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List of Video Game Characters in Jurassic Park Franchise
Acanthostega [Jurassic Park],
Acrocanthosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Aerotitan [Jurassic Park],
Alangasaurus [Jurassic Park],
Alanqa [Jurassic Park],
Allosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Alpha 06 [Jurassic Park],
Amargasaurus [Jurassic Park],
Ammonite [Jurassic Park],
Amphicyon [Jurassic Park],
Andrewsarchus [Jurassic Park],
Ankylodocus [Jurassic Park],
Ankylosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Antarctopelta [Jurassic Park],
Apatosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Archaeotherium [Jurassic Park],
Archelon [Jurassic Park],
Arctodus [Jurassic Park],
Argentinosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Baculites [Jurassic Park],
Bananogmius [Jurassic Park],
Barasuchus [Jurassic Park],
Barry [Jurassic Park],
Baryonyx [Jurassic Park],
Bonitasaura [Jurassic Park],
Brachiosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Brontotherium [Jurassic Park],
Cabot Finch [Jurassic Park],
Carnoraptor [Jurassic Park],
Carnotaurus [Jurassic Park],
Ceratosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Cerazinosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Chanya Diogo [Jurassic Park],
Claire Dearing [Jurassic Park],
Coloborhynchus [Jurassic Park],
Colossus 04 [Jurassic Park],
Compsognathus [Jurassic Park],
Concavenator [Jurassic Park],
Corythosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Dakosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Darwinopterus [Jurassic Park],
Death Dodo [Jurassic Park],
Deinocheirus [Jurassic Park],
Deinonychus [Jurassic Park],
Deinotherium [Jurassic Park],
Dilophosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Dimetrodon [Jurassic Park],
Dimorphodon [Jurassic Park],
Diplocaulus [Jurassic Park],
Diplodocus [Jurassic Park],
Diplotator [Jurassic Park],
Diprotodon [Jurassic Park],
Doedicurus [Jurassic Park],
Dolichorhynchops [Jurassic Park],
Doug Malick [Jurassic Park],
Dr. Hank Freeman [Jurassic Park],
Dr. Henry Wu [Jurassic Park],
Dr. Ian Malcolm [Jurassic Park],
Dsungaripterus [Jurassic Park],
Dunkleosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Dunkleosteus [Jurassic Park],
Edestus [Jurassic Park],
Einiosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Elasmosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Elasmotherium [Jurassic Park],
Entelodon [Jurassic Park],
Eolambia [Jurassic Park],
Eremotherium [Jurassic Park],
Erlikosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Erliphosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Eryops [Jurassic Park],
Eudimorphodon [Jurassic Park],
Euoplocephalus [Jurassic Park],
Gallimimus [Jurassic Park],
Gastornis [Jurassic Park],
George Lambert [Jurassic Park],
Geosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Giant Orthocone [Jurassic Park],
Giganocephalus [Jurassic Park],
Giganotosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Gigantophis [Jurassic Park],
Gillicus [Jurassic Park],
Glyptodon [Jurassic Park],
Gorgosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Gorgosuchus [Jurassic Park],
Grace Hudson [Jurassic Park],
Gray [Jurassic Park],
Guanlong [Jurassic Park],
Hainosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Hatzegopteryx [Jurassic Park],
Helicoprion [Jurassic Park],
Henodus [Jurassic Park],
Human Hunter [Jurassic Park],
Hyaenodon [Jurassic Park],
Ichthyostega [Jurassic Park],
Indominus Rex [Jurassic Park],
Indoraptor [Jurassic Park],
Indricotherium [Jurassic Park],
Irritator [Jurassic Park],
Isaac Clement [Jurassic Park],
Juggernaut 32 [Jurassic Park],
Kaiwhekea [Jurassic Park],
Kajal Dua [Jurassic Park],
Kaprosuchus [Jurassic Park],
Kelenken [Jurassic Park],
Kentrosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Koolasaurus [Jurassic Park],
Koolasuchus [Jurassic Park],
Kraken 18 [Jurassic Park],
Kronosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Labyrinthodontia [Jurassic Park],
Labyrinthosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Leptoceratops [Jurassic Park],
Leptocleidus [Jurassic Park],
Leptostega [Jurassic Park],
Limnorhynchus [Jurassic Park],
Limnoscelis [Jurassic Park],
Liopleurodon [Jurassic Park],
Lowery [Jurassic Park],
Lythronax [Jurassic Park],
Maelstrom 08 [Jurassic Park],
Majungasaurus [Jurassic Park],
Mammotherium [Jurassic Park],
Marsupial Lion [Jurassic Park],
Mastodonsaurus [Jurassic Park],
Mauisaurus [Jurassic Park],
Megaloceros [Jurassic Park],
Megalodon [Jurassic Park],
Megalosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Megatherium [Jurassic Park],
Megistocurus [Jurassic Park],
Megistotherium [Jurassic Park],
Metoposaurus [Jurassic Park],
Metriacanthosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Metrialong [Jurassic Park],
Metriaphodon [Jurassic Park],
Metriorhynchus [Jurassic Park],
Microposaurus [Jurassic Park],
Monolophosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Monostegotops [Jurassic Park],
Mosasaurus [Jurassic Park],
Nasutoceratops [Jurassic Park],
Nodosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Nundagosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Nundasuchus [Jurassic Park],
Omega 09 [Jurassic Park],
Onchopristis [Jurassic Park],
Ophiacodon [Jurassic Park],
Orodromeus [Jurassic Park],
Orthacanthus [Jurassic Park],
Ostafrikasaurus [Jurassic Park],
Ostaposaurus [Jurassic Park],
Ouroboros 66 [Jurassic Park],
Owen Grady [Jurassic Park],
Pachycephalosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Pachyceratops [Jurassic Park],
Pachygalosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Pachyrhinosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Parasaura [Jurassic Park],
Parasaurolophus [Jurassic Park],
Patricia Cheung [Jurassic Park],
Pelecanimimus [Jurassic Park],
Pelecanipteryx [Jurassic Park],
Phoenix 44 [Jurassic Park],
Phorusrhacos [Jurassic Park],
Plesiosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Pliosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Plotosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Postosuchus [Jurassic Park],
Prestosuchus [Jurassic Park],
Prionosuchus [Jurassic Park],
Priotrodon [Jurassic Park],
Proceratosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Procompsognathus [Jurassic Park],
Prognathodon [Jurassic Park],
Proterogyrinus [Jurassic Park],
Protostega [Jurassic Park],
Psephoderma [Jurassic Park],
Pteranodon [Jurassic Park],
Pterodactylus [Jurassic Park],
Pterodaustro [Jurassic Park],
Pyroraptor [Jurassic Park],
Quetzalcoatlus [Jurassic Park],
Rajasaurus [Jurassic Park],
Rajastega [Jurassic Park],
Rhamphorhynchus [Jurassic Park],
Rhizodus [Jurassic Park],
Rhomaleosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Salamander 16 [Jurassic Park],
Sarcosuchus [Jurassic Park],
Sarkastodon [Jurassic Park],
Scaphognathus [Jurassic Park],
Secodontosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Segnosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Segnosuchus [Jurassic Park],
Shunosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Simon Masrani [Jurassic Park],
Smilodon [Jurassic Park],
Spinoraptor [Jurassic Park],
Spinosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Staurikosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Stegoceratops [Jurassic Park],
Stegosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Stygimoloch [Jurassic Park],
Styxosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Suchomimus [Jurassic Park],
Suchoripterus [Jurassic Park],
Supersaurus [Jurassic Park],
Suprannotitan [Jurassic Park],
Synthetoceras [Jurassic Park],
Tanycolagreus [Jurassic Park],
Tapejalosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Tapejara [Jurassic Park],
Therizinosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Thylacosmilus [Jurassic Park],
Titanoboa [Jurassic Park],
Torosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Triceratops [Jurassic Park],
Trinacromerum [Jurassic Park],
Troodon [Jurassic Park],
Tropeognathus [Jurassic Park],
Tropeogopterus [Jurassic Park],
Tsintaosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Tuojiangosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Tupuxuara [Jurassic Park],
Tylosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Tyrannosaurus Rex [Jurassic Park],
Tyrannotitan [Jurassic Park],
Uintatherium [Jurassic Park],
Umoonasaurus [Jurassic Park],
Unayrhynchus [Jurassic Park],
Unaysaurus [Jurassic Park],
Urtinotherium [Jurassic Park],
Utahraptor [Jurassic Park],
Valkyrie 77 [Jurassic Park],
Velociraptor [Jurassic Park],
Vic Hoskins [Jurassic Park],
Vulcan 19 [Jurassic Park],
Woolly Mammoth [Jurassic Park],
Wuerhosaurus [Jurassic Park],
Xiphactinus [Jurassic Park],
Yudon [Jurassic Park],
Yutyrannus [Jurassic Park],
Zach [Jurassic Park],
Zalmoxes [Jurassic Park],
Zara [Jurassic Park],
Zhejiangopterus [Jurassic Park],

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