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12-04-21 08:37 PM
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Age: 28 (10-30-93)  Gender: Male
Registered: 04-25-16 10:51 AM (2049 days ago)
Posts: 34  Threads: 6
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Page Comments

Spicy - 08-09-16 01:01 PM
I've played it for a bit but not too much. GTA Vice city is the only GTA I played a lot. I will try to get in to GTA IV soon, its my friend's favourite GTA.
Spicy - 08-09-16 12:43 PM
np, its a good idea.
jlove92 - 08-04-16 11:19 AM
I do not. I play Gears of Wars, currently spending a lot of hours on Destiny Taken King on Xbox One. Already preordered Rise of the Iron which is the next expansion. Do you play Xbox One?
jlove92 - 08-02-16 12:54 PM
lol lesson learned,,, women are witches, and do not startle them lol
jlove92 - 08-02-16 10:53 AM
when I first played it and I heard the crying it creeped me out sooo soo bad, and of course like any good player, I followed the scream and saw this weird woman sitting down lol gosh, so like any "good" player I started shooting at it and my friend started yelling DONT SHOOT HER DONT RUUUNN I lost it I started screaming and running and looking back and it followed me wherever I went and I could not stop bumping into cars, buildings, running in circles, so I always died, I learned eventually, I stay far from the crying lol. Probably a big screen tv with very loud speakers has a lot to do with that.. and the sounds and like u said the YOU STARTLED THE WITCH and your friend screaming at you, and you are trying to reload and not die and not run into buildings and avoiding other zombies, hunters, smokers... just kill me already lol
jlove92 - 08-02-16 07:49 AM
lol. Yeah it gets me every time. That tank though -__-' It's a really good game
abhisek - 08-02-16 06:40 AM
thnx for accepting man....
Eniitan - 07-31-16 12:41 PM
your welcome. ^-^
Eniitan - 07-31-16 12:23 PM
Thank you for rating my review. ^-^

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