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01-18-19 11:54 AM

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How patient are you?
Are you also peevish?
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01-17-17 01:45 PM
01-12-19 09:14 PM

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How patient are you?


01-08-19 06:55 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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Furret : Kinda. The specific road I'm referring to the speed limit is 55, but you won't get pulled over unless you're going over 75. If you don't drive at least 65 you'll get run off the road. So 80 isn't really that bad. I'd definitely get pulled over if I drove past a cop, but they would probably write 70 on the ticket so I only get the violation for going 15 over instead of 25 over, because they know no one actually drives 55 on that road. So technically yes, but realistically no. It's New York, everyone is always in a rush. It would probably be a different story if it was somewhere in the south, where everyone takes their sweet time to do everything.
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01-08-19 07:09 PM
Furret is Online
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tgags123 : Oh okay, makes sense. They should probably raise the limit there if going 55 can get you killed lol

Lots of people over here use a system called STOP to lower CO2 levels (Translated it would mean Walk, Pedal (bicycle), Public Transport, Car) where you basically set boundaries for what distance you should use a car for example. Walking is best up to two thirds of a mile, riding a bike is the best option up to 3 miles, taking public transport is the best option up to roughly 6 miles and anything past that you can use your car.

Of course it's not mandatory but our infrastructure for bikes and public transport is good enough that it's pretty accurate. So I guess people are more used to taking things slowly here as well if it's within a 6 mile radius.
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01-11-19 06:22 PM
Minuano is Offline
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It depends on what we're talking about...

With people? I'm extremely patient. Probably more so than I should be. I'm a very understanding person (or I try to be, anyways) so if they're having a bad day and acting out on it or are slow to pick up something that I'm trying to teach it takes A LOT before I start losing patience with them. It also takes a lot for me to think someone has "wronged" me because I usually try to always assume the best in people, which is where my high patience comes from.

With myself, speaking about my desires and my own actions? Not at all. If there's something I want I usually want it in the moment. If I think I messed up with something it's pretty hard to forgive myself. Eventually I do and I decide it's not worth sulking over and I should just use it to improve myself, but that's almost never immediately. It's something I need to work on.
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01-11-19 08:43 PM
Mohammedroxx3 is Online
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Looking back at my first post I made in my thread (like 2 years ago), I find it really bizarre. I remember I was really angry at a certain someone at the moment I made that post, so it's not super accurate in general. (Content hidden from non-Trusted users!)

I still think the "waiting for something" part is true, but the "rude people" part where I say I snap back at them isn't completely true. I do have a degree of tolerance where I ignore them or pretend to be nice, or if it's a random person then I don't really care. If it's in a professional environment like if I'm working (especially tutoring), I politely try to address the issue. Otherwise, everything else in my first post is correct, I think.
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01-11-19 11:49 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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Mohammedroxx3 : I can't imagine you snapping back at anyone lol. Obviously I've never met you in person, but you just seem way too nice and polite to confront anyone about anything. Oh, and also too scared to do so lol.
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01-12-19 09:14 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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I'm a pretty patient person when it comes to most things: driving, waiting for something, controlling my desires, etc.. I only lose my patience with people that are overly needy. I'm not talking about people with disabilities because they can't help that, but if someone is constantly bothering me or asks me to do something they could easily do on their own, then I feel like my time is being wasted. My time isn't more valuable than anyone else's, but when I feel like it is being intentionally or rudely wasted, then I start to lose my patience. This point almost exclusively pertains to work though. I'm not sure why, but just because I am an employee with a lanyard, nearly every customer suddenly becomes unreasonably helpless and needy.

I also don't like it when people interrupt me mid sentence or mid thought. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to say and rehearsing it in my head to avoid losing my train of thought or rambling when I speak. I realize it can't be helped a lot of the times in conversations, but I find it rude to just interject or just bulldoze over someone else as they are talking. There might be a few more similar things that cause me to lose my cool, but I am able to maintain my patience pretty well in most situations.
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