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List of Video Game Characters in Chrono Franchise
Atropos XR [Chrono],
Ayla [Chrono],
Ayla [Chrono],
Azala [Chrono],
Belthasar [Chrono],
Black Dragon [Chrono],
Chancellor [Chrono],
Chief Direa [Chrono],
Chimaki [Chrono],
Chrono [Chrono],
Crono [Chrono],
Crono's Mom [Chrono],
Cyrus [Chrono],
Dalton [Chrono],
Dalton [Chrono],
Dario [Chrono],
Doan [Chrono],
Doc [Chrono],
Draggy [Chrono],
Dragon God [Chrono],
Earth Dragon [Chrono],
Elizabeth I [Chrono],
Fargo [Chrono],
Fiona [Chrono],
Fire Dragon [Chrono],
Flea [Chrono],
Frog [Chrono],
Funguy [Chrono],
Garai [Chrono],
Ghetz [Chrono],
Glenn [Chrono],
Greco [Chrono],
Green Dragon [Chrono],
Grobyc [Chrono],
Guile [Chrono],
Guillot [Chrono],
Harle [Chrono],
Irenes [Chrono],
Janice [Chrono],
Johnny [Chrono],
Karsh [Chrono],
Kid [Chrono],
Kiki [Chrono],
Kino [Chrono],
Korcha [Chrono],
Lavos [Chrono],
Lavos [Chrono],
Leah [Chrono],
Leena [Chrono],
Lucca [Chrono],
Luccia [Chrono],
Lynx [Chrono],
Macha [Chrono],
Magus [Chrono],
Magus [Chrono],
Mama Komodo [Chrono],
Marcy [Chrono],
Marge [Chrono],
Marle [Chrono],
Marle [Chrono],
Mel [Chrono],
Melchior [Chrono],
Miguel [Chrono],
Miki [Chrono],
Mojo [Chrono],
NeoFio [Chrono],
Nikki [Chrono],
Norris [Chrono],
Orcha [Chrono],
Orlha [Chrono],
Ozzie [Chrono],
Peppor [Chrono],
Pierre [Chrono],
Pip [Chrono],
Poshul [Chrono],
Queen Leene [Chrono],
Queen Zeal [Chrono],
Queen Zeal [Chrono],
Radius [Chrono],
Razzly [Chrono],
Riddel [Chrono],
Robo [Chrono],
Romana [Chrono],
Rosetta [Chrono],
Schala [Chrono],
Schala [Chrono],
Serge [Chrono],
Skelly [Chrono],
Slash [Chrono],
Sneff [Chrono],
Solt [Chrono],
Spekkio [Chrono],
Sprigg [Chrono],
Starky [Chrono],
Steena [Chrono],
Tata [Chrono],
Turnip [Chrono],
Una [Chrono],
Van [Chrono],
Viper [Chrono],
Zappa [Chrono],
Zelbess [Chrono],
Zippa [Chrono],
Zoah [Chrono],
Zombor [Chrono],

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