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Guess Who Meets The Newly Digigestend? Chapter 8
A new fanfiction. And I am back to update with new chapters. ^-^
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05-25-15 12:12 PM
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Guess Who Meets The Newly Digigestend? Chapter 8


05-25-15 12:12 PM
Eniitan is Online
Link | ID: 1170493 | 3130 Words

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Hey guys! I am pleased to say that it is time to put up the chapters don't you think? I really hope that you guys enjoy this. Since I got a lot of views in my recent fanfiction due to people seemly enjoying every chapter. I am not only going to launch 1, but 2 chapters of my newest fanfiction. Enjoy.

Digimon Fanfiction Chapter 0 Prologue

A nice sunny day in the morning shines in Tokyo. Everyone bustling and hustling to places. This story is about 7 individuals that will become the main story. But they don't know this yet. Let's take a look at the characters now shall we? First off is a teenage 13 year old girl called Hana Fuyuka. She is the most cheerful girl that you have ever seen. Also she tends to be a bit selfish at times. But she does think of other people and helping them when she can. She is seen getting ready for school. It's her last day before the summer holidays, and she has exams too. Hana has been studying when she can for her upcoming exams. But as a standard student. She should be able to pass with flying colours. She now takes a her leave from the house.

She turns back and says
Bye mum! See you later after school!

Then skips off down the road.

Next we have a techno geek a whiz teen named Yuuko Hurami. Unlike Hana she doesn't go to school because she is too advanced, and both of her parents are scientists. They get promoted a lot or if there is not enough room in the lab they tend to move to a lot of places. Because of this she doesn't have any friends at all. Despite that she loves what she does which is computer, playing online digimon games and plays visual novels in her spare time from studying. As we speak she is working on a game software spinoff of digimon and not getting any luck. As she has been tirelessly been trying to get it to work for a long time now. She feels that she is almost there, but then her parents stops and calls for her

Yuuko! It's breakfast time come downstairs and eat!

Yuuko groan's and says back I'm coming!

Then says to herself I'm going to have to try and get the software to work! If it does then it will be a breakthrough for me!

Then she leaves the room to go and eat.

Let's go to the next character shall we? Ame Sagare is next up. She's a shy and quiet person. And also she can be scared of people who look bigger than her. She has never been to a school before as she is trained at home. She was never really allowed to be around others when she was young. As she grew up it came to a time that her parents gave her a choice to be around people. Because of what she had to go through when she was young. Ame has a hard time talking to people now due to lack of courage. In her sleeps during the night she has terrible nightmares. In her sleep some sort of a monster would be chasing after her and wanting to kill her as well. She didn't know what these creatures were, but all she could do was run away. Then suddenly she would wake up in the middle of the night sweating a lot and not going back to bed because of it. Here is what she said happened again...I don't how long I could outrun those things...I need help...I need protection...

She cries silently.

Sato Haruma a teen boy comes from a rich family. He's kind person but doesn't normally show that not unless it's towards his sister. He would act cool and collected around other people. His father wants for him to carry on with the family business. But then Sato thinks otherwise on that. And paints when he gets frustrated with his father constantly telling him that he needs to carry on the family business. Or practicing with his crescent moon sword. Sato has a sister or once had that he was over protective of. Because of him being in a rich family he never got to make friends and people don't like befriending people from a rich family. Sadly he lost his sister to some monster years ago. It happened so fast. Sato and his sister back when they were 9 and 5 year olds, were playing when suddenly a monster came out from some sort of a portal, attacking who it saw first. It was unstable at first. Then it became real.Sato tried to protect his sister. The monster was too strong, and knocked Sato unconscious. Taking sora away with her screaming for help. He promised to find her. His father blames him for his actions and not believing a word. Sato in his art room snaps back to reality and says

Sora my dearest sister...I will find you I promised, and I will. I know you are out there somewhere...

Sato? His father called out.

Sato whispered Oh no dad is coming!

Sato quickly puts his art things away. Then his father came into his room.

Hey dad what's up?

You know very well. When are you going to stop these stupid paintings of yours? They will never get you anywhere in life, and will not also bring any money to this house!!

Sato has had just enough of his father's outburst snaps and screams back saying

Who are you to say what is best for me dad?!! I told you before, and I will tell you again! I don't want to take on the family business!! I love to paint, I enjoy it! Unlike the family business it's dull, boring lifeless and downright unenjoyable!! You know what? I've had enough of you.

