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List of Video Game Characters in The Witcher Franchise
Aamad [The Witcher],
Adalbert [The Witcher],
Adam [The Witcher],
Adam Pangratt [The Witcher],
Adda The White [The Witcher],
Adrianna [The Witcher],
Adrien de Rouleau [The Witcher],
Albin Hart [The Witcher],
Aldert Geert [The Witcher],
Alina [The Witcher],
Allgood [The Witcher],
Alvin [The Witcher],
Anabelle [The Witcher],
Anezka [The Witcher],
Angus [The Witcher],
Anisse [The Witcher],
Anna Henrietta [The Witcher],
Anna Strenger [The Witcher],
Anséis [The Witcher],
Antoinette [The Witcher],
Arnolt Malliger [The Witcher],
Arnout Vester [The Witcher],
Artis [The Witcher],
Aryan La Valette [The Witcher],
Assire var Anahid [The Witcher],
Auberon Muircetach [The Witcher],
Auckes [The Witcher],
Avallac'h [The Witcher],
Azar Javed [The Witcher],
Baltimore [The Witcher],
Bart [The Witcher],
Bernard Loredo [The Witcher],
Berthold Candeleria [The Witcher],
Birna [The Witcher],
Bjorg [The Witcher],
Blueboy Lugos [The Witcher],
Boholt [The Witcher],
Bolko [The Witcher],
Bolton of Ironford [The Witcher],
Boussy La Valette [The Witcher],
Bram [The Witcher],
Bran of Skellige [The Witcher],
Buse [The Witcher],
Bytomir [The Witcher],
Caesar Bilzen [The Witcher],
Caleb Menge [The Witcher],
Captain Liglad [The Witcher],
Carduin [The Witcher],
Carlo Rycher [The Witcher],
Carlos [The Witcher],
Carmen [The Witcher],
Carthia van Canten [The Witcher],
Casimir Bassi [The Witcher],
Cecil Burdon [The Witcher],
Celina [The Witcher],
Chet [The Witcher],
Chorab [The Witcher],
Ciaran [The Witcher],
Ciri [The Witcher],
Cledwyn [The Witcher],
Clovisse Merse [The Witcher],
Coleman [The Witcher],
Conrad [The Witcher],
Corbin [The Witcher],
Corinne Tilly [The Witcher],
Count Beledal [The Witcher],
Count Felart [The Witcher],
Crach an Craite [The Witcher],
Cyprian Wiley [The Witcher],
Dagmar [The Witcher],
Dalum [The Witcher],
Damiaan [The Witcher],
Damien de la Tour [The Witcher],
Dandelion [The Witcher],
Declan Leuvaarden [The Witcher],
Derae [The Witcher],
Dilvyn [The Witcher],
Djenge Frett [The Witcher],
Dmitri [The Witcher],
Donimir [The Witcher],
Dragan [The Witcher],
Drogodar [The Witcher],
Dudu [The Witcher],
Earso [The Witcher],
Edna var Atre [The Witcher],
Edwin Leistharn [The Witcher],
Egbert [The Witcher],
Èibhear Hattori [The Witcher],
Einar Gausel [The Witcher],
Einar of Harviken [The Witcher],
Elihal [The Witcher],
Elthon [The Witcher],
Emhyr var Emreis [The Witcher],
Enzo Etcheverry [The Witcher],
Erkin von Blunt [The Witcher],
Eskel [The Witcher],
Eveline Gallo [The Witcher],
Ewald Borsodi [The Witcher],
Falas [The Witcher],
Felicia Cori [The Witcher],
Fence [The Witcher],
Fergus Graem [The Witcher],
Finneas [The Witcher],
Fioravanti [The Witcher],
Folan [The Witcher],
Francis Bedlam [The Witcher],
Franz Kniprode [The Witcher],
Freek [The Witcher],
Fringilla Vigo [The Witcher],
Fritjof [The Witcher],
Gaetan [The Witcher],
Gar [The Witcher],
Gaunter O'Dimm [The Witcher],
Gavrilo [The Witcher],
Ge'els [The Witcher],
Genny [The Witcher],
Geralt of Rivia [The Witcher],
