describing yourself?
[12:00 AM] Cooljey: You suck b*****.
[12:01 AM] VaradDude630: I know how you are don't start describing you personal life and LEAVE!
*cooljey left the room*
[12:02 AM] VaradDude630: lol

[10:07 AM] iN008: Chat Nazism.
[10:08 AM] VaradDude630: lol this lets me know your an European
[10:10 AM] iN008: And actually, let me finish my sentance this time.
[10:13 AM] iN008: Hitler was a painter.

My old stuff-
2002: Born
2003: 1 yr old
2004: 3 years old
2005: Death
2006: Revived by Ninja Techniques
2007: Learned Martial Arts
2008: nothing
2009: Got Brown Belt
2011: Became Ninja
Today: I live in the silence of the Himalayas,waiting for a challenge.

My Pokemon Personality Test!

Another one:
What Pokemon Are You?

My Birthday on zodiac

I am a Sneasel

My best friends-

FunnyFurret: Mostly known as Furret or Ian, he was the guy I met in PKMN Emerald. He was gonna beat the 7th gym leader (Tate & Liza), at that time, I helped him so we became friends.

happy_timothy: He was my first friend, so we still know each other since 1 year.

TheeDragoniteMaster: A good friend who started to make layouts when I made him a trusted bro.

EvilAlu: Just met him Lol.

dragon111: We loved DBZ. He's permabanned

zelda2: Poopy spammer, thinks he's female. Loves pink, deserves perma ban. Check out my profile cmments and the planned accident's profile comments to see the crap done there.

I'm a Pokemon & Dragon Ball fan!

My Pokefarm-
Party image

OK bye bye bye bye!

Don't click this link.....
If you clicked the link, thanks.

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