Sato walks quickly to pass his father not knowing he got grabbed by the arm

And where do you think you are going young man?

I'm leaving this place because you're too predictable and squeezing out whatever happiness that I have left. Also from now on. I am not putting up with anymore of your crap. Ever since sora disappeared nothing has been the same....

Sato shrugs his dad hand off his arm with aggression, and leaves the house for a morning walk to cool down.

Aww...poor Sato he's really's time to introduce the remaining characters

Itoh Hamasaki. A friendly 15 teen year old may seem laid back, but he's also a quiet young boy. He has some friends and is loyal to them he also goes to school as well. Funny thing. Him and Hana go to the same school but they have both never interacted with one another. Itoh got ready for school he does what he can not to worry too much as of what is going on at home. He's always looking after his siblings though, and doing what the parents are meant to be doing. Whenever he has the time he would write in his book. Go swimming or running. Itoh is finding things hard and to write about something interesting. If he can't think of anything then he is either studying for exams or looking after his siblings. Itoh has never had an adventure before and hopes so one day.

Ok guys I'm off to school make sure you all behave.

The siblings nodded their heads.

Well wish me luck! Bye.

They all waved to him and he left for school.

Then we have the youngest one named Saki Nimoto she is only 10 years of age she's quite a trouble maker since she likes to cause a lot of mischief's. She was sent to camp to better her behaviour, and to try and make some friends as well. Sadly this plan didn't go well she tried.. She really did. But Saki couldn't help but to cause mischief's. Putting fake bugs down peoples back put fake spiders in places that the girls would not see but to scream when they do see it. And many more. As camp was over she packed her stuff getting ready to go home.

*Sighs* I will never make friends with the way I am am I going to explain this to mum and dad? Never mind. I am sure they will understand....

We have one more character to go. Her name is Harumi Akiyama a 13 year old teen. She stays with her parents but they are not on a good relationship terms with one another because they really never understood each other. Harumi's parents love her so much but she doesn't want anything to do with them. Since she feels that her parent never understand her at all. Harumi also tries to be optimistic but then fails at it most of the time. She likes to look at the garden in the park most of the time because it is full with pretty flowers. Just like she usually does everyday. It's the thing that helps her to unwind mostly. An ice-cream Mr frosty's music truck plays and the kids run off to the truck to buy. Getting tired of seeing that she yawns then heads on back home.

Home isn't the best place to be in. But, it is better than living outside...if only my parent's understand. But they don't...

Harumi kicked a rubble stone out of the way.

These are the characters that will be in this fanfiction. I hope that you liked the prologue. ^^

The Journey Begins. Chapter 1

So now that the characters have been introduced. It is now time for their journey to begin.

Hana and Itoh have just finished their exams. Of course both of them passed with flying colours. As the other teens left. They packed their stuff as well. Hana left first, but her school bag was half opened. Then her pencil case fell onto the floor in a hallway. Hana didn't notice until Itoh spoke up

Hey! He yelled out.

Hana turned around saying May I help you with something? dropped this on the floor.

Oh my goodness... thank you! I dunno what I would have done without my pencil case!

Itoh handed over the pencil case back to Hana.

Well... Thanks for the help. I gotta go now my mom is waiting for me!

As hana was about to leave Itoh asked Can I at least get you name?

It's Hana, Hana Fuyuka. What's your name?

My name is...Itoh Hamasaki.

Well Itoh it was nice meeting you. And again thanks for the help! See you around!

Bye. said Itoh

Hana skipped away down the hall to go and meet her mother outside the building.

Wow...said Itoh as he watched her. Some people are strange.

So him too thought to be on his way home as well. Itoh left the school building.

Sato who was still angry with his father was on a long walk, and took a long way back home.

I can't believe dad...he's so annoying he's like the worse father ever! He doesn't even care for my own happiness at all! The nerve of the guy!

Ame at home in her bedroom got bored and fell asleep.

*In Ames dream*

No...not this dream again! Monsters started to go after her. 

Leave me alone! Someone please help me!!

She got trapped in a corner and with no where to run the monsters started to click in on her. She got so scared that she covered herself as Ame was about to get attacked a voice in the distance said

Hey! Why don't you try picking on someone your own size?!  Paralyze breath!

Some sort of cloud formed and a sort of toxic air headed straight for those monsters! They couldn't dodge the attack and both of them got paralysis. This friendly monster walked up to them and said

Listen you punks. If I so much sniff, catching both of you near her or attacking her again I will BBQ roast you both for breakfast kapish?!

