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11-12-19 04:42 AM

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07-06-16 05:02 AM
07-19-16 09:44 PM

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Have you experienced racism?


07-06-16 05:02 AM
Ultrajeff is Offline
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Racism is my bane of my personal contempt. For years, many have been discriminated thanks to these mindsets. Being a Black Canadian, I have had my fair share of predjudice directed at me personally, and it hurts me so much. Once in June 2016, I experienced racial discrimination. It was somewhat mild, but annoying. I entered a store, "Bulk Food". I did the usual, grab some candy and pay up. The woman seemed naive or foolish. I asked "Can I use debit"? She said "Cash Only". She refused to give me service unless I reluctantly complied. I pondered "Why me? I saw a machine for debit". I came back yesterday to confirm my delusions. I was not delusional. I saw someone else using debit! I was racially profiled! It was absolutely infuriating!

Have you experienced racism? How did you deal with it? Thanks for your bonding.
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07-06-16 05:15 AM
Eniitan is Offline
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Yeah many times in my past that I cannot count. Its horrible when that happens. Only a few or a handful of people can show their generosity to you by being kind. And I like those types of people. Its sad how one can just be racist for no reason. And not to even try and not to be. I guess its some peoples nature to be one. There are many things we can't always change about that. So its something we can avoid and not to confront if not necessary. I hope you get what I mean. These people will do anything to be rude to you for no reason. Just stay with the group of people who would be respectful to you. :/
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07-06-16 06:08 AM
Spicy is Offline
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I have endured both racism and religious discrimination.  Being that i am, while not black of colour, and am a Muslim.

I don't really care too much and i honestly never have. Although it is not acceptable that it is as common as it is, really.
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07-06-16 07:51 AM
pennylessz is Offline
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I think my Black uncle might think I'm lazier because I'm white, that's just the vibe I get from him.
Thats really interesting because normally when I see Racists on the Internet it's White people accusing Black people of being lazy.
In fact I could say I've seen a ton of Racism if you count what I've seen online.
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07-06-16 03:34 PM
benphan0sky is Offline
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Not personally or against me because I'm white, but my parents have this tendency to be casually racist? Like, I went to a friend's quinceañera (it's a Spanish tradition, a coming-of-age party to celebrate the transition into a "young woman". Kind of like a sweet sixteen, pretty much an extravagant birthday party. You can read more about it here) last weekend, and in the car they wouldn't stop making jokes about pinatas, nachos, and their language. They told me to write "happy chinchilla" on the card I gave them. It's never really serious, but it's still terrible and annoying. I guess they're just old and they don't understand that, yes, "joking" about the kind of food other cultures eat or how they speak is still racist. It's not like this is the only time that this has happened, either, they've been doing things like this my entire life. :-/

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07-06-16 04:29 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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Poor Davideo7
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Yes actually, a couple of times but nothing too major. I'm white, but there' plenty of stores and restaurants where the staff and owners tend to be complete jerks towards me and be like best friends to customers who are like them.

I actually did a paper on that for my English class once because it sucks, in these cases, it's like, "I know I don't like them right away, so I'm not going to give them anything or make them pay more"

It's not like it hurts me like what happens in most racism cases, but it can get so annoying and bothersome and in turn, it can make you not want to deal with some people anymore.
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07-07-16 04:05 PM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
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We lived in an apartment complex for over a decade, so we saw a great many people move in and out. It was a mostly white neighborhood when we moved in, but a few years later, it had made a complete shift to a mostly black neighborhood. There were a few of them that didn't take very well to me because if the difference between our skin tones. Later, the black people moved out and the place was taken over by Mexicans, who we never had any issues with. They just kinduh did their things and didn't pay us any attention. Then all the Mexicans moved out and the whole place was full of assorted Middle Easterners, who didn't like us at all. They were all very cold and pretty much never talked to us. Just before we were evicted, it was making the shift from them to mostly people from Somalia, and they were all genuinely kind, thoughtful people. Never had a problem with them and they had no issues with us.
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07-07-16 10:48 PM
The_IB122 is Offline
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I live in the Southern United States, so you already figured out the answer right there (stupid racist South )

My Father is racist who got it off his parents who are extremely racist, but hey, those are typical Southern roots.
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07-07-16 11:48 PM
Poka Mocha is Offline
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Poka Mocha
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Have I experienced racism? Well, not as badly as that, no. People would question if I'm Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Hispanic. I usually correct them, but in a light-heatedly way. I'll joke around and/or reassure them that I understand and am chill with it, til they feel comfortable.
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07-09-16 05:37 AM
Mynamescox44 is Offline
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Not to any serious extent, but yea. Growing up from about age 6 to 13, my best friend who lived across the street was black. I probably spent more time with him and his family than I did my own lol. At one point, they invited me to come with them to a big family gathering with his grandparents and one side of the family.

I was more than happy to go, assuming the rest of the family would treat me like the one's in my friends house had (they were extremely welcoming and treated me like one of their own from the very beginning). Though while we were there, a lot of the older members of the family treated me like crap, and his grandma actually yelled at me and chewed me out for like 20 minutes simply because I couldn't finish everything that was put on my plate to eat (there was like a tiny square of cornbread left. it was a tad bit of an over reaction lol).

I had no idea why they were so cold to me, but I was eventually told later they only didn't like me because I was white. I didn't really get it at the time, but understanding history a little better at this point, I kind of get why they felt that way. Though it was still kind of crappy of them to take it out on an innocent child regardless
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07-09-16 06:38 PM
Yuna1000 is Offline
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07-09-16 07:38 PM
megamanmaniac is Offline
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I haven't really experienced racism that much. Usually when I do encounter a racist comment, they're usually in a joking manner, which I don't really take offense to. That being said, quite a few people in recent years have made such comments, although I almost always push it aside since I honestly don't really care about these comments being said to me. I don't get offended by racist comments as easily as most people do, mainly because I don't really care about them (the comments not the people), but I've noticed that my lack of care for racist comments makes people around me more willing to make them. The most recent example of this was the end of my most recent semester in college. Some of the guys who came to my dorm to play Smash Bros expressed a large, almost inane amount of racism near the end of the semester, so much so that my roommates were starting to wonder how I wasn't taking offense to any of the comments they were making. My roommates were even saying that they were concerned about the amount of racism that was going on.

TL;DR I experience it and hear racist comments, but not that often. When I do hear them, I usually don't care and brush it off.
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07-19-16 06:07 PM
Momo Aria is Offline
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Momo Aria
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I honestly can't recall if I ever had to deal with racism before. If anyone ever made any racist comments to me, I never noticed. In addition, I never cared either. If people were to make racist remarks about me, I would not really care at all.
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07-19-16 09:44 PM
Furret is Online
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No, can't say I have. Closest thing would be someone I know mocking my accent a little but it's always meant as a joke since me and said person are on good terms. And to be honest, I sometimes cringe at my own accent when someone records me saying something
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