Gert Borel [The Witcher],
Gilbert Witschke [The Witcher],
Gjarr [The Witcher],
Golan Vivaldi [The Witcher],
Gonn [The Witcher],
Graden [The Witcher],
Gramps [The Witcher],
Gregor [The Witcher],
Gremist [The Witcher],
Gretka [The Witcher],
Gridley [The Witcher],
Griswold [The Witcher],
Gus of Tretogor [The Witcher],
Haggard [The Witcher],
Halbjorn [The Witcher],
Halfar [The Witcher],
Hammond [The Witcher],
Hans of Cidaris [The Witcher],
Harald Featherbuns [The Witcher],
Haren Brogg [The Witcher],
Harmon aep Groenekan [The Witcher],
Havart var Meohoen [The Witcher],
Hegel Grossbart [The Witcher],
Helma [The Witcher],
Hendrik [The Witcher],
Henri Rautlec [The Witcher],
Henselt [The Witcher],
Hierophant [The Witcher],
Himsbach [The Witcher],
Hjalmar an Craite [The Witcher],
Holger Blackhand [The Witcher],
Horm [The Witcher],
Horst Borsodi [The Witcher],
Hortensio [The Witcher],
Hubert Rejk [The Witcher],
Hubrecht [The Witcher],
Ida Emean aep Sivney [The Witcher],
Igor the Hook [The Witcher],
Igor Vivaldi [The Witcher],
Ilona [The Witcher],
Ingrid Vegelbud [The Witcher],
Iorveth [The Witcher],
Irina Renarde [The Witcher],
Iris von Everec [The Witcher],
Iron Mortimer [The Witcher],
Iron-Arse Hans [The Witcher],
Isidor Kay [The Witcher],
Jad Karadin [The Witcher],
Jean-Pierre [The Witcher],
Jesse Grossbart [The Witcher],
Jethro [The Witcher],
Joachim von Gratz [The Witcher],
John Geermer [The Witcher],
John Natalis [The Witcher],
John Verdun [The Witcher],
Johnny [The Witcher],
Jonah [The Witcher],
Jonas the Inkeep [The Witcher],
Jorulf the Wolverine [The Witcher],
Jorund [The Witcher],
Josta [The Witcher],
Jouke [The Witcher],
Kalkstein [The Witcher],
Kalten [The Witcher],
Kennet [The Witcher],
King Ziggy [The Witcher],
Kiyan [The Witcher],
Kobus de Vollen [The Witcher],
Kurt Dysart [The Witcher],
Lambert [The Witcher],
Lasota [The Witcher],
Leo [The Witcher],
Leslav [The Witcher],
Letande Avet [The Witcher],
Letho [The Witcher],
Linus Maravel [The Witcher],
Liva [The Witcher],
Live Jabberjaw [The Witcher],
Loth Halfbreed [The Witcher],
Louis Merse [The Witcher],
Lussi [The Witcher],
Luverten [The Witcher],
Madman Lugos [The Witcher],
Mael [The Witcher],
Malcolm Stein [The Witcher],
Malena [The Witcher],
Manfred [The Witcher],
Manfred Grossbart [The Witcher],
Mantas Birut [The Witcher],
Marabella [The Witcher],
Margarita Laux-Antille [The Witcher],
Margot [The Witcher],
Margrit [The Witcher],
Marica [The Witcher],
Martin Monnier [The Witcher],
Mason Harn [The Witcher],
Master Ulrich [The Witcher],
Matilda Szabo [The Witcher],
Mavrick [The Witcher],
Mererid [The Witcher],
Mignole [The Witcher],
Mikkjal [The Witcher],
Mikul [The Witcher],
Mikula [The Witcher],
Milan Noran [The Witcher],
Moreelse [The Witcher],
Morenn [The Witcher],
Moritz Diefenthel [The Witcher],
Morkvarg [The Witcher],
Mousesack [The Witcher],
Munro Bruys [The Witcher],
Naiad [The Witcher],
Niellen [The Witcher],
Nikolas Friedman [The Witcher],
Nithral [The Witcher],
Norman Sador [The Witcher],
Odhen [The Witcher],
Odo [The Witcher],
Odolan [The Witcher],