Uh...yes we understand!

Both monsters ran away Ame saw what happened and was amazed. This monster went closer towards her. Then she began to get scared again She used her hands to cover her face. The monster bent down and put one of his hand on top of her head and to rub it gently to make sure she felt comfort

Ame....He said

Huh? She looked up slowly at the thing How does it know my name? She thought.

You gotta try and have more confidence within yourself ok? You do that, and you will become a much better person. Don't let people stomp on you. You gotta be tough! And then people will respect you.

He smiled then smirked


Your welcome. You need to wake up now it's time for your journey to begin...

A flash of blind light happened and there it appeared she had something in her hand.

What...what is this thing in my hand?... and who are you?... Asked Ame now desperate for answers.

This is called a digivice. Keep it with you at all times ok? I can't tell you who I am as of yet.

Ames dream began to fade slowly and waking up back to reality.

Wait! Don't leave me! Stay with me!

It's seems Ame has gotten used to the friendly monsters company.

Don't worry Ame. I am much closer than you think we will meet again.

Ame woke up from her dream unlike her recent ones she started to space out and thinking as of what just happened just a dream?

She felt something in her hand and it was her digivice wasn't a dream..

Of course it wasn't a dream! Said a voice

Huh... This voice sounds familiar....said Ame

Ame look at your computer screen!

She looked and it was the same monster that saved her!'s you!

Ame bolted down towards her computer without any second thoughts.

Hi Ame! You look better now since I took good care of those bullies. said the monster cockily

Yeah you did. Um thank you. But couldn't you please tell me who you are and what your name is?

I guess now that I can. In the dream I couldn't.

Why? Asked Ame were in my world somehow.


My world was a nice peaceful place. But now it is dangerous a lot of bad things have been happening! The evil villains that now rule the place sent spies to tell them of anything that may seem suspicious. I have been able to hide but other good monsters like me have become slaves!

No...that is terrible!

There's nothing anyone can do about it now...our once beautiful world has now become a dark the way my name is gazimon


Yes I am a digimon monster. And your partner digimon.

Wow...let's take a break from Ames one and let's see how the others are doing. 

Saki who is still at camp was the last person waiting for her parents to pick her up suddenly in the distance she heard

Help! Someone help me!

She ignored it at first then

Help me!

Against her judgement she goes into the woods that is off site the camp area to investigate the problem. She looked around.

Hmm...I knew I shouldn't have come out here. It was a waste of my time!

As she turned to go back something hit her head from behind really hard. 

Ouch! She said falling unconscious. 

Something or someone started to drag her in some kind of portal. 

Poor saki...anyways harumi who was still on her way home was frowning a lot. Suddenly from up above the sky something said

Look out!!!

Harumi looked up but the thing that was coming from the sky came down so fast that she didn't see what it was. It knocked harumi out cold and another portal was already opposite where she was. So she fell in along with the thing that hit her from the sky.

Hana still on her way home with her mother when time stopped

What the...said Hana

A gust of wind took her away and threw her into a portal as well. 

Itoh unaware what was about to happen was on his way home. The strangest thing that he thought was about hearing these things called digimon monsters he's thoughts got snapped by a tiny voice

Help me! Get this thing off from me!

Itoh looked around and then saw a filter lid move a lot. He went to go and inspect by pulling it off then he also pulled off something cute. Their eyes met face to face with both of them blinking in shock. 

Um...thanks for the help..

You welcome I guess? Who are you anyway?

I'm chicchimon but I preferred to be called pennimon I am a digimon monster. why are you here?

I am looking for my human partner. I came from the digimon looking for help. I came through a digiportal over there.

Itoh looks and unbelievable as it may seem a portal was in a supply closet near the pool.

A blind a light happened and out from it came another digivice. 

Yay! So you are my partner!

Wait what? Digimon partner? Look chicchimon or whoever you are called I have things to do and siblings to look after!

Pretty please? Using a dog puppy eyes to change his mind.

Itoh thought I've always wanted to go out on an adventure so why not?

Ok you have a deal let's go. 

Yuuko the second to last of the pack to go. Got back to her bedroom to carry on with her project she fixed in any remaining computer things took a deep breath and turned it on. It was a success! It worked!

As Izzy my favourite digimon character would say prodigious! It's alive!

As she was about to celebrate by playing it something happened the computer sucked Yuuko in it. 

Last but not the least. Sato was near home when out from nowhere a digiportal appeared before him. Out from it was a digimon that looked very familiar. 

