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List of Video Game Characters in TimeSplitters Franchise
Accountant [TimeSplitters],
Ample Sally [TimeSplitters],
Angel Perez [TimeSplitters],
Aztec Warrior [TimeSplitters],
Baby Drone Splitter [TimeSplitters],
Badass Cyborg [TimeSplitters],
Barby Gimp [TimeSplitters],
Bear [TimeSplitters],
Beetleman [TimeSplitters],
Big Tony [TimeSplitters],
Braces [TimeSplitters],
Brown Zombie [TimeSplitters],
Calamari [TimeSplitters],
Candi Skyler [TimeSplitters],
Captain Ash [TimeSplitters],
Captain Forest [TimeSplitters],
Captain Night [TimeSplitters],
Captain Pain [TimeSplitters],
Captain Sand [TimeSplitters],
Captain Snow [TimeSplitters],
Changeling [TimeSplitters],
ChassisBot [TimeSplitters],
Chastity [TimeSplitters],
Chastity Detroit [TimeSplitters],
Chinese Chef [TimeSplitters],
Chinese Waiter [TimeSplitters],
Colonel [TimeSplitters],
Corporal Hart [TimeSplitters],
Crispin [TimeSplitters],
Cultist [TimeSplitters],
Deacon Swain [TimeSplitters],
Doctor Katje Nadir [TimeSplitters],
Doctor Seth Graven [TimeSplitters],
Duckman Drake [TimeSplitters],
Eyes Mummy [TimeSplitters],
Farrah Fun-Bunny [TimeSplitters],
Female Alien [TimeSplitters],
Female Cyborg [TimeSplitters],
Female Soldier [TimeSplitters],
Female SWAT [TimeSplitters],
Fingers McKenzie [TimeSplitters],
Fishwife Mutant [TimeSplitters],
Float Alien [TimeSplitters],
Gasmask Soldier [TimeSplitters],
Gasmask SWAT [TimeSplitters],
Gingerbread Man [TimeSplitters],
Girl Zombie [TimeSplitters],
Green Alien [TimeSplitters],
Green Zombie [TimeSplitters],
Gretel [TimeSplitters],
Harry Tipper [TimeSplitters],
Hick Hyde [TimeSplitters],
Impersonator [TimeSplitters],
Insect Mutant [TimeSplitters],
Jacket Zombie [TimeSplitters],
Jacques Misere [TimeSplitters],
Jo-Beth Casey [TimeSplitters],
Kitten Celeste [TimeSplitters],
Lady Jayne [TimeSplitters],
Lieutenant Christine Malone [TimeSplitters],
Lt. Christine Malone [TimeSplitters],
Lumberjack [TimeSplitters],
Male Soldier [TimeSplitters],
Male SWAT [TimeSplitters],
Malehood [TimeSplitters],
Mary-Beth Casey [TimeSplitters],
Mister Big [TimeSplitters],
Mr. Underwood [TimeSplitters],
Olga Strom [TimeSplitters],
Overall Mutant [TimeSplitters],
Peekaboo Jones [TimeSplitters],
Pillar Alien [TimeSplitters],
Police Zombie [TimeSplitters],
Priest Mutant [TimeSplitters],
Priestess [TimeSplitters],
R-108 [TimeSplitters],
R-One-Oh-Seven [TimeSplitters],
Ravelle Velvet [TimeSplitters],
Red Alien [TimeSplitters],
Robofish [TimeSplitters],
Sebastian Photon [TimeSplitters],
Sergeant Cortez [TimeSplitters],
Shock Trooper [TimeSplitters],
Siamese Cyborg [TimeSplitters],
Skull Zombie [TimeSplitters],
Spaceways Stewardess [TimeSplitters],
Suit Hoodlum [TimeSplitters],
Teeth Mummy [TimeSplitters],
The Jungle Queen [TimeSplitters],
TimeSplitter 1 [TimeSplitters],
TimeSplitter 2 [TimeSplitters],
Tuxedo Cyborg [TimeSplitters],
Veiled SWAT [TimeSplitters],
Viola [TimeSplitters],

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