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List of Video Game Characters in .hack Franchise
AIDA [.hack],
AIDA Anna [.hack],
AIDA Grunwald [.hack],
AIDA Helen [.hack],
AIDA Oswald [.hack],
AIDA Tri-Edge [.hack],
AIDA Victorian [.hack],
Al Harald [.hack],
Alkaid [.hack],
Antares [.hack],
Atoli [.hack],
Aura [.hack],
Azure Balmung [.hack],
Azure Kite [.hack],
Azure Orca [.hack],
Balmung [.hack],
Bear [.hack],
BlackRose [.hack],
Bordeaux [.hack],
Corbenik [.hack],
Cubia [.hack],
Data Bug [.hack],
Eliza [.hack],
Elk [.hack],
Endrance [.hack],
Fidchell [.hack],
Gardenia [.hack],
Gaspard [.hack],
Gorre [.hack],
Haseo [.hack],
Helba [.hack],
Innis [.hack],
Kite [.hack],
Kuhn [.hack],
Lios [.hack],
Macha [.hack],
Magus [.hack],
Marlo [.hack],
Mistral [.hack],
Moonstone [.hack],
Natsume [.hack],
Nuke Usagimaru [.hack],
Orca [.hack],
Ovan [.hack],
Pi [.hack],
Piros [.hack],
Plaird [.hack],
Rachel [.hack],
Sakaki [.hack],
SakuBo [.hack],
Sanjuro [.hack],
Sconk [.hack],
Sheraton [.hack],
Shino [.hack],
Silabus [.hack],
Skeith [.hack],
Sora [.hack],
Subaru [.hack],
Tabby [.hack],
Tartarga [.hack],
Tarvos [.hack],
Terajima Ryoko [.hack],
Thea [.hack],
Tokio [.hack],
Tsukasa [.hack],
Wiseman [.hack],
Yata [.hack],
Zelkova [.hack],

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