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List of Video Game Characters in Neverwinter Nights Franchise
Aarin Gend [Neverwinter Nights],
Aldanon [Neverwinter Nights],
Araman [Neverwinter Nights],
Ashtara [Neverwinter Nights],
Ayala [Neverwinter Nights],
Baram [Neverwinter Nights],
Belpheron [Neverwinter Nights],
Bevil Starling [Neverwinter Nights],
Bishop [Neverwinter Nights],
Black Garius [Neverwinter Nights],
Boddyknock Glinckle [Neverwinter Nights],
Calibast [Neverwinter Nights],
Casavir [Neverwinter Nights],
Daelan Red Tiger [Neverwinter Nights],
Desther Indelayne [Neverwinter Nights],
Dorna Trapspringer [Neverwinter Nights],
Drogan Droganson [Neverwinter Nights],
Elanee [Neverwinter Nights],
Enivid Divine [Neverwinter Nights],
Fenthick Moss [Neverwinter Nights],
Gannayev of Dreams [Neverwinter Nights],
Grimgnaw [Neverwinter Nights],
Grobnar Gnomehands [Neverwinter Nights],
Haedraline [Neverwinter Nights],
Halaster [Neverwinter Nights],
Heurodis [Neverwinter Nights],
Hierophant N'Safa [Neverwinter Nights],
J'Nah [Neverwinter Nights],
Jaboli [Neverwinter Nights],
Kaelyn the Dove [Neverwinter Nights],
Kaidala [Neverwinter Nights],
Kelemvor Lyonsbane [Neverwinter Nights],
Khelgar Ironfist [Neverwinter Nights],
Kurth [Neverwinter Nights],
Linu La'neral [Neverwinter Nights],
Lorne Starling [Neverwinter Nights],
Masked Man [Neverwinter Nights],
Maugrim Korothir [Neverwinter Nights],
Mephistopheles [Neverwinter Nights],
Morag [Neverwinter Nights],
Myrkul [Neverwinter Nights],
Okku [Neverwinter Nights],
Qara [Neverwinter Nights],
Sa'Sani [Neverwinter Nights],
Safiya [Neverwinter Nights],
Sand [Neverwinter Nights],
Shandra Jerro [Neverwinter Nights],
Sharwyn [Neverwinter Nights],
Sir Becket [Neverwinter Nights],
The Seer [Neverwinter Nights],
The Valsharess [Neverwinter Nights],
Tomi Undergallows [Neverwinter Nights],
Torio Claven [Neverwinter Nights],
Trip [Neverwinter Nights],
Tymofarrar [Neverwinter Nights],
Valen Shadowbreath [Neverwinter Nights],
Vengaul Bloodsail [Neverwinter Nights],
Xanos Messarmos [Neverwinter Nights],
Zeeaire [Neverwinter Nights],
Zhjaeve [Neverwinter Nights],

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