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List of Video Game Characters in Rurouni Kenshin Franchise
Anji Yukyuzan [Rurouni Kenshin],
Aoshi Shinomori [Rurouni Kenshin],
Cho Sawagejo [Rurouni Kenshin],
Enishi Yukishiro [Rurouni Kenshin],
Fuji [Rurouni Kenshin],
Hannya [Rurouni Kenshin],
Henya Kariwa [Rurouni Kenshin],
Hiko Seijuro Jusandai [Rurouni Kenshin],
Himura Kenshin [Rurouni Kenshin],
Hoji Sadojima [Rurouni Kenshin],
Hyottoko [Rurouni Kenshin],
Inui Banjin [Rurouni Kenshin],
Iwanbo [Rurouni Kenshin],
Jin-e Udo [Rurouni Kenshin],
Kamatari Honjo [Rurouni Kenshin],
Kaoru Kamiya [Rurouni Kenshin],
Megumi Takani [Rurouni Kenshin],
Misao Makimachi [Rurouni Kenshin],
Otowa Hyoko [Rurouni Kenshin],
Raijuta Isurugi [Rurouni Kenshin],
Saito Hajime [Rurouni Kenshin],
Saizuchi [Rurouni Kenshin],
Sanosuke Sagara [Rurouni Kenshin],
Shikijo [Rurouni Kenshin],
Shishio Makoto [Rurouni Kenshin],
Soujiro Seta [Rurouni Kenshin],
Tomoe Yukishiro [Rurouni Kenshin],
Tsubame Sanjo [Rurouni Kenshin],
Usui Uonuma [Rurouni Kenshin],
Yahiko Myojin [Rurouni Kenshin],
Yumi Komagata [Rurouni Kenshin],

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