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02-19-20 03:51 PM

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04-29-16 01:15 PM
06-15-16 11:02 PM

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Unable to post with new build.


04-29-16 01:15 PM
hoguan is Offline
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I started on a new build using an Asus motherboard, but having troubles getting it to post. It does nothing, except the hdd starts up and the fans run at 100%. I've tried running it on integrated graphics , with no luck. No beeps, without ram installed. I know it's not a PSU issue since I've used it only for a few months, it was new when I got it. I've just read that Asus boards are picky about what ram will work on them. The ram I'm using are 2x Hynix HMT151R7BFR4C-H9 4gb ECC unbuffered ram, the cheapest 8GB option I could find on Amazon. Is it possible that my bios needs to be updated? If that's the case, the only alternate cpu I have is an Am2 CPU.

Specs of build:
Asus M5A78L/USB-3 mother board
2x 4gb ram
XFX Radeon 6870 Black Edition
Logisys 550 watt PSU
AMD Phenom ii x4 840T
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06-15-16 11:02 PM
acool193 is Offline
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ECC Memory is meant for server and workstation boards. try to find an non-ecc stick on ebay or pull one out of another computer. Also check the 20+4 pin connector and see if it is seated correctly. If not the motherboard is dead.
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