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11-12-19 04:29 AM

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08-21-13 10:10 PM
09-15-13 02:42 PM

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How often do you cut your hair?


08-21-13 10:10 PM
PixelBrick is Offline
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The title pretty much explains this thread of its ways. How often do you cut your hair? Do you get it cut a lot? Do you wait a long time? I usually wait a LONG time to cut my hair. I don't even realize I need a haircut until my mother says, "you need a haircut." So answer this;how often do you get a hair cut?
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08-23-13 02:51 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
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I usually get a haircut once every 2 months. My hair doesn't grow very fast and when I go to the haircut I usually get my hair cut very short.
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08-23-13 02:58 PM
Awesome-Kid is Offline
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Ehhh... I am sure this is  a dupe, I kinda remember replying to a thread like this a week ago, but I'll answer!!

Well, I gets my haircut like once a month, my Mom also tells me I need a haircut and I am 25 freakin yearz old, havn`t grown up have I!!
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08-23-13 03:07 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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I cut my hair every month my hair is usually over my eyes right around that time unlike some other people my hair grows really fast it takes two weeks for it to grow back.
I really dislike haircuts though so I might wait another month to get it cut.
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08-24-13 11:47 PM
Rodzilla is Offline
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Every 2-3 weeks.
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08-25-13 12:47 AM
Juliet is Offline
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Once every five months, but that's because I like to keep my hair long. The only time I'd cut it is if it's starting to make shampooing and conditioning tedious to do.
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08-25-13 02:04 AM
TechnoDragon77 is Offline
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I get a haircut every 1-2 months. I do not like buzz cuts, I get normal haircuts on my dirty blonde hair.

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08-31-13 08:26 AM
Sidewinder is Offline
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I am not particularly fond of haircuts, but I get haircuts maybe every 1 or 2 months. My hair grows a bit fast, but I usually neglect trying to get a hair cut anyways. After about 2 months, my hair is pretty bushy - my bed head gets extreme lol.
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08-31-13 11:41 AM
zerothesaint is Offline
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I would have to say a get a good buzz within a couple of months or so. Though, unlike others who are lucky to have moderately straight hair, (NOT everybody but most people I know at least), when it gets long mine tends to curl up something fierce, pretty much like an afro to a point and becomes a total pain to even cut. So I just tend to wait until it looks like its about to get curly and nip the bud of the problem before it even starts. Kinda sucks having insanely curly hair.
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08-31-13 12:11 PM
MechaMento is Offline
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I like to keep my hair long (DON'T JUDGE ME) so getting it cut is...err... scarce. 2-3 times a year, so as I described it scarce.

My friends call me Harry Styles (Gosh I hate One DIrection) when it get's too long. But to be fair I can look like him. 
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08-31-13 12:44 PM
Kods37 is Offline
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I get my haircut every month or less. The way my hairline is, if my hair gets long at all my hair sticks up really bad. So I get my hair shaved with a number 3 blade so it's pretty short but not very close to being bald.

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08-31-13 01:47 PM
Momo Aria is Offline
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Momo Aria
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I almost never cut my hair. I keep it long.
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08-31-13 02:01 PM
Eniitan is Offline
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Well sometimes my mother snips off the end of my hair so its not tangled. Yes I have a long hair if you must know.....
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08-31-13 02:10 PM
hunter0409 is Offline
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hmm good question my answer would be like once a month cus I don't care what my hair looks like as long as its not in my vision and blowing everywhere im fine. also I like my hair greasy cus it stays and don't like using products cus I like the environment and don't like stuff in my hair so everything is natural.
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09-03-13 08:35 AM
thephantombrain is Offline
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There's no "getting" a haircut for me. I use the clipper on myself once a month (beard too). I guess I'm just a cheapskate when it comes to that sort of thing.
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09-15-13 02:11 AM
jnisol is Offline
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Every month when I think its long. I don't want a long hair that makes me look untidy.
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09-15-13 02:42 PM
ant123ant is Offline
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I used to get it cut once a month but I haven't had it cut for about 4 months now, my hair is about 5 inches long at the moment so I might get it cut soon but people (girls) seem to like it at college so I won't get much cut of if I do.
ninja in training

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