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01-15-19 10:06 PM

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12-11-18 09:57 PM
01-12-19 06:06 PM

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Liberal or Conservative?


12-11-18 09:57 PM
MoblinGardens is Offline
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Let's be real here. What do you primarily identify or vote for? I'll be real here, I'm Canadian so I personally don't agree with the FAR, FAR, FAR right views of YOUR dear leader Trump (If you are American then this applies to you), but I view myself as a conservative individual to Canadian standards... Our Liberal is very far left haha!

Post if you're too young to vote too. It would be interesting to hear the young ones answer too.
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12-11-18 10:26 PM
IgorBird122 is Online
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I happen to be a Libertarian, which is neither Liberal or Conservative.

The reason why I'm a Libertarian is mostly because I don't really buy in the whole Bipartisan BS, I personally think that both sides are filled with morons that doesn't want to help each other out and get things accomplished. I go Libertarian mostly because I wanted a party that actually cares about it's people instead of caring about their self-interests.

Like I said in a previous tread about my thoughts about Donald Trump (or the entire GOP), I said that he's ok, I think the Liberals are overreacting on every move Donald Trump makes, I personally think that they should of lighten up on everything, I also say the same exact thing about the Conservatives overreacting every move that Barrack Obama makes as well, they also need to lighten up on everything.
Obama was an ok President as well, but Trump is like a tad better, but not by much. Both Trump and Obama still sucks.

People think being a Libertarian is a waste of a Party, but I rather be a part of a Party that is a waste, that join a party where their rival party tries to rip my head off.
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(edited by IgorBird122 on 12-11-18 10:28 PM)     Post Rating: 2   Liked By: m0ssb3rg935, MoblinGardens,

12-11-18 10:53 PM
MoblinGardens is Offline
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IgorBird122 : I'm not even American but I did like Obama from a world leader perspective. I do not like trump as a person but I do believe he had made some decent choices for his country. I do not agree with a lot of the things he has done as well though.

I do not agree with free will that Libertarian identified as however. Correct me if I'm wrong, however I believe they would try to bring upon anti-nationalism??? I'm not too educated in Libertarian ideologies so I apologize.

Conservative ideologies are a lot different in Canada than they are in the USA, they certainly are not as far right as they are in the USA but I believe it is certainly the right way to run a country. I'm really sick of the media seeking actions of our liberal government. However, I do agree with a handful of things Trudeau had done for us and have more respect for him than when he first become Prime Minister (ex. pipeline, how he handled and dealing with trump).

All in all what it really comes down to is that I vote for however I think will make the best decisions for the country. More so financially in my opinion.

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12-11-18 11:05 PM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
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I don't believe I really have any label I can identify with. I don't want to call myself an Independent, either, because there's actually an "Independent Party". I don't feel like any large party can really represent my ideas or the positions I take on issues largely because I recognize that I may not have that great of an idea of what my positions would be on any given issue that has yet to come up. Overall, I have zero faith in any party or person politically speaking.

Something that a lot of people overlook when they're putting themselves and other people on the political spectrum is that it's not one-dimensional or even two-dimensional. And most importantly, there's a need to make a distinction between social and financial issues. I consider myself fairly socially liberal, but money needs to be handled tightly.

The political spectrum is waaay way wider than most if not everyone knows, too. Trump isn't even that hard to the right relative to the extremists that I've talked to before, nor is Sanders that far left relative to the extremists I've talked to on the other end of things. People get wacky.
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12-12-18 11:00 AM
supernerd117 is Offline
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I'm neither largely Liberal nor largely Conservative. I want some big changes, but I want a lot of things to remain the same. I vote based on personal opinion, not based on the labels I'm supposed to conform to. That also means I'm neither Democrat or Republican. I try to vote for the more morally conscious candidate in each case, and if I don't know, I usually do a comedic write-in (vote for Ash Ketchum!!!).
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12-12-18 05:23 PM
Clovertheclever is Offline
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I'm American. A lot of people make a terrible choice of picking a candidate because they're 'left' or 'right', simply because it's "the lesser of two evils". I see it this way. Would you rather lose a leg, or an arm? If you pick one or the other due to 'it not being as bad', instead of simply asking..."can I pick niether?" You're what's wrong with the system. HEAR ME OUT. I understand if,say, Trump or Hillary IS your first choice. If that's how you feel, great. Vote away, your votes not a bad choice. But so many people I know told me, 'I refuse to vote third party. No one else will. Why should I?' Well, imagine if ten people were to say, 'I think I WILL vote based on who they are, not simply party. Even if it's third party.' If you knew ten people who did that, and THEY knew ten people who...well, we live in a counrty where a meme goes viral in a day, yet only two candidates are our choices because we refuse to do the same process of a picture as a politician. It makes you think.
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12-12-18 05:50 PM
Barathemos is Offline
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Unlike the people before me, I am a liberal and do identify as such. In 2016, I supported Bernie Sanders and when he lost, I supported Hillary Clinton. I have no issue with sticking with one political party, especially because of how the American political system is set up. No, I didn’t agree with Hillary on a lot of things, but I disagreed with Trump on most things. In a two party system, I wanted the Democratic candidate to win, no matter who it was.

