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sop281's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Steins;Gate I love this game. Some may trash it for its lack of [gameplay], but I enjoy it. Visual novels are great, especially when they are pure visual novels. This is no exception.
Pokemon Conquest They really should have kept the name Nobunaga's Ambition.
Yakuza 3 Highly underrated game series.
Takeshi no Cousenjou (english translation) The best game ever. 10/10
Minecraft "This game is lame". -Truth
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Got it.
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles I freaking won that HeyPlayStation raffle for this game. Woo.
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Do want.
Steins;Gate The U.S. is getting a localized edition of the game for PC, if anyone is interested.
BattleTanx Freezes when I start playing

sop281's Last Game Reviews
Drakengard 3
05-27-14 08:12 PM
Dark, Murderous, and Sexual
I will begin this by saying that this game is in no way perfect. No game is really ever perfect, there are always flaws, and there are always thing that will detract from the game as you play over time. Simply replaying the game can cause one to dislike it more. This game is not without its share of flaws, and I believe I will start with those flaws.


Firstly, there are many occasions where I have noticed an exceptional drop in the framerate. Even from simply fighting a few enemies, the framerate can dip into the range of 10-15 FPS, and I must say, that can be quite frustrating, especially if you are fighting a really strong opponent, or doing a timed challenge. The framerate drops are pretty frequent, but the majority of the drops happen when your dragon, Mikhail, is used as a backup when fighting ground enemies. There does not seem to be a significant drop in the framerate whenever you are actually flying around on him in one of the air-battle missions. However, if you are flying Mikhail, but still fighting ground opponents, then there will still be drops in the framerate. The worst offender of the framerate drops was on one of the earlier missions where you have to fight a battleship. If you use the special roll-attack with Mikhail, and attack the battleship repeatedly, the water combined with the movement of the ship, seems to cause the framerate to drop immensely. It is possible that the FPS dropped into the single digits. I cannot say for certain, but that was what I garnered from my observations. 

The second flaw: Long load times. For me, they were not an issue, and they never seemed all that long to begin with, but everywhere I go, there seem to be people bashing the game for its excessive load times. It has been recorded that the load times can even get up to as much as 40 seconds per level. Personally, I have never seen these excessive load times. The most I have ever had to deal with was 30 seconds, and the standard w... Read the rest of this Review
Persona 4 Golden
12-01-13 10:48 AM
The Best Game Ever
Persona 4: Golden is an absolutely amazing game that I own, built off a great series, and I can say that I wish I had started the series sooner. I really wanted to rate this game because of how much I love it, but this is going to be my first review, so please don't expect anything great. 

Summary: First off, this is a remastered version of the original Persona 4 that was made for the PS2, so the game is going to be rather similar, but still have quite a few new additions/tweaks that make it better in every way when compared to the original. The game is basically a visual novel mixed with an RPG that is not unlike the Pokemon system, of which you use [monsters] to fight your enemies. 

Graphics: The graphics are honestly not the best. Compared to a slew of other Vita games, Persona 4: Golden is rather on the lower end, but it still doesn't look absolutely horrible. The visuals are definitely improved over the original, with a more crisp, and vibrant feel to them. Despite the game's lack of superior graphics, they really don't detract from the game itself as a whole.

Sound: The game has a wide array of music and sounds that play throughout. There are different sound tracks depending on the time of day, location, and action that the character is performing. There would be something different if say the character were fighting an enemy, or simply talking to a friend during the daytime. The sound has a certain level of detail, and it's rather excellent. 

Addictiveness: As soon as I started to play this game, I couldn't put it down. Everything about it kept me in a trance and wouldn't let me stop playing. The game had a hold on me, and before I knew it, I finished the game for the first time with a total of eighty hours already put into the game. If I had the time, I would play this game repeatedly just to see everything I could do differently during the course of the game. It's really fun, and really addictive, but also ... Read the rest of this Review
Pokemon Trading Card Game
06-27-11 05:56 PM
Pokemon TCG
Well, I believe this game to be somewhat original and enjoyable. The graphics are classic, although they can't compare to today's games. The sound quality works great, although the music is repetitive. This game is addictive, and fun, I would play this game for a while, but not forever. The story is as it should be, continual. The game is somewhat big, and takes a bit of time to complete. The game isn't really that difficult. All in all, I like the game.

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