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12-08-19 11:20 PM

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Retro Consoles or New Consoles?
NES or Xbox? Genesis or Playstation 3? I would like to know.
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04-14-13 12:01 PM
05-22-13 10:19 AM

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Retro Consoles or New Consoles?

Retro Consoles or New Consoles?
Retro Consoles
84.2%, 16 votes
New Consoles
15.8%, 3 votes
Multi-voting is disabled

04-14-13 12:01 PM
TrollLOL64 is Offline
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Please explain your choice. Thank you for choosing this thread.

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04-14-13 12:09 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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I like the retro consoles more then the newer consoles because today it seems to be that we are running out of ideas but the graphics are great these days but I don't mind retro consoles graphics that much and besides the retro consoles made alot more huge hits then the consoles today.Ths point I'm trying to make is the retro consoles are basically legend such as the Nintendo 64 and the Super Nintendo entertainment system if it wasn't for the realease of the Nintendo 64 Zelda ocarina of time might have been made on another console or not created at all.So I believe retro consoles are alot better then the consoles that we play today.
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04-14-13 12:19 PM
Tails the Fox is Offline
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Tails the Fox
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These days, all the consoles are about power. I like the old ones, there was more time spend making the games good rather than making them look as good as possible. Not to say there are not newer games that have tons of imagination (I love God of War) but still not as much as old games.
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04-20-13 07:38 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
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I'm gonna have to go with retro consoles because I'm a guy who plays a lot of retro console games and not very many new console games and I really love the graphics in NES games. They're simple and original. I wish that people will start making consoles with graphics like the older ones because I would like that a lot. Unfortunately, graphics have gotten a LOT more advanced these days and I think the old designs have been forgotten and video game companies always want to make more 3-D and advanced graphics.
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04-20-13 07:55 PM
iN008 is Offline
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Will I be the only person to defend new consoles?
Well here goes, although newer consoles tend to ignore the heavily story driven aspect of the old gen consoles,
we do get the gems that sadly usually go unnoticed, these are not limited to games that don't get an international release.
Games such as Okami are prized for story and concept, however compared to the rest of the games in its console generation it feels weird as many of the others are plan and simple carbon copies.

I would never base my opinion of a console from it's specs but rather it's games.
Yes the old gen consoles had many amazing and fantastic games,
but that doesn't mean new gen consoles are bad.

A few good examples of games that really stand out ; Okami, Tales of Symphonia, Professor Layton, Ni no Kuni by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, Kid Icarus Uprising, heck even Super Smash Bros. Brawl is an amazing game. Saying only retro consoles having good games is an insult to great titles such as these.

Now some may not agree with me on this but ; with new consoles remakes can be re-experienced in HD and with smoother controls.
You can't say the 3DS remake for Ocarina of Time was bad, it was amazing. It kept the original feel to it. Another good thing about the New gen consoles are they have download-able games, for example the Nintendo E-Shop, this offers a lot of retro games to play.

So yeah, rant over.
I will give the first proper vote for new generation consoles.
Vizzed Elite

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04-20-13 08:56 PM
Barathemos is Offline
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I will have to go back and forth on this one. I like both the Wii 3ds and the GameCube. I also like the N64 so I really have to go both ways. 
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04-24-13 02:59 PM
G@mehe@d is Offline
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I like old systems better, don't get me wrong I love new systems, but retro game consoles have more. Superior games, higher durability, and they are cheaper. Also I think its more fun to talk about retro games rather then modern games. I think retro game consoles, are more creative as well. Companies like Sega pushed the limits of orignallity with the Dreamcast, and they pionered many things we use today. The Segascope 3D glasses is a good example of early 3D technolegy at its finest. Companies like Nintendo, produced several classic franchises we know today, you just can't beat the retro in gaming.
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04-24-13 04:09 PM
GenesisJunkie is Offline
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I love the retro consoles! The Sega Genesis is my favorite system of all time! I think that they just don't make games like they use to. I don't play any new games because I just don't like them. For me if you have played one you have played them all.
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04-24-13 06:10 PM
Victor-E is Offline
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I like both and for me it really depends on what I want to play. I like both new and old for different reasons. 

