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01-23-20 11:59 AM

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08-17-16 12:30 PM
01-09-19 07:10 PM

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08-17-16 12:30 PM
Mohammedroxx3 is Offline
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So... If you have to (or want to) live in college, you might just be forced to have someone as a roommate. Or sometimes, you might just be lucky enough to have the choice between a single (no roommate) or a double room (with a roommate). 

In my college (and probably other colleges as well), you can also choose a specific person as a roommate, but that specific person you choose MUST also choose you as well (if not, it won't work). To be honest, I never wanted to live with any specific people. Or anyone at all for that matter. (I don't like anyone in my college enough for something like that lol)

If you are not lucky enough to have a high enough priority number, you might not even have the choice to get a single room (only doubles). And if you don't choose anybody as a roommate, you'll be assigned a random person (of the same gender). This is probably the scary and annoying part.

How it works at my college is that Seniors have the highest priority, then juniors, then sophomores for the room selection process. Then you are randomly given a number, you may or may not be lucky. Oh and freshman literally have no priority sadly. They are literally just forced to go to this specific dorm with only double rooms and it's the worst one.

So, I honestly prefer to NOT have a roommate at all. I just can't live with anyone other than my family. (Content hidden from non-Trusted users!) 

So you guys? Talk about your roommate experiences and/or how it works for you. Or if you want to have one or not... Or... anything related etc. 
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08-17-16 12:55 PM
jlove92 is Offline
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I didn't move when I first started college because I was just 5 minutes away from it and staying with my mother helped me save more money. But then as a sophomore, I did move but to an apartment. The college dorm was basically across the college. Divided by sex, and four individual rooms per apartment- share living room and kitchen, everything furnished, pool, computer room, laundry etc for almost $500 a month which to be was similar to paying my own rent (of course, deposit, utilities made that much expensive for me) But I didn't like living with other people. Basically if you knew 3 other people of your same sex then you all could live together but, I didn't. Most of my friends did not pursue college, others went to out of state Universities so my only option was to be randomly pair- that to me is a nightmare. The diversity in the college is huge and living with strangers and sharing common living areas and not having sleep overs etc was not going to work for me at all. Plus, you had a higher chance to be matched up with a party animal so it makes it hard to concentrate for finals and well sharing a bathroom was not ideal for me. I am a bit of loner and not too social so my own place worked better. And you're right some people's hygiene is disgusting and stinks up the whole place and it's just not ideal for me at all. Honestly, living with your family is your best bet. Save money. I wish I did, I could have save a few thousands and keep the grants given to me rather than spend it on utilities. 
How did you make the content for trusted members only? That's cool.
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08-17-16 04:55 PM
Eniitan is Online
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I never got much of that experience since I told you I never went to university. But, as I have seen and heard from people. These things sadly is a give or take it won't always go the way you want it. There are those who are lucky to have choices to have a roommate or not. For those who don't have a choice I actually feel sorry for. Considering you can never know what type of roommate you will have. It could be someone you like and would get along with or someone as you have explained being a pig and dirty. Its life really....most of us have to deal with something we dislike to the max. Even if its to live with a roommate who doesn't have any responsibility of their own....
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08-17-16 08:15 PM
Mynamescox44 is Offline
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jlove92 :  
Content Hiding tags can be used to hide content from users of various power levels. Check the 2nd section from the top for a list of each available tag and who it restricts from seeing the content within the tag. Each tag creates a box like the one in Moha's post, so unless you're creating different tags for different levels of users, you can fit as much info into a single tag as you want.
(If I'm not mistaken, you did this once already with Admin tags for David's recent e-mail thread lol )
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Anyway, I've never actually had room mates in college (since I never went), but I have lived with a ton of different people along the way. Most of them were like me more than anything, though there were a few that were god awful.

I lived with a few different really close friends from time to time, and they were all more or less like me. They might let their dresser / night stand / coffee table / etc get somewhat cluttered with various random items, but they never let things actually get dirty. Anything beyond a little dust accumulating would be cleaned immediately, as well as cups and / or dirty dishes. The bathrooms would be kept clean at all times, and nothing in the place ever got to the point it would stink (outside of maybe a garbage can occasionally, which is understandable). Most of them, as well as myself, would be on top of just about everything in terms of upkeep and keeping things clean. 

That being said, there were a couple who were just downright trashy people. One of the friends I stayed with for a little while, and I mean little because it was so bad, ended up losing his top 4 front teeth by the time he was 23 because he never took care of himself. He was still living with his grandma at the time, and
she literally kept a pig inside the house living with them... She treated the pig better than most people do their dogs, cooking spaghetti to give solely to the pig, or buying Domino's Pizza, and giving an entire pizza to the pig itself. There were times the pig would crap on the floor, and the grandma would just move a rug over the crap and leave it there until my friend could smell it / find it and have to clean it up himself (though there were times he just said "screw it" since he was just as trashy lol). It was unbearable, and no human should ever let themselves live like that...

So yeah, there's been plenty of ups and downs, but only an instance or two where it was truly awful. If I didn't plan on moving to the other side of the country in about a year, I'd try to get a house with the one friend I lived with last. We'd still have a house together if not for his vindictive ex that screwed him out of keeping it when they broke up...
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08-18-16 07:58 PM
Eirinn is Offline
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Never had to share a room with anyone other than family thankfully. However I never had a room until I was twenty, or at least not a room that was just mine. In fact I rarely even had a room to share as there were three kids: two boys and a girl, and we tended to live in two bedroom houses, and well "girls need their privacy" is the motto we grew up hearing so my sister ALWAYS got the room and my brother and I usually slept in the front room on a hide-a-bed or pallet. I honestly never minded though.

As for preferences though, I would rather have my own space as I'm someone that doesn't like being around others constantly. I like people, but I need time by myself or I can get in a bit of a funk. Same goes for never getting any exercise: I need it or I get all out of wack and just...bleh.
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01-08-19 11:32 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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Last year I lived in a suite with five other guys. There were three rooms with two people each, a common area, and a bathroom. I really liked the setup, and I got along well with all of the guys except for my roommate. He would constantly take my stuff, and was just a bit of a jerk. I do have to thank him for getting me into poker, though. Fortunately, he dropped out after one semester, and I got a new (better) roommate for the spring semester. The only complaint I had about him was that his girlfriend would come to visit sometimes, and they would always be in our room with the door closed. I actually walked in on them having sex once, and even since then I was afraid to go into my own bedroom lol.

Now I live off-campus, and I have a room to myself. I live with a bunch of other guys, but I have as much privacy as I want because the bedrooms are one person each.
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01-09-19 10:06 AM
zanderlex is Online
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My roommate has been okay but we have two separate rooms and share the rest of the place so I don't really see him a lot. Sometimes we get into arguments about stuff like garbage though and it gets annoying after a while.
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01-09-19 07:10 PM
Furret is Online
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I live in a dorm house but I don't have a roommate. I just like my privacy in general. Not that I don't interact with the other people living in my building but I'd rather not live with one, especially when I have friends or my gf over in my room. It also means no arguing with anyone unless it's related to general house chores (trash, cleaning the kitchen, etc.). We're friends with the people who own the place so the price wasn't even that high for a single person room.

I wouldn't mind living with good friends though but only if we each had our separate bedrooms.
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