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Page Admin: Minuano, yoshirulez!,
08-21-19 10:17 PM

Patrick Star's Profile - LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE

Patrick Star is Offline

Patrick Star
Registration Name: awesomeguy279
Trusted Member
Real Name: Shane
Location: on a chair
Age: 17 (01-07-02)  Gender: Male
Registered: 10-19-13 03:13 PM (2132 days ago)
Posts: 1,886  Threads: 61
Post Words: 84,077 (45 word avg)
Viz: 199,944    Contribution Points: 7,632
Post Rating: 217   Trust Points: 7   Chat: 798
Level: 75    Experience: 3782127
Next Level: +44777 Exp    Per Post: 3008 Exp
Last Activity: 08-21-19 04:27 PM
Last Post: 08-20-19 05:52 AM
  The seventh Mega Man game


Well I am the leader of the turtle army which is really powerful because we have Squirtle.


Stop coming here so often

My new quote wall

[4:12 PM] geeogree: wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn

Enzo Matrix says(5:48 PM):
i just don't get it why would someone wanted to destroy my wiki what did i ever do to them so disrespectful
AriaAngelDream says(5:48 PM):
unsure if making a thread is necessary
Enzo Matrix says(5:48 PM):
Aria yeah
AriaAngelDream says(5:48 PM):
what did you ever do to them?
AriaAngelDream says(5:48 PM):
disrespect us
AriaAngelDream says(5:48 PM):
flame us
AriaAngelDream says(5:48 PM):
annoy us

what david says when adding the holy bible to the site:
[5:16 PM] Davideo7: but yeah, I respect the athiests of the site enough to now push this new feature down anyone's throats

[6:12 PM] Bintsy: Trying to make a quote isn't a quote.

[10:35 PM] IgorBird122: A brain, what's that?

[5:03 PM] TheJmsGamer:
[10:47 AM] IgorBird122: The IB122 is here!!!
[10:47 AM] awesomeguy279: who are you?

[6:52 AM] TheJmsGamer: oh mah gosh
[6:53 AM] TheJmsGamer: I wanna go in that basement that's not there anymore
[6:53 AM] TheJmsGamer: The house is broken because no one lived in it for 5 hours
[6:53 AM] TheJmsGamer: 5 years*

[6:55 AM] TheJmsGamer: i gettin quoted how why whut i thought i'd never make it to a quote wall

Even in the apocylpse you can still appreciate a nice ass
[4:35 PM] zerothesaint: If you gonna spend time running around in what could only be hell, you best look ad da booty
[4:35 PM] zerothesaint: Gotta smile about something
[4:35 PM] zerothesaint: You have to look feriecily at it
[4:35 PM] zerothesaint: Sheva
[4:36 PM] zerothesaint: YOURE FIGHTING FOR THAT FINE ASS..!!! FOR SURVIVAL OF THE BOOTY...!!! *single tear shed*
[4:36 PM] awesomeguy279: you forgot bout boobies
[4:37 PM] zerothesaint: Yeah but thems so much better when in bikinis and no one is in a bikini is RE. TwT

geeogree says(8:41 PM):
geeogree says(8:41 PM):
it is nice that I stopped by
geeogree says(8:41 PM):
how considerate of me

awesomeguy279 says(9:42 AM):
still great quotes
Snowdeath says(9:42 AM):
it's a child's site after all
blubblub9 says(9:42 AM):
Snowdeath says(9:42 AM):
Thank you :3
awesomeguy279 says(9:42 AM):
reporting that to david snow
awesomeguy279 says(9:42 AM):
9:42 AM] Snowdeath: it's a child's site after all
awesomeguy279 says(9:43 AM):
You calling him a child!?
Snowdeath says(9:43 AM):
Snowdeath says(9:43 AM):
blubblub9 says(9:43 AM):
its a site for ny age
awesomeguy279 says(9:43 AM):
Ya ya

Best chat conversation ever.

ZeroTails: that guy (the one who got banned) applied for local : p(12:11PM)
awesomeguy279 has joined the chatroom(12:11PM)
ZeroTails: he tried to apply in the local mod app thread so xp(12:11PM)
DylanMcKaig: (the one who got banned could be anyone you know)(12:11PM)
ZeroTails: yea(12:12PM)
DylanMcKaig: (vague as heck)(12:12PM)
ZeroTails: but like the recent one(12:12PM)
Me: He is going to get it zero tails(12:12PM)
ZeroTails: who was the sibling of that other member(12:12PM)
Me: You know it(12:12PM)
DylanMcKaig: good luck to him though(12:12PM)
ZeroTails: oh nooooooo ;c(12:12PM)
ZeroTails: :c*(12:12PM)
DylanMcKaig: lel(12:12PM)
ZeroTails: awesome, can you read ppls minds(12:12PM)
DylanMcKaig: yes he can(12:13PM)
DylanMcKaig: he is called awesome for a reason(12:13PM)
Me: Yup(12:13PM)
ZeroTails: awesome, do the globals like me as a potential pick(12:13PM)
Me: Geeogree just got high and is now voting for the banned guy(12:13PM)
DylanMcKaig: lol(12:14PM)
ZeroTails: oh my god Satisfied(12:14PM)
DylanMcKaig: GG GG(12:14PM)
m0ssb3rg935: That would be humorous.(12:14PM)
DylanMcKaig: I somewhat hope that happens(12:14PM)
m0ssb3rg935: If he's high, I wonder if that improves my chances.(12:14PM)
Me: And globals feel like you are decent but not SUPER qualified like Leggy is if he applied which I think he did(12:15PM)(delete)
ZeroTails: i think he did(12:15PM)
Me: If Leggy applied it is gg to everyone(12:15PM)
ZeroTails: :c(12:15PM)
Me: You all lost(12:15PM)
m0ssb3rg935: Whut... I thought leggy never wanted mod again.(12:15PM)
DylanMcKaig: inb4 leggy is rejected(12:15PM)
ZeroTails: to the banned guy?(12:15PM)
m0ssb3rg935: Yeah, I noticed the porfile pic change.(12:18PM)
ZeroTails: oh nooooo(12:18PM)
m0ssb3rg935: He'll go back to it.(12:18PM)
ZeroTails: geeo did vote for the banned guy!(12:18PM)
DylanMcKaig: I think that is better honestly(12:18PM)
DylanMcKaig: lol(12:18PM)
Me: No it is notCry(12:18PM)
DylanMcKaig: geeo is high confirmed(12:18PM)
Me: If anybody needs me I will still be gushing over the new Injustice 2 gameplay trailer(12:19PM)
ZeroTails: really high(12:19PM)
ZeroTails: if anyone needs me(12:19PM)
ZeroTails: i'll be idling and posting(12:19PM)
m0ssb3rg935: But the name for the game A Boy and his Blob was inspired by David and geeo...(12:19PM)
DylanMcKaig: lol(12:19PM)
ZeroTails: yes it was(12:25PM)
ZeroTails: it was inspired(12:25PM)
ZeroTails: and there were a million fanfics(12:25PM)
ZeroTails: of davidxgeeo(12:25PM)

The Glorious Quotes of Enzo Matrix.

[9:05 PM] Enzo Matrix: Deg can you make a thread for me of words that i can not spell

My new profile counter thingy starting at 0 - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

Copy and paste this into your bio if you are part of the Bruh group!

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