You...said Sato Your the one who kidnapped my sister where is she?! Sato took out his sword charge towards and began fighting the monster.

This time around it was weak. What do weak monsters do? That monster ran back into the portal. 

Don't you dare run away from me you coward!

With Sato running closely behind it. 

Some have met their digimon some have not, that's it for now until then look out for chapter 2! ^-^

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05-25-15 02:21 PM
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Eniitan : Okay that was wayy better than I expected, This first chapter was super exciting  and I loved everyone's characters and how you portrayed them all. I wish you luck on the next chapter but I think I'll read this again because I loved it so much.

Gamin'Gal : You really need to stop summon failing :/ 
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05-26-15 03:29 PM
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The Digigestend Explore The Digimon World Chapter 2

Now where we left off was that everyone except Ame has entered the digimon world. Ame will catch up with them later on the first person to enter was Saki. 


She screamed out while falling from the sky. She landed on the trees, then the ground onto her bottom. 

Ouch, ouch, ouch!! That hurts! Whoever knocked me out is going to pay big time! said Saki while rubbing her head. 

Then she took a notice, and saw that she was not at camp anymore. 

Ok...She said looking around This isn't funny. Now where in the world am I?

Saki saw lots of trees and grasses of where she was. She knew most of the time where she was. But this really got her to think. Then she heard loud noise coming her way so she decided to hide in the bushes. Saki saw some monsters but, they didn't see her.

Saki whispered to herself I need answers as of what is going on around here!

So...said a voice beside her What are we hiding from?

Without trying to scream. Saki cracked turned her head slowly to face who was talking to her, and it was a monster! 


Her mouth got covered in an instant. 

Shhh! Or they will find us! You want to know why you are here right?

Saki nodded her head. 

Fine. Please follow me and try not to make any noises ok?

Saki did so by following this monster to a safe place.

Ok...we are now safe.

Safe? Asked Saki Safe from what?!

Those monsters you saw were out to kill humans. Somehow they found out about something only the good monsters know.

Like? Asked Saki. 

Before I can answer that particular question. I need to tell you something. 

Which is?

Since new evil took over our world. We heard rumours of 7 young kids called the digigestend will arrive here. It's seems you are one of them. 

Uh....wait hold on. Me a digigestend? You've got to be kidding me!

Nope it's true. What you see before you is all real. Touch me if you still don't believe. What we are called are digimon. Digital monsters. You are in the digital world or for short digimon world. 

But...why did I get picked to come to this unusual world?

Who knows....also I am looking for my human partner I was told. I'm glad. So that I can help beat the evil down! 

I see...said Saki

Hey I think I can hear noises over there!

Crap. Time to leave!

The monster took Saki by the hand ran with her. 

also my name is Elecmon!

They ran as fast as they could then Saki tripped up. 

Oh no! Said Electmon stopping for her.

The other monsters caught up and went on to kill Saki!

Ah help me! She cried out. 

Elecmon had a sudden urgency to protect Saki. So he came dashing in. 

Leave her alone! Super thunder strike!

A massive thunder attacked both of the digimon that was about to kill Saki!

Wow...thanks. Saki said as Elecmon helped her off the ground. 

Your welcome. 

By the name is Saki Nimoto it is very nice to meet you. she said this while shaking his hand. 

Suddenly another light happened and out appeared one digivice. 

No way....Elecmon said Your my partner!

Well I am glad that you are my digimon partner. I feel safe with you!

Aww shucks...your welcome again. Elecmon said while blushing out of embarrassment.

Well...what do we do now? Asked Saki. 

We need to find the others! Let's go before anything surprising happens.

So Saki and elecmon left to go and find the other digigestend. Next to fall was Hana. 


She said while falling. Hana was going to directly fall onto the ground

I'm going to die!!!

Someone said Poison ivy!

This ivy move caught Hana from the sky, and landed her safety onto the ground. 

Uh....said Hana but in a dizzy state. Then she shook her head to snap back into focus.

Where am I? Wait a second this place looks familiar...

Why your in the digimon world. said someone behind her. 

Hana turned to see and her eyes widened. 

No way...your...your.....Said hana gradually pointing her finger Your Palmon!

Indeed I am. 

Are you mimis digimon?

Mimi? Who is Mimi?

Well...She is one of the old digigestend and I am a huge fan of her and sora as well!

Hmm...I haven't met her before. So I am a different Palmon compare to the one that she has. 

Aww...said Hana getting sad. 

