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01-28-20 08:19 AM

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01-16-16 10:26 PM
05-01-16 11:14 AM

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If you had to fuse a classic Mega Man weapon and a Mega Man X weapon together


01-16-16 10:26 PM
vizzy900 is Offline
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If you had to fuse a classic Mega Man weapon with a Mega Man X weapon together ,what weapon would you create and why?
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01-17-16 09:17 PM
Spidey243 is Offline
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I would fuse the metal blade (of course) and the Storm Tornado.The Storm Tornado dose a lot of damage already and dose even more because of the size of the blast.Adding the Metal Blade would just make it reach stupid levels of powerful, and besides, who doesn't want to use a tornado of freaking metal blades against their enemies?
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01-17-16 10:51 PM
megamanmaniac is Offline
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Interesting. I'd probably fuse the (potentially ubiquitous pick) Metal Blade with the Homing Torpedo. Imagine a weapon as OP as the Metal Blade homing in on enemies. It'd be so OP that there would be no need for any other weapon.
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05-01-16 11:14 AM
tyranit is Offline
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I would definitely fuse the Time Stopper from Mega Man 2 with the Chameleon Sting from the original Mega Man X. The charged up version of the Chameleon Sting giving you invincibility with time stopping would make things like moving or collapsing platforms stay in place (Sigma Stage 1 MMX1!) and would help against bosses so you could attack them with the non-charged version while having time stopped.
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