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01-28-20 07:26 PM

Zeldisaster's Profile -

Zeldisaster is Offline

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Vizzed Elite
Real Name: Link
Location: Hyrule
Age: 28 (07-20-91)  Gender: Male
Registered: 03-25-10 12:02 AM (3596 days ago)
Posts: 1,641  Threads: 217
Post Words: 141,228 (86 word avg)
Viz: 65,941    Contribution Points: 619
Post Rating: 21   Trust Points: 14   Chat: 5
Level: 76    Experience: 3986796
Next Level: +19264 Exp    Per Post: 3644 Exp
Homepage: The Studio
Last Activity: 06-01-19 01:46 PM
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Main Bio removed due to confused security system. Sad, though. HTML is an awesome code to play around with.

I'm into anime, and I play a lot of video games. Typical dork. I'm in the process of making multiple video games across multiple genres. I've finished a couple games, but I can't post the links cuz I haven't uploaded em yet.

I own quite a few systems, and a good collection of games for each system. The amount of games per system, at last tally, is this:

Gameboy Advance: 38
Gameboy Color: 6
Gamecube: 19
Nintendo 64: 33
Nintendo DS: 31
Super Nintendo: 13
Nintendo Wii: 10

Not to mention the always-rapidly-growing hundreds of games I have on my laptop...

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