Besides I have been waiting for you for a long time now.

Been waiting for me? That could only mean one thing...that I was chosen to be a digigestend?


Then that means you are my digimon partner...


But where is my digivice then?

Not sure. You should have it by now. Check in your pocket or something. 

Hana did that, and out came her digivice.

What's wrong with the digimon world now? I thought that the previous digigestend saved it?

Yes they did but...some years later something else happened we were not warned. 

So it's up to the new ones huh?

Yes, but we must hurry and find the others!

Right let's go! By the way my name is Hana Fuyuka! Said Hana. 

They both dashed off into the jungle. 

Next person to enter was Itoh and with his digimon. 

So...this is the digimon world huh?

Yes. But, we must hurry and find everyone! Also what's your name?

My name is Itoh Hamasaki let's go!

Itoh began to run

Harumi fell out from the digiportal and regain unconsciousness 

What the...were am I?

Then something came out of the portal after Harumi, and hit her on the back. Harumi turned around to see. 

Ow ow! Said the thing that Harumi was looking at. looks so cute. said Harumi. 

She went to go and pick up the little cute thing. 

Are you ok?

Your...your not afraid of me?

Why no. Who should be afraid with something as cute as you?

Why thank you my name is Yokomon. I was the one who brought you here...I understand if you are mad at me..

Mad? Why should I be mad at you? Well to be honest I needed to get away from my parent's anyway.

Why? Asked Yokomon. 

Because they never understand me! I wish they just do! Its been this way for years...all we ever do is fight and nothing else...

Did you ever try asking why they do what they do?

This got Harumi to think, but then changed the subject. 

My name is Harumi Akiyama. 

That's a lovely name...

Then a light appeared and a digivice came from it. 

Hey...that means you are my human partner!

Say wha?

I was looking for my human partner, and I ran into you!

I don't understand....

When we get to the others all will be explained! Let's hurry!

Uh...ok then?

Then Yokomon ran off with Harumi following close behind. 

Yuuko was next in. 

The digiportal was on a grass so she came in so fast that it burnt her bottom. 

Way to go by warning me of the trip! Yuuko sarcastically said while rubbing her bottom.

Hold the phone...She fixed her glasses to see where she was. 

By golly...I made it into the digimon world?! But how?!

You were sent here that's why. Said someone. 

Yuuko turned around And said. 

Wha...your a digimon! Am I really in the digimon world correct?

Yes you are. 

I'm not dreaming now am I?!


Yuuko pinched herself harder. 

Wow this is going to be sooo prodigious! I will be able to analyse more species here than izzy ever could!

Uh...that's nice. he said to her What a weirdo. I'm not liking her so far.... if she is my human partner I'll go crazy...he thought. By the way my name is Xiaomon. 

That's a pretty cool name. My name is Yuuko Kurami. Is it possible that you are my digimon partner? Also do you have any Internet access around here? If Izzy was able to do so by finding it. Then so should I. 

Dunno I may be. Also I am not so smart on those things. So I don't really know. 

Then a bright flash happened

I think my digivice has just answered that question. Also don't worry not all people are a geek like me!

Ok let's go and find the others!

Wait! My laptop tech... how am I able to assess anything here?! Said Yuuko

It was like as if the digiportal heard what she said, and out came her bag and everything that she needed. 

Wonderful. said Yuuko catching her bag and putting it on. 

Yuuko picked Xiaomon and went to looking for the others. 

Lastly Sato came through. 

Grrr where did that monster go?!

He looked around and couldn't find anything but, Trees rocks and bushes

No......I have just missed my ticket of finding my long lost sister! Crap!

He slammed his fists onto the ground then he noticed where he was. 

Ok now where the heck am I?

Your in the digimon world of course silly!

Who said that?

I did! 

A monster came out.

Ok...can this day get any weirder?

Nope it's normal for us, but boy your reaction is funny!

Haha, haha, haha, very funny. Little miss. Would you be so kind as of to tell me what is going on?



Try to catch me, and maybe I'll tell you!

The monster ran off. 

Hey...hey! Wait!

And Sato had no choice but to run after her.

While that is happening let's find out how close our digigestend are to finding each other shall we?

Hana groans. 

How long is it going to take to find them it's been hours!

Hush! Palmon said silencing her. I can hear noises quickly into the bushes!

They did so and funny thing it was Itoh and his digimon. Hana tilt her head and came out of the bushes. 

No Hana come back! Palmon whispered to her. 

It's ok I know this person. 