I’m to the left on most issues, both socially and fiscally, and I agree with most of the democratic platform. I supported Stacey Abrams here in Georgia, and am not a big fan of Brian Kemp, or how he won. I don’t love living in a red state, however living in a larger area places me with more likeminded people than if I was in rural Georgia.

There are some issues that I am more moderate, if not slightly right on, such as immagration and voter identification. There are also some issues I am very left on, mainly climate change and a more broad view to global affairs. I don’t like how far right or left we are getting, I like to stay moderate, but if we continue to separate, I will continue to vote democratic.
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12-12-18 07:46 PM
Zlinqx is Offline
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It mainly depends on which scale you like to use and what issues we're talking about as the meaning can shift. I assume you mean the political ideologies. When it comes to social issues I would classify myself as center left. I tend to lean clearly to the left but there are some issues where I also lean a bit more conservative than the norm (immigration for example). By Swedish standards I'd definitely be more center right as our scale is very far to the left on the whole, however by US standards I'd be a pretty clear leftist.

On the other hand when it comes to economic issues I'm a pretty clear leftist regardless of which country we base it on, but I would take some issue with the label of liberal. In many european countries the struggle tends to be more between social democrats and liberals (rather than conservatives against liberals) with far right parties also gaining ground in recent years. Using that kind of scale, liberals are on the right rather than the left. I'm definitely more of a social democrat as I'm for a lot of redistributive policies and regulationism (mainly in the form of a strong social security net and clear limits on big corporations) though I would definitely not call myself anti capitalist.

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12-12-18 09:29 PM
Lexatom is Offline
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I don't like picking sides like this to be completely honest with you. I identify as a centrist, which means I don't pic either Liberal or Conservative. I'm not the type to pick a candidate just because they are on the side that I would identify myself as. I choose whoever I believe shares more opinions with me and who I believe will be the best candidate for the future of America. Although I JUST became old enough to vote, I really did not like either Hillary or Trump, and I hope the decision will be easier for me in 2020, because frankly I did not see neither Hillary nor Trump helping America become better very much.
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12-12-18 11:48 PM
JigSaw is Offline
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Well, there is a big problem for the conservative party and that is their traditions are no longer the normal in today's society. In today's world, people want gay marriage, people want abortions, people want to buy and smoke pot legally, people want to border hop and meet up with family members, people want cheaper medications and better healthcare, people want more gun laws and free college education etc.... the list goes on and on. Conservatives don't want any of that and that is a problem for lots of folks. Plus, their target base is middle class citizens which I and many others are not part of. I am below middle class so their appeal to me is very low.

On the other hand, the liberal party has got problems too. I noticed that their fan base, though just as nutty as the conservatives, usually participate in mass protests in the streets when they don't get their way. This is the ugly side of liberalism. The activists and PC police who go around and try to destroy individuals or businesses because of something they said or did wrong. Another problem with the liberal party is I think that maybe they want too many things changed or done so much that it becomes unrealistic. Benefits and healthcare are a must have a lot of people depend on that and it is something we need considering the mental state of our nation. But there are other things that are not as important that we can rid of or ease off of.

I don't vote for a very specific reason. I think it is a bad idea to elect someone to office and put them on autopilot the next 4 to 8 years. They are bound to do something you disagree with and there is nothing you can do about it till their time is up. Sure they say they will do one thing but they do another!