Odrin [The Witcher],
Olcan [The Witcher],
Olgierd von Everec [The Witcher],
Olivier [The Witcher],
Ori Reuven [The Witcher],
Orianna [The Witcher],
Palmerin de Launfal [The Witcher],
Patrick de Weyze [The Witcher],
Patrick Hazelnutt [The Witcher],
Philippa Eilhart [The Witcher],
Phillip Strenger [The Witcher],
Pinastri [The Witcher],
Polycarp of Rinde [The Witcher],
Preben [The Witcher],
Premetine Shakeslock [The Witcher],
Prince Stennis [The Witcher],
Princess [The Witcher],
Proximo [The Witcher],
Ramerot [The Witcher],
Ramsmeat [The Witcher],
Ravanen Kimbolt [The Witcher],
Ravvy [The Witcher],
Raymond Gessler [The Witcher],
Raymond Maarloeve [The Witcher],
Remi Villeroy [The Witcher],
Ren Grouver [The Witcher],
Renuald aep Matsen [The Witcher],
Roderick de Wett [The Witcher],
Rodolf de Jonkheer [The Witcher],
Rolande de Flakfizer [The Witcher],
Rosa var Attre [The Witcher],
Rufus [The Witcher],
Rupert [The Witcher],
Sabrina Glevissig [The Witcher],
Sakurazaki [The Witcher],
Sambor [The Witcher],
Sara [The Witcher],
Saskia [The Witcher],
Savolla [The Witcher],
Seherim [The Witcher],
Seltkirk [The Witcher],
Semko [The Witcher],
Sendler [The Witcher],
Sergeant Ardal [The Witcher],
Serrit [The Witcher],
Seuxen [The Witcher],
Shani [The Witcher],
Sheala de Tancarville [The Witcher],
Sheldon Skaggs [The Witcher],
Siegfried of Denesle [The Witcher],
Sigismund Dijkstra [The Witcher],
Sigo Buntz [The Witcher],
Silgrat [The Witcher],
Simun Brambling [The Witcher],
Sjusta [The Witcher],
Skalen Burdon [The Witcher],
Skjall [The Witcher],
Stan Fishgulper [The Witcher],
Steingrim [The Witcher],
Stuttering Mattko [The Witcher],
Svanrige Tuirseach [The Witcher],
Sven of Fayrlund [The Witcher],
Sweet Nettie [The Witcher],
Sylvia Anna [The Witcher],
Symko [The Witcher],
Tailles [The Witcher],
Tamara Strenger [The Witcher],
The Allgod [The Witcher],
The Incredible Lockhart [The Witcher],
The Mighty Numa [The Witcher],
The Pellar [The Witcher],
Thecla [The Witcher],
Thorak [The Witcher],
Thorleif [The Witcher],
Titus Gielas [The Witcher],
Tobias Hoffman [The Witcher],
Tomira [The Witcher],
Toruviel [The Witcher],
Tove [The Witcher],
Travik [The Witcher],
Triss Merigold [The Witcher],
Uve Jabberjaw [The Witcher],
Valgard [The Witcher],
Valgridovt [The Witcher],
Vanhemar [The Witcher],
Vaska [The Witcher],
Vernon Roche [The Witcher],
Vernossiel [The Witcher],
Vertz [The Witcher],
Vesemir [The Witcher],
Vesna Hood [The Witcher],
Vespula [The Witcher],
Vetala [The Witcher],
Vienne [The Witcher],
Viki [The Witcher],
Vincent Meis [The Witcher],
Vincent Molnar [The Witcher],
Vinson Traut [The Witcher],
Vlodimir von Everec [The Witcher],
Vserad [The Witcher],
Wallter [The Witcher],
Whistling Wendy [The Witcher],
Willis [The Witcher],
Witch of Lynx Crag [The Witcher],
Yaevinn [The Witcher],
Yaren Bolt [The Witcher],
Yennefer of Vengerberg [The Witcher],
Yoana [The Witcher],
Zahin Schmartz [The Witcher],
Zdenek [The Witcher],
Zephyr [The Witcher],
Zoltan Chivay [The Witcher],
Zorg [The Witcher],
Zyvik [The Witcher],

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