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02-21-20 06:44 AM

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Strangest weather you've seen
Tornadoes in January, December. 80 degrees in winter.
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04-02-16 08:04 PM
10-22-16 07:48 PM

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Strangest weather you've seen


04-02-16 08:04 PM
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What's the strangest weather you've seen where you live. Examples include Tornados striking Chicago in January, December. eighty degree weather during winter in the upper Midwest etc. Most of the weather mentioned here happens regularly in the south during December-February but can happen in the Midwest if conditions are right. Users who live in the south are of course welcome to participate as they may have some experiences such as negative temperatures as far south as Alabama or something similar.
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04-02-16 09:14 PM
no 8120 is Online
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no 8120
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$$$$ : down where I live we sometimes get some wild thunderstorms that happen during the summer months that consist of a lot of thunder,lightening strong wind and sometimes even some hail,I remember about 2 years ago sometime during JULY or AUGUST it started off as a normal sunny summer day with no clouds then all of a sudden around 12 in the afternoon the sky turned black and it started pouring rain there was also a lot of thunder and lightening in fact there was so much lightening that some parts of the city I live in were without power for at least a couple of hours I was lucky that the power outage did not affect me that time but another time during another wild thunderstorm my power did go out for a short time.
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04-02-16 09:28 PM
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no 8120 : Freaky!!!! That's the beauty of pop up thunderstorms. Sometimes they pop up so fast that radar is delayed in detecting these sometimes not detecting the pop up storm until after it's over.
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How many licks does it take to get to the center of the earth? lets find out. Zero! Zero! Zero! How many licks does it take to get to the center of the earth the world will never know!

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04-02-16 10:09 PM
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We just got storms , flash flood watchs, tornado watchs. and hail down here in mississippi in MARCH lol. The weather is so back and forth here. I reckon it will be this way until after May. It keeps going back from hot and cold and I don't remember it doing this last year >.>
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04-03-16 01:06 AM
Mynamescox44 is Offline
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I remember once as a kid it was raining on half of my house, but not the other half. That was pretty trippy to see lol.
And a few years back when one of the hurricanes hit the Eastern Seaboard and made it over where I live, we had 60 mph winds that were ripping roofs off people's houses. It even pulled up some fences and cemented in basketball hoops.
I live in Ohio so absurd weather is kind of the norm in these parts
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04-03-16 06:34 AM
Toothie is Offline
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I live on an island, so the weather here is... bipolar. Very.
And this happens almost everyday... Pouring with rain outside, and hail that are almost the size of a golf ball. 3 minutes after that, it's very sunny. Then 10 minutes after, more rain. Then sun again.
But hey, many many rainbows at least lol 

When I went to Jamaica, the lightning was beautiful. I got a room in a hotel that had a sea view, so I saw the whole sea. And at night, you would see blue/purple coloured lightning in the distance which was completely silent. I loved watching it so much.
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04-03-16 02:04 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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dark mode
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Definitely very hot winters like we had in December, it was the hottest Christmas eve in my cities,history,
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04-03-16 06:53 PM
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We had a 75 degree Fahrenheit Christmas this year. That was weird. One time a few years ago, it was pouring rain with not a single visible cloud in the sky. The sun was still out, but it was raining cats and dogs. 
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04-03-16 07:17 PM
Barathemos is Offline
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Snowpocalypse and icepocalypse were the two weirdest ones I've been in.

Here in atlanta, about 3 and 4 years ago, we had two really bad ice storms, both in the same time during January a year apart. The thing about the whole situation was the fact that there was snow, then ice, then nothing, then ice. Then the next year there was nothing, then suddenly a ton of ice, but no snow at all. 

I basically missed two weeks of school those two years because of this situation, which was pretty sweet. 
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04-03-16 07:21 PM
ZeroTails is Offline
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Cool Davideo7
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A blizzard during Spring Break this year in CO. Fun times with unpredictable weather in Colorado (it's been like that for most of my life). Must be all that weed :p.
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04-03-16 11:09 PM
Jygin is Offline
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Mynamescox44 : I'm glad I'm not the only one that has experienced that trippy weather for there were a few dayz where it was raining on one side of my house yet sunny on the other

the saying we have is right if you don't like the weather wait 5 min and it will change it's kinda like Toothie said sometimes the weather can be Bipolar
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04-03-16 11:40 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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The strangest weather I've witnessed occurred only last Winter and the temperature was unusually warm for a Winter. In fact I managed to get my first Winter tick which is so unusual where I live it's kinda scary. I hope a cold front doesn't come in this Summer or I'm gonna plan a trip to the Keywest for a week or two.
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04-04-16 06:22 AM
thesurviver is Offline
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$$$$ : The most bizarre i've seen is snow in April when no clouds are in the vicinity.... this yea however takes the cake however, as we broke the 1994 record snow-fall of November (the year i was born) of 30 inches... and that was FEBRUARY with nearly 32 inches in 2 days. It's absolutely disturbing what mother nature is capable of. But hey, I'm all for snow compared to the heatwave we're having now. What disturbs me most of this massive amount of snow is that it had melted in just under three DAYS! I mean come on!

