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06-23-21 03:28 AM
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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a very welcoming non-family-friendly environment.

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no 8120 - 07-11-20 03:52 AM
Happy Birthday
shandi23 - 04-15-20 11:59 AM
Hello ,i am Shandi Cabrera from united states of America and i am supportive,caring and also i have a passionate of true love in my heart. i just went through your profile today on this site then i pick interest in you and i will like us to know each other more to establish a good relationship and please try to write me at ( then i send you my pictures then introduce myself more better to you ok, thanks..
Patrick Star - 02-15-17 03:42 PM
Oh yes and Trump hates putting his name on things.
Patrick Star - 02-15-17 03:04 PM
Why do you keep going on in that one thread about Obama's ego. He never shows it or anything but you never seem to bring up Trump's. Biased much?
m0ssb3rg935 - 02-12-17 06:29 PM
And yeah, a friend linked that to me and I knew I had to run with it. I jokingly say it's an explosive sniper knife.
m0ssb3rg935 - 02-12-17 06:26 PM
m0ssb3rg935 - 02-12-17 06:26 PM
Sorry, fail summon.
Phoenix Down - 02-07-17 04:22 AM
Love the Captain America quote on your layout
Eniitan - 12-31-16 06:40 PM
I hope so I have lots of plans ^-^
Eniitan - 12-31-16 06:21 PM
Happy New Year! I know it early but I wanted to do it anyway! ^-^
MarioLucarioFan64 - 12-30-16 10:24 AM
I found a clone of yours. Also, happy holidays!
jlove92 - 12-27-16 03:23 PM
I actually expected my score to be much higher. How are you? How was your holiday?
jlove92 - 12-27-16 01:32 PM
Though sometimes it pays to be an a-hole lol
Singelli - 12-18-16 05:25 AM
I just like peoplet to feel cared about. how ya been?
NintendoFanDrew - 12-11-16 10:51 PM
lol true ;p
OmegaVenomous - 11-19-16 09:06 PM
Lol hi
Singelli - 10-13-16 12:20 AM
Wow! Sometimes I wish I had the money and time for a career change...
Singelli - 10-12-16 08:56 PM
I'm glad you explained it to me. My mother tried once and I was so confused. Haha. How do you even find an option like that? How is it going for you?
Singelli - 10-08-16 12:57 AM
Hmmmm..... are those two related at all? My mother is studying something called "medical coding ", bUT I have no idea what that means. Lol. What led you to your new studies?
Singelli - 10-07-16 08:30 PM
Oh, and what's that?
Singelli - 10-07-16 10:53 AM
Tired, stressed, and overwhelmed, like usual. Haha. I'm in pure survival mode. What's new with you?
Singelli - 10-07-16 01:41 AM
Long time no talk. how are you?
RDay13 - 09-21-16 01:58 PM
Hey I saw ur last post in Kimmy's thread. First of all, I don't think it came off as jaded or insensitive at all. I do want to say something, however, about work being harder than school. I would imagine you are right (I have never worked yet), but the thing is different age groups can handle certain things. Work is harder because you have way more pressure to succeed because your family having food on their table is at stake. For kids, school is very challenging, just like work is rough for adults. I don't think either one necessarily has it harder since children cannot handle as much as adults can. Sorry if I came off as rude or whatever just now.
NintendoFanDrew - 09-21-16 12:05 PM
hey, that's fine. thanks for clearing things up and explaining in the second post
NintendoFanDrew - 09-21-16 07:27 AM
summon fail
Maguc - 09-20-16 08:52 PM
Yeah, true. I mean I don't really agree with you at all and aren't fond of your opinions (And I'm guessing the opposite is also true), but that doesn't mean I like dislike you or whatever, pretty nuetral
Maguc - 09-20-16 08:38 PM
Eh, I'll give you that.
Maguc - 09-19-16 04:28 PM
Dude, you're 41. Resorting to teasing, are you serious?
NintendoFanDrew - 09-16-16 03:31 PM
true xD
NintendoFanDrew - 09-16-16 12:32 PM
NintendoFanDrew - 09-16-16 12:32 PM
the one about people thinking we're insane for having tress indoors :p
NintendoFanDrew - 09-16-16 03:22 AM
LOL i feel like your post made me laugh more than it should have :p
Maguc - 09-10-16 06:41 PM
You said hateful words instead of a pun how could you :c
Maguc - 09-10-16 04:11 PM
Maguc - 09-10-16 04:11 PM
Because of the name
Maguc - 09-10-16 04:10 PM
You I know we don't have a good relationship or whatever I don't really care about you but you should totally go to this thread and be all like "Well, I am pretty OLD-SCHOOLED haha amirite guis"
NintendoFanDrew - 08-27-16 06:02 AM
does it bother you when people call you things like that though?
NintendoFanDrew - 08-26-16 08:29 PM
hey don't worry about it. your way of thinking isn't "archaic," or "oldschool" - i know quite a few people who share it. anyway, i just wanted to drop by and say i admire your bravery when it comes to sharing your opinion on the board. have a good one bud~
m0ssb3rg935 - 08-26-16 08:13 PM
m0ssb3rg935 - 08-26-16 08:13 PM
Fail summon.
Oldschool777 - 07-12-16 03:15 AM
Thanks guys.
supernerd117 - 07-11-16 10:32 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 - 07-11-16 02:51 AM
Happy birthday, OldSchool!
Lexatom - 07-11-16 02:46 AM

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Dove4JS - 12-12-20 05:27 AM
no image
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:15 AM
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:15 AM
Aaron moura
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:13 AM
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:13 AM
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:13 AM
joldboy70 - 07-10-20 11:12 AM
Aaron moura - 11-17-19 08:49 PM
yoshirulez! - 02-07-17 11:13 PM
OwO what's this?
Davideo7 - 01-25-17 08:01 PM

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