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List of Video Game Characters in DC Universe Franchise
Abra Kadabra [DC Universe],
Adam Strange [DC Universe],
Alan Scott [DC Universe],
Amanda Waller [DC Universe],
Ambush Bug [DC Universe],
Amon Sur [DC Universe],
Animal Man [DC Universe],
Ares [DC Universe],
Arkillo [DC Universe],
Artemis [DC Universe],
Atrocitus [DC Universe],
Batwoman [DC Universe],
Black Adam [DC Universe],
Brother Blood [DC Universe],
Bruno Mannheim [DC Universe],
Calculator [DC Universe],
Captain Atom [DC Universe],
Captain Boomerang [DC Universe],
Chemo [DC Universe],
Congorilla [DC Universe],
Creeper [DC Universe],
Doctor Fate [DC Universe],
Donna Troy [DC Universe],
Dr. Psycho [DC Universe],
Dr. Sivana [DC Universe],
Eclipso [DC Universe],
Egg Fu [DC Universe],
Etrigan [DC Universe],
Evil Star [DC Universe],
Fatality [DC Universe],
Felix Faust [DC Universe],
Firestorm [DC Universe],
Ganthet [DC Universe],
Giganta [DC Universe],
Grace Choi [DC Universe],
Hades [DC Universe],
Hippolyta [DC Universe],
Isis [DC Universe],
Jade [DC Universe],
Kid Flash [DC Universe],
King Shark [DC Universe],
Klarion the Witch Boy [DC Universe],
Krona [DC Universe],
Krypto [DC Universe],
Lady Shiva [DC Universe],
Larfleeze [DC Universe],
Lyssa Drak [DC Universe],
Major Force [DC Universe],
Merlyn [DC Universe],
Metamorpho [DC Universe],
Mirror Master [DC Universe],
Parallax [DC Universe],
Parasite [DC Universe],
Phantom Stranger [DC Universe],
Power Girl [DC Universe],
Prankster [DC Universe],
Psimon [DC Universe],
Saint Walker [DC Universe],
Shining Knight [DC Universe],
Spectre [DC Universe],
Static [DC Universe],
T.O. Morrow [DC Universe],
Tala [DC Universe],
Teekl [DC Universe],
Toyman [DC Universe],
Ultra-Humanite [DC Universe],
Ultraman [DC Universe],
Vandal Savage [DC Universe],
Vice [DC Universe],
Vigilante [DC Universe],
Whisper A'Daire [DC Universe],
Wonder Girl [DC Universe],

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