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01-17-20 03:35 PM

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This is just plain crazy.....
Killed over something trivial?
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05-06-16 12:35 PM
10-31-16 10:22 AM

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This is just plain crazy.....


05-06-16 12:35 PM
LordGaldan is Offline
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I can't believe what some people will do over a parking place. Seems this man shot and killed someone over that very thing. But then again, this world is filled with all kinds of people and unfortunately, crazy people seem to go along with the territory. And it says in the article he has a past history of violence. That is still no excuse for shooting and killing over something trivial like this. Anyway, here's the article. Maybe some of you have different opinions about this.
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05-06-16 12:38 PM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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The page isn't found.
But this story is indeed a lot more worrying than just parking trouble. I think they need to punish that person hardly.
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05-06-16 12:44 PM
Nexorla is Offline
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He got a life sentence according to the article. Fitting punishment considering he's a convicted felon who just murdered someone.

I'm not all that surprised to be honest. I've seen stories of people killed for lighter things(such as using a cellphone in a movie theater for one) so I find this totally believable. Does it make it any less of a horrible story though? No it doesn't. People need to learn how to control themselves when it comes to others. There is no reason for life to be wasted so senselessly.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-11-16
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05-06-16 01:04 PM
Boured is Offline
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Some guy killed a guy over a parking spot?


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05-22-16 11:39 AM
genesis1999 is Offline
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Someone killed over a parking spot? To me, it is not a surprise. A lot of people these days have "problems" and take something that is supposed to be casual/small to a personal quest. 
Golden Megaman fan

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05-26-16 09:42 PM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
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That just a little bit ridiculous... I guess I'll need to remember to stay out of Houston if I ever go see Texas.... Or just park further away from the front of the store. It looks like their going easy on him, too. They usually just execute you for murder there.
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07-02-16 03:06 AM
Eniitan is Offline
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What its resulting to this? How crazy is really? Why would someone kill just because of a parking spot? I just remember people would now get killed for anything as someone said in this thread. Its just really sad how the world is coming too as of now. '-'
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07-02-16 08:36 AM
Uzar is Offline
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Humans suck...

Why would you even do that? I don't understand it. Why not like, drive 10 freaking feet forward into the next parking space?
What is this world coming to?
Vizzed Elite
I wonder what the character limit on this thing is.

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07-07-16 01:00 PM
Titan127 is Offline
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A parking space. Are you kidding me? And in front of a convenience store no less. We're talking like, Family Dollar or something of the like! You can't move to another space, go across the street do Dollar General, or go home. No. You have to freak out, pull a gun on the man, and then kill him. The fact that it took ten years, or more, to find this out, leads me to an even more startling conclusion.

Obviously, there were no witnesses, so no more than four or five parking spots could've been taken. I don't know about you, but I've never been to a parking lot in which there were less than a dozen spaces. He killed him over four seconds of driving. I just don't get this. It makes zero sense whatsoever. Granted, it made no sense in the first place, but still.

Scary that background checks don't cover these kinds of things though. You'd think that someone this messed up wouldn't be able to obtain a firearm in the first place, you know? I personally feel like this guy deserves a good old fashioned hanging, but whatever. Modern laws don't exactly allow for that anymore, do they?
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07-07-16 01:03 PM
nova_n is Offline
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Usually i find parkingspace or walmart fights funny.(cuz they r fights over petty things), but this is sad. the guy took it too far. Also, i see alot of posts regaurding trust in humanity. but this one incident does not represent all humans. what i have noticed was that true human nature is to SURVIVE and THRIVE, not to completely destroy or to be completely selfish.

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07-08-16 09:26 PM
Minuano is Offline
Link | ID: 1284165 | 45 Words

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Yeah, parking spot fights can be pretty funny but this is definitely a case of it being taken too far. The world is descending into madness, people killing each other left and right. I think we're devolving in terms of social development rather than evolving.
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07-11-16 09:50 PM
Mynamescox44 is Offline
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This is just awful. A parking space is truly one of the most trivial things to hurt someone over. I mean sure, I'm just as guilty as anyone about getting mad over losing a good spot, but still. I mean did someone really have to lose their life over walking just a little bit further to where you were going?
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09-04-16 07:44 PM
Oldschool777 is Offline
Link | ID: 1299650 | 56 Words

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Seriously? He ends someone's life over a damn parking spot? I am glad they caught him,but I think they should execute him and let the family of the victim choose the weapon.

To Titan-I would love to see him hung,but no state allows hanging anymore. Even my state took down its gallows over a decade ago.
Bite me...

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Registered: 01-07-11
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09-04-16 08:04 PM
Ghostbear1111 is Offline
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Oldschool777 : Is killing him going to really make the world a better place because he fell into a trap of anger and rage in such a short time and a terrible circumstance?

Why not make him perform mandatory, unpaid community service as a laborer for the rest of his life. Let's say 10 hours a week, every week, for ever. That way he can take care of all the unfun work needed to be done by someone without getting prison systems paid, and he can still have his own life and pay taxes.

That seems slightly more fair to me than automatically killing someone right away. Who really knows what happened or who felt threatened by who. It's terrible that it ended that way but let's get more use out of the guy.
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09-04-16 09:23 PM
Oldschool777 is Offline
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I doubt he would be much use for anything. And you know I believe in an eye for an eye. And my way is cheaper.

Think of it: I like the idea of making this guy do stuff like cleaning up roadsides and stuff,but we would still have to house him,feed him,care for him when he is ill and he has a life sentence. Why not let the family dictate the punishment?
Bite me...

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-07-11
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09-04-16 10:14 PM
earthwarrior is Offline
Link | ID: 1299670 | 48 Words

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I don't understand why a parking space is worth killing over. I agree with Oldschool that he should just be executed. Now the rest of us have to pay for idiots like him to eat while there are people people who are homeless and hungry in our country.
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10-09-16 07:52 PM
Fancdew is Offline
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Why are people so stupid?

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(edited by Chart on 10-09-16 07:53 PM)    

10-22-16 08:18 PM
Pokemonfan1000 is Offline
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WTH is wrong with this world today. Seems like this is happening more often.
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10-22-16 11:00 PM
hellno163 is Offline
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Pokemonfan1000 : well a lot of these people think they own this parking spot,
so they kill other people to protect their parking spot. I guess I'm sorta half surprised
that this guy got life in prison.

Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'

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10-30-16 11:34 AM
Pokemonfan1000 is Offline
Link | ID: 1310930 | 52 Words

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hellno163 : Yeah it does seem weird that he got life in prison especially if this is his first offense. Usually, the first offense isn't too harsh but then multiple offenses make the penalty harsher. I wonder if it depends on the severity of the crime than how many offenses the person has.
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The only user so far in the 309 and 563 area codes currently active on any acmlm based board (save for and Lespna1) If you want to dispute this claim, feel free to PM me.

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