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06-16-24 08:38 PM
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Titan127 is Offline

  Iiiii'm the best!
Location: Nobody knooows
Age: 24 (01-27-00)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-24-14 09:09 PM (3675 days ago)
Posts: 558  Threads: 30
Post Words: 80,834 (145 word avg)
Viz: 11,477    Contribution Points: 2,751
Post Rating: 47   Trust Points: 1
Level: 48    Experience: 799167
Next Level: +24376 Exp    Per Post: 2148 Exp
Last Activity: 08-28-23 09:59 PM
  Viewing Circumcision
Last Post: 12-12-16 08:46 PM
  College Football Playoff!

About's ma Bio stuff...Just for you stalkers and such... *peeks out of fortress nervously*

Animes in order or Favoritism
1: Akame ga Kill
2: Dragon Ball Z Kai
3: Sword Art Online/Sword Art Online II
4: Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
5: Tokyo Ghoul
6: Code Geass
7: Future Diary
8: Parasyte: The Maxim

Video Games and Such...
Mobile-Love the Pokemon and Monster Hunter Series, but Fire Emblem is where it's at. xD

Hobbies-Weight Lifting.
You're asking how much I bench? Well, I'll give you the answer any weight lifter would give you. Not enough.

Page Comments

Mynamescox44 - 07-29-16 11:22 PM
You better keep going man. Don't lose that blue now!!
Mynamescox44 - 07-29-16 01:08 AM
Summon fail lol.
supernerd117 - 07-26-16 04:09 PM
Thank you for the likes! I appreciate it.
Eirinn - 07-24-16 10:04 PM
I need to quote that one too. And yes, I actually keep a list of these. xD
Eirinn - 07-24-16 09:51 PM
"Yay for procrastination!" Lol Mind if I quote you on that in my layout sometime?
NintendoFanDrew - 07-17-16 08:27 PM
aghh. want to like your post, but i've reached the maximum for today. anyhow, thanks for being cool m8 B)
NintendoFanDrew - 07-17-16 05:01 PM
summon fail
Eniitan - 07-17-16 12:26 PM
sorry.....failed summoned you.
deggle - 07-14-16 06:20 PM
um just want to say your post in the thread: would you respect a transgendered person, was a tad incorrect. you said no one is born both genders, actually there are people who are born both sexes: its called bigendered or intersex when youre born with be male and female parts. I like you to actually know what youre talking about before you say it thank you. it just makes you seem a bit ignorant.
Pacman+Mariofan - 07-13-16 03:09 PM
No problem!

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