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01-15-19 07:37 PM

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01-10-19 11:39 PM
01-11-19 10:29 AM

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How do you like to play Smash Bros?


01-10-19 11:39 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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Whether you are a casual or competitive player, Super Smash bros has something in store for both casual and hardcore players alike. The question is simple, how do you like to play Smash Bros? Do you like to play with items on or off? With or without stage hazards? Do you like to play on the chaotic form of stages or do you prefer the Omega (Final Destination)/ Battlefield version? Is your playstyle more aggressive or laid back? Post below.

Personally, I like to play both casually and competitively depending on the people I play against. When I am alone, I like to play against computers and online (I eventually plan to buy the online service for Switch) to develop my skills and techniques. When I am playing against my brother or casual friends, we usually end up playing on normal or semi-chaotic stages with items and final smashes on. If I am playing against more competitive friends or players, we usually only play on Final Destination or the Omega/Battlefield version of stages with items off, using our main characters. I like playing both casually and competitively because I'm able to derive some form of enjoyment or satisfaction either way I play.
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01-10-19 11:41 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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I'm a very competitive person, so I prefer to play without any BS. In other words, no items, and stages on either omega or battlefield versions.

That being said, that is just a preference. I have no problem playing regular stages with stage hazards and/or with items if the people I'm playing with want to.
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01-10-19 11:41 PM
Furret is Online
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It really depends. With the same friends I can have fun playing with items beating up CPUs while also having fun with 1v1s without items.

Right now we're playing 1v1s a lot as he just got Smash Ultimate and I've only played it with him so far. Still need to get my own copy. So we're both practicing and finding our mains.
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01-10-19 11:54 PM
Kiyo is Offline
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So my thing is that I love Smash Brothers. Been playing it forever and ever. I even have it for the Nintendo 64 still! My biggest issue is that I'm god awful at it. Like I can beat a bot on level 7 difficulty but no higher kind of bad.

So that leads me to only play it for the fun and not competitive aspect. I love to play with friends more than anything else but in a party kind of way never to see who's better than who. It gets heated sometimes when I win because everyone kind of knows me as the bad player and my friends come up with excuses on why they lost whether it be their controller, or the move didnt input, or I was cheesing it, whatever. But I always have fun in the end.

For game type I play it with the Omega or Battlefield mode in Smash Ultimate. I prefer with no items just because then it's more a 1 on 1 type deal without the assist from RNG and who's quicker to grab the dropped item.

Maybe I should work on getting better so I can surprise my friends one of these days.
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01-11-19 02:32 AM
Minuano is Offline
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I don't really care for Smash too much in the first place. I love the concept but I really can only stand like, an hour or two of it at most before I'm tired of it for 2-3 days. Probably just me. With that being said it doesn't really "depend" for me who I'm playing against, I'm not competitive at all with the game. I don't like items or stage hazards but I also feel no "competitive streak" when I'm playing/losing against someone. It's all in fun. My irl friends say I'm a bit better than I should be for someone who hardly plays, so I imagine I could actually get some valuable practice in and become better if I ever decide to, but for now I'll probably never do that.
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01-11-19 10:29 AM
zanderlex is Offline
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dark mode
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I love the game but not as much as others. As for casual vs competitive, I haven't been competitive in years, for the last couple of games I've only played by myself. For me, I always play with items and hazards on because I think that they make the game a lot more fun and challenging.

In the newest game, I focus more on spirits than anything else though.
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