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10-19-19 12:37 PM

hoguan's Profile -

hoguan is Offline

Trusted Member
Age: 23 (08-17-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 01-08-10 08:04 PM (3570 days ago)
Posts: 748  Threads: 93
Post Words: 18,175 (24 word avg)
Viz: 69,824    Contribution Points: 204
Post Rating: 3   Trust Points: 10   Chat: 199
Level: 54    Experience: 1222435
Next Level: +11435 Exp    Per Post: 2451 Exp
Last Activity: 05-07-16 11:22 AM
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Last Post: 04-29-16 01:15 PM
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Quote wall:
[10:39 PM] pi0x: OH YES, SO HARD! UHHH!
[4:12 PM] supersonic1998: *why would you wanna eat your cucumber??" my response when one of my friends told me about oral sex
[12/16 3:40 PM] legacyme3: plus you dont have enough boobs to suck up
[1:11 PM] supersonic1998: there were peanuts on the table, so i said, "somebody's nuts are on the table"
[12:56 PM] beautiful nightmare: if anyone is talking to me. im not paying attention
[11:51 AM]choko453: One day she went up to my mom and said "mom your sex"
[9:01 PM] mariopokefan91: if you were from where i was from, you'd be f#cking dead
[8:24 PM]geeogree: we need someone to do something stupid/annoying so I can kick and/or ban them
[9:53 PM] SunflowerGaming: geeo I'm totally offended, I'm going to report you to yourself lol
[10:02 PM] Bobbynibbles: oh damn i just farted so hard my boxes moved
[10:48 PM] Choko453: Leggy bedazzles his own underwear

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