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FAQ & Help Center
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General Disclaimer

Retro Game Room HELP

Frequently Asked Questions

Do's and Dont's
Benefits of Registering
Formatting Tags & Smilies
Usernames and Powerlevels

Terminology and Features
Formatting tags can be used in your posts to decorate and format your text; here are the tags (case sensitive):
[b]Bold text[/b]
[i]Italic text[/i]
[u]Underlined text[/u]
[s]Stroke text[/s]
[img]URL of image to display[/img]
[url]URL of site or page to link to[/url]
And several color codes such as
[red], [green], [blue], [orange], [yellow], [pink], [white], and [black]
(put [/color] to revert to normal color)

Content Hiding tags can be used to hide content from users of various powerlevels
[user]User Exclusive Content[/user]
[trusted]Trusted Exclusive Content[/trusted]
[staff]Staff Exclusive Content[/staff]
[moderator]Moderator Exclusive Content[/moderator]
[administrator]Administrator Exclusive Content[/administrator]

Stat tags used to be placed in your posts or post layouts:
&numposts& Current post count
&numdays& Number of days since registration
&level& Level
&exp& EXP
&expdone& EXP done in the current level
&expdone1k& EXP done / 1000
&expdone10k& EXP done / 10000
&expnext& Amount of EXP left for next level
&expnext1k& EXP needed / 1000
&expnext10k& EXP needed / 10000
&exppct& Percentage of EXP done in the level
&exppct2& Percentage of EXP left in the level
&expgain& EXP gain per post
&expgaintime&Seconds for 1 EXP when idle
&lvlexp& Total EXP amount needed for next level
&lvllen& EXP needed to go through the current level
&5000& Posts left until you have 5000
&20000& Posts left until you have 20000
&rank& Current rank, according to your amount of posts
&postrank& Post ranking
&postrank10k&Post ranking you'd have with 10000 less posts
&postrank20k&Post ranking you'd have with 20000 less posts
&date& Current date
&viz100k& Viz needed until you have 100,000

Smilies can be put into your posts using a quick and easy tag; here they are:
-- :)
-- ;)
-- :D
-- :LOL:
-- 8-)
-- :(
-- >:
-- >_<
-- :P
-- :S
-- O_O
-- o_O
-- ^_^
-- ^^;;;
-- ~:o
-- x_x
-- ¬_¬
-- :[
-- o_o
-- ;_;
-- @_@
-- -_-
-- >_>
-- <_<

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