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12-08-19 04:41 AM

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05-14-13 05:38 PM
06-11-13 12:17 AM

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Why Batman is the awesomest super hero.


05-14-13 05:38 PM
Anarchist64 is Offline
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Think about it Batman is just a normal human yet he keeps up with all the other heroes and villain's just fine.
He may not be the toughest but seeing as he has no super powers he certainly is the most bad ass IMO.
I'm also pretty sure he beat Superman twice.

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05-14-13 06:02 PM
GenesisJunkie is Offline
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First of I like your user name, we will have to discuss politics one day, Second I know you are new so I will just let you know that you used bad language in your title, please try to keep it a little more clean.

Now to answer your question, I have never been a Batman fan. He does have some pretty cool gadgets though.
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06-04-13 01:38 PM
TimothyDrake is Offline
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I must say, that I agree with you. Batman is the only non-super human
or non-meta human that is considered a super hero. He is part of the
big three ( Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman). He is one of the
founding members of the Justice League of America. He also created 
The Outsiders: a group of orphaned meta humans who struggled to
control their powers, until Batman showed up and pushed them towards
the hero side. He's also beaten Superman several times, but of course,
using the "Batman method" (through intelligence and cheating, rather
than through brute strength). Most of all Batman does what is necessary
to stop the villain; within the realms of saving innocents, if there are any.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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06-06-13 05:05 AM
ExanimusNex is Offline
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Batman IS the most badass. I mean all of his education in science, medicine, technology, etc. All his training in various martial arts and other fighting styles. His sense of justice and honor. Not to mention the fact that not only does he keep up with other super heroes when he's just an average human, but unlike other super heroes who "accidentally" kill people or villains, Batman goes OUT OF HIS WAY NOT TO. Not to mention all the cool gadgets. ;D
The Darklight Angel

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06-10-13 11:56 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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The only thing bad about him is he has no powers while superman has at least four batman just uses gadgets and all of that to win.
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06-11-13 12:17 AM
Eirinn is Offline
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I really don't like Batman personally. He's a really good hero, but he technically shouldn't be called a superhero in my opinion, as nothing about him is super. He has no super powers which really is the only way you can be a super hero.

I will give it to him though, he is pretty bad. And he could doubtless take several of the other superheros easily. Credit where credit is due, I suppose.
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