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04-04-16 08:10 AM
$$$$ is Offline
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thesurviver : Hope you have an excellent sump pump to handle any future snows that melt in three days or less.
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04-10-16 10:54 AM
IgorBird122 is Offline
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The strangest weather I have personally seen is snow. Some of you might say, "IB, don't you see snow everyday in the winter?" I live in New Orleans, it's usually 50-60 degrees in the winter. But it did snow a couple of years ago, got less than an inch, but enough to close schools and businesses. It was around the time the Polar Vortex was going on.

Another one occurred last year where we had a really bad storm where it even made it night time at 1:00 in the afternoon, and it was the same storm that knocked a train car from a bridge and crashed onto some power lines and the ground about a couple miles away from my house.
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04-10-16 12:04 PM
janus is Offline
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I have seen all sorts of extremes in my life. When I waited in line for The Phantom Menace (1999), there was a heat wave in Quebec City, and the theater did NOT have air conditioning. Two years later for Attack of the Clones, it was so cold that I had all my winter apparel on short of my boots. I have also seen a few snow falls for Mother's Day (2nd Sunday of May).

Likewise for winter, extremes are common especially with El Nino around. The Christmas of 1998 was completely snowless, and the Boy Scout Jamboree had to build tents.
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04-10-16 12:32 PM
EX Palen is Offline
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EX Palen
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The strangest weather around here is obviously the snowfall we had several years ago, so much so that the asphalt got frozen and driving downhill was an absolute pain. We've only had two of these snowfalls in the history of our city, and while some snow has fallen other times, it wasn't as heavy as to actually allow snowball fights like back then.

A few weeks ago, we also had a hailstorm. Again, not too massive, but extremely rare to see around here. I think it's actually the only hailstorm I remember in our city.

Oh, and I've happened to be on shorts and almost shirtless during Christmas. Not actually here, but in a city short of an hour in train from here, in a day where there weren't any clouds in the bright blue sky. My friends dropped their jaws to the floor after I sent them via Whatsapp a merry christmas while being so light-clothed, thinking I was in the Caribbean or other exotic places
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04-10-16 09:21 PM
tornadocam is Offline
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Ah, Weather, I'm a forecaster so I eat this stuff up, 

Probably the most crazy weather I witnessed came in March 1993 

In middle of March, we had a blizzard that dumped 20-24 inches of snow in my area. My area hardly ever gets snow as we only average 4 inches of snow per year. Lot of years we don't have that many. In fact we mostly have to worry about tornadoes. 

Anyway, the blizzard rolled in and had thunder snow, it was really crazy. But after the Blizzard temps warmed up to what they should have been. Then we had what we normally have tornadoes. Yes in 1 week we went from a blizzard of epic proportions to a tornado outbreak. Then at the end of the month later we had serious flooding from heavy rain. Yes March 1993 had everything, A rare blizzard, a typical tornado outbreak, and flooding. 

I would have to also give an honorable mention to when I was in Boulder/Denver Colorado for an Autism conference in 2014. The weather out there changed just about every hour. One day, it was sunny, then we had a hail storm, back to sun again, then another thunderstorm, and finally tornado warning as a tornado touched down just to the east of us. What was odd was during the day the high was about 90 degrees but later in the day the temp dropped to a nice 60 degrees. Very wild weather to say the least 
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05-21-16 04:42 AM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
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tornadocam : A tornado in Colorado...? I as always thought it was virtually impossible to have tornados in really hilly areas, let alone the Rockies.... We have an old saying here in Tennessee: if you don't like the weather, stick around, it'll change. I thing the most out of character occurrences I can recall is one time back about.... gosh... I guess it's been a little under a decade now... We got about 6 inches of snow and ¼ inch of ice on top. In The spring, it's usually so greet and lush... but this time, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was white. We were out trying to walk in it and we sank up to our calves, busting of whole layers of ice from the tops of cars in single chunks. A friend's uncle from Egypt just so happened to be in town when it happened, so he most likely thinks that middle Tennessee is like the Alaskan north slope. It doesn't sound like much, and you might even expect that kind of stuff up in Knoxville or the tri-cities, but it was pretty weird for Nashville.           EDIT: Try to ignore the typos, auto-correct is an atrocity.
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(edited by m0ssb3rg935 on 05-21-16 04:45 AM)    

05-21-16 12:50 PM
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Well, one day after I got home from school, (this was like, 2008) I went into my house, and my parents weren't able to be there at the time, so my cousin watched me. About 30 minutes after I got into the house, a HUGE storm started. I looked out the window and all I could see was wind, it was weird. The wind made a sort of soft, but loud, "whooooo" noise. I don't know if it's strange depending on area, but it's the worst/strangest weather I remember seeing. I've been through 3 hurricanes before, but I don't remember well since that was mostly in 2004 when I lived in Florida. Scary.
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