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04-25-13 10:43 AM
jeyy88 is Offline
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I like retro consoles simply for the reason that I grew up on them, playing Mario daily on NES when I was a kid. Nothing beats the nostalgia and fun in games you haven't played for years. Also, not being the best gamer in the world I like the simplicity and the fact I can get through older games, newer consoles I struggle with and haven't put in the time to learn.

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05-02-13 08:13 PM
NameEntry is Offline
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Yes, it's true that the "retro" consoles did release some of the best games of all time, but I do have to admit that old consoles just can't put out games with the amount of game play I need to enjoy a game. Persona 4 can be played for 100+ hours in a single play through, while A Disgaea game has 400+ hours to explore everything... You might be able to get twenty hours out of a classic RPG. Also to be admitted, I really enjoy the full sound soundtracks coming out in games nowadays.
I am a Shadow... The TRUE self!

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05-14-13 01:34 PM
SacraRain is Offline
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Straight up, I 100% believe retro games & game systems are better than today's Modern & NEW consoles and games.

I would post a link to explain why (the link and post doesn't belong to me), but I don't want to get banned for posting a link.

So to find the link I am talking about, here's what you do:

1: Go to google
2: type in "why retro games are better" (without quotation marks)
3: The first link should be something from the website RetroJunk and it should say "Why Retro Games Rule"

That right there, pretty much explains why retro has been and always will be BETTER than today's modern nonsense.
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05-15-13 07:56 PM
supernerd117 is Offline
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I choose new consoles, due to many reasons, not limited to:

1. Innovation
2. Backwards compatibility

All of the three major consoles have brought something new to the table, and have improved upon many aspects of the previous consoles.  Also, each one can play games from a previous system, which makes the new consoles a hands-down choice for me.
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05-16-13 06:24 PM
SuperCrash64 is Offline
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CrimsonCrash 64
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Retro consoles. They always had more fun and different games and they always had new game play too. As for the newere consoles. you can always get almost all of the same games. just really about graphics. No really new gameplay features
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05-17-13 07:29 AM
Eniitan is Offline
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Retro controls because I'm old school and I love how they made the games putting a lot of effort into it and making like the best soundtracks that there is.....
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05-21-13 12:02 AM
IgorBird122 is Offline
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I have say that I like the Retro Consoles more that the newer Consoles, but that doesn't mean I hate the new console.

With the retro consoles, some of us still have those, I still have some, but sadly, they're all defunct . The thing with the retro consoles, they really have a lot to offer the gamer and most of us grew up with the NES, the SNES, The Sega Genesis, the Sega Master, and a lot of other consoles. Although the newer consoles got more advance HD graphics, that doesn't mean they're better, it's all about the gameplay.

So, I would more go for the retro, but I like both nonetheless.
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05-21-13 12:48 AM
rbaranishyn is Offline
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I like both but i decided to go with retro. New cancels are great graphics are good, decent game selection i guess, controllers are nice, many many other reason why i like newer but retro wins it for me.

The reason why retro wins it for me is that the games had much better story lines, and it seemed to em as though people actually put more work in to their games if you dont count E.T.. Also most of the extremely popular games back in the day were great which is why they were popular, and even the unpopular ones weren't all bad. most of them feel victim to under marketing or being over shadowed by one or two games of slightly better quality. There are alot more reasons why i like retro more than newer but i dont feel like typing for a couple hours

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05-22-13 10:19 AM
dungeonmaster201 is Offline
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Between new and retro, I would say that retro is better, Why? Well lets think about it for a moment, many of the newer consoles have a shop where you can buy some of the retro games to play once again so you don't even need an older console to play the better older games. And some companies, Nintendo for instance often remakes retro games that were quite popular either remade like Pokémon, Mario & Zelda, or these were the base that these games needed to have the base that it has today. Without the original Mario brothers game, then we wouldn't have the onslaught of Mario games that we have today, the same can be said about the other Nintendo franchises. Now lets talk about Sega's mascot... easily hands down the retro games are the superior games as the more recent 3D games were the 3d games where so bad that they would eventually go back to the classic 2d games. 

So overall there are good new games, but without the classic, retro games there wouldn't be any "NEW" games today.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-01-13
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