Itoh? Hana said out. 

No way...Hana is that you?

Yeah it's quite funny how I can run into you like this...and that must be your digimon partner right?

No way how did you know?!

Let's just say I am a digimon fan and know a lot of things of it lol. Palmon you can come out now. 

Hi! Nice to meet you Hana. said Chicchimon. 

Aww...he's so cute!

Thanks....Said Itoh. 

Guys this is Palmon my partner digimon. 

Nice to meet you guys. said Palmon. 

Ok since the introductions are done. Shouldn't we be carrying on looking for the rest of the digigestends? Asked Itoh. 

Your right let's move quickly, but swiftly. said Palmon Its gotten quite dangerous around in the digital world...

So they all walked on procceding woth caution. The next people to meet will be Saki and Harumi. long will the search take Elecmon? Asked Saki. 

Not sure Saki. Wait is it me or do I feel, that I can sense someone else here as well?

Saki said Go and lure them out!

Sure! Lightning knife!

Ah! Said the person coming out.

State who you are right now! Or I'll get my digimon to attack you again!

Fine, fine! My name is Harumi Akiyama this is Yokomon! We are both looking for the other digigestend!

Oh...said Saki We are one of them..sorry for attacking you like that. Digimon has been attacking me and my partner it's hard to know who you can trust. 

Well we accept your apology right Yokomon?

Yokomon scoffs at how Harumi forgave them so quickly. 

Well anyways. My name is Saki Nimoto and my partner's name is Elecmon. 

Hi there and again sorry for attacking you...Elecmon said while scratching the back of his head. It seems like your partner is still upset with us. said Elecmon. 

Oh that's ok. She'll get over it real soon. We should get going and find the others.

And with that they left to go looking for the other digigestends as well. I wonder what will happen in Chapter 3? That's it for now guys until then look out for the next chapter. ^^

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Eniitan : I only read the prologue and first chapter, but my favorite character so far is Yuuko, because she kinda reminds me of myself in ways (only I'm a few notches down the genius-tier). But yeah, you have to pry me away from my computer to get me to eat when I'm in the zone.
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The Digigestend Finally Meet Up And Have Their First Fight Against An Evil Digimon! Chapter 3 

Let's take the story back to the human world now shall we? Where Ame has not entered the digimon world as of yet. 

Gazimon when can I meet you properly?

You can do that now I've seen other humans in the digimon world so there is hope to save it!

How do I get there?

Hold up your digivice in front of your computer. 

Ame did so and the thing that normally happens in digimon adventure 2 happened her digivice activated and she got sucked into her computer before she knew it she was in the digimon world. 

Ugh....I feel as if I just went through a washing machine...Gazimon where are you?!

Right over here Ame. 

He came out from somewhere. 

Your real! Your real! Ame said this happily she went to go and hug him. 

Haha it's good to see you in person Ame. Welcome to the digimon world. Said Gazimon 

This is the digimon world? Your world? Asked Ame taking a look around.

Yes. But, we need to find the others remember what I told you?

Yeah let's go!

Oh another thing. Just call me Gazi from now on ok? Because it sounds better.

Sure! Said Ame. 

Both of them left in a hurry.

Sato who we kinda left off with was getting tired if the digimon hide and seek games

I don't have time for your games! I just want to find my sister...

Sato exhausted went to go and sit somewhere to rest and hung his head low in sadness. The digimon that was hiding from him came out. 

I'm sorry...I should be more serious now I just wanted to have fun but...I went overboard with it....

You sure did. said Sato raising his head back up. Now you owe me an explanation and you know that. name is Lunamon. 


I am a digimon, and you. You are in the digital world.

And? Asked Sato. 

And....said Lunamon. 

Lunamon told Sato everything. 

Ok I think I understand what you mean now. One question who is your partner?

That's the thing. I was searching until I ran into you. I got so excited that I forgot the important things, that I was meant to be doing.

Figures. How about I keep you company until you find your partner?

Oh you will?! Thank you!

Yeah, yeah...your welcome and the name is Sato.

Well Sato let's hurry along now!

Okay. he said while following her

Meanwhile with Hana Fuyuka's crew. They were still looking for the others.

Again...this search is going to take forever!

Quit complaining Hana. said Palmon. 

Remember guys. Be ready for anything, that will come our way...said Itoh. 

Yeah! I'll be ready for battle! Said Chicchimon. 

Then suddenly a fireball came out from nowhere!

Gee oww!! That was close! said Hana dodging the fireball. 

Hