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List of Video Game Characters in Pandemonium Franchise
Armored Goon [Pandemonium],
Blimp [Pandemonium],
Blow Goon [Pandemonium],
Bomber Goon [Pandemonium],
Boxing Goon [Pandemonium],
Branky [Pandemonium],
Buddha [Pandemonium],
Buzz [Pandemonium],
Caterpillar [Pandemonium],
Deadeye [Pandemonium],
Dizzy [Pandemonium],
Dog Goon [Pandemonium],
Dragoon [Pandemonium],
Drill Bot [Pandemonium],
Eyeball [Pandemonium],
Fire Blossom [Pandemonium],
Fire Crystal [Pandemonium],
Fungus Bombs [Pandemonium],
Fungus Guy [Pandemonium],
Goon [Pandemonium],
Gun Copter [Pandemonium],
Hot Pants [Pandemonium],
Jump Mech [Pandemonium],
Kanga Goon [Pandemonium],
King Egg Egg [Pandemonium],
Kung Fu Mantis [Pandemonium],
Mining Goon [Pandemonium],
Missile Mech [Pandemonium],
Mr. Schneobelen [Pandemonium],
Night Demon [Pandemonium],
Oyster [Pandemonium],
Queen Zorrscha [Pandemonium],
Ratbat [Pandemonium],
Shroom Lord [Pandemonium],
Shroooom [Pandemonium],
Snow Crawler [Pandemonium],
Spider [Pandemonium],
Spike Goon [Pandemonium],
Spiky Snail [Pandemonium],
Spit Plant [Pandemonium],
Stalag Dude [Pandemonium],
Stan Thinman [Pandemonium],
Temple Monk [Pandemonium],
Tornado [Pandemonium],
Trooper Goon [Pandemonium],
Walkapede [Pandemonium],
Walker Mech [Pandemonium],
Walking Fish [Pandemonium],
Wasp [Pandemonium],
Wizard Goon [Pandemonium],
Zombie Goon [Pandemonium],

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