It's a good thing half this country is conservative and the other half is liberal, it keeps them both at bay. I think if one or the other has too much power it can be bad for our country. There are other parties too but the reds and blues dominate pretty much all aspects of government from presidency to the senate to the house etc...
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12-16-18 09:25 PM
Minuano is Online
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I'm not too sure I like to be labeled on the political spectrum but I suppose if you forced me to pick a side I'd likely lean more towards the left. However, I like to have very informed votes, so I'd pick a Conservative in which I agree with over a Liberal that I don't. Unfortunately, a lot of people these days are stuck on that one-party voting mindset. One of the biggest issues of the two-party system.
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12-16-18 10:03 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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I'm located in the bottom right quadrant of the political compass, which means I am a libertarian conservative. I tend to agree with the Libertarian Party more than the Republican Party, but third parties don't stand a chance in the United States, and for that reason I am a registered Republican. I'm much more of a Ben Shapiro or Rand Paul type than a Donald Trump type though. (Trump isn't even a conservative, he's a right-wing populist, and a number of his "far-right" views are actually authoritarian leftist views. That's an entirely different discussion, though.)

I agree with the Republican Party on a number of issues, including abortion, gun laws, illegal immigration, and taxes. However, I differ from the Republican party in that I support gay marriage, legalization of marijuana, and decriminalization of drugs. That is why fundamentally I'd say I'm more libertarian than conservative. I believe that people should be free to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. There is no such thing as a victimless crime.

I was too young to vote in the 2016 Presidential Election, but if I was old enough, I would have voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, despite Trump being my least favorite of all of the Republican candidates from the primaries. According to iSideWith, I agree with Trump on 60% of issues, and I would say that number is accurate.
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12-17-18 12:22 AM
legacyme3 is Offline
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This question is extremely tricky for me.

I do not identify as a liberal, because financially, many of their plans just don't make any sense to me. I cannot in good conscience put the needs of a few people above the needs of many people, including my own needs.

I also do not identify as a conservative, because in the arena of civil duty, I do not feel as if they are being fair enough to people who aren't just like them. Financially, their plans do make sense, but I'm not sure it excuses the lacking moral fiber that I feel is missing from most Americans.

Gun to my head, I vote for a Conservative, because I'm selfish, and would rather save myself than save people I don't know, but I wouldn't feel great about it. Lot of friends would definitely resent me if I publicly supported republican candidates.
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01-11-19 09:00 PM
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I wouldn't exactly brand myself as one or the other. It's kind of a complicated subject matter. The thing about Conservatives is that they seem to kind of live by two things and that is money and religious morals. Where as Liberals seem to try and focus more on political morals.

So I'm kind of split down the middle here.

People who lean Conservative aren't huge fans of homosexuality. They do not support pro choice. They dont care about the poor people because they are lazy. They do not want immigrants and especially not the illegal kind. They are Pro guns. These are all main points of Conservatives that I do not support.

However when it comes down to how they tax people and how they would prefer everybody be taxed relatively the same regardless of income, I think that's fair.

People who lean Liberal are more interested in a tax that increases the more you make. They want an affordable healthcare that sounds great on paper but can screw people over. Ultimately they kind of represent themselves as a Robin Hood type character "Steal from the rich give to the poor" but that seldom works out.

Conservatives seem pretty selfish because they want to protect their own interests and Liberals use empathy on the younger generations to draw them in so they can get what they want too. Not one side is inherently better than the other.

My grandpa used to always quote Winston Churchill saying, "Anyone who was not a liberal at 20 years of age had no heart, while anyone who was still a liberal at 40 had no head."

Although if you support Donald Trump then thats an entirely new issue that isn't related to Conservatism vs Liberalism.
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01-11-19 09:09 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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legacyme3 : I'm kind of surprised to hear you say that you would vote for a conservative, I always thought you were much more liberal based on some of the conversations we had in this forum a few years back. Of course, I was further right then compared to now, so it's possible I just considered everyone to the left of me a far lefty lol.

Kiyo : If it makes you feel better, I'm a conservative, as are most of my friends, and none of us are against homosexuality in the slightest. I personally don't know any younger conservatives that are against it, and I think even most middle aged ones are ok with it now. The boomers are still homophobic, but they don't have much time left anyway lol. Basically, what I'm trying to say is I don't think being against gay marriage or homosexuality in general is a huge part of the republican platform anymore, and I think (or at least I hope) within the next ten to twenty years people won't even associate homophobia with the right anymore, because the link will no longer exist. I could also think this because I live in New York, I have no idea what it's like in other parts of the country.
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01-12-19 06:06 PM
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I answered this recently in my AMA, but when I take the tests, I'm pretty central. However, I tend to lean more towards Conserative Republican.

Yes, I voted for Trump. And yes, I plan on voting to re-elect him as of this time.

MoblinGardens : Trudeau is kind of an idiot with his policies too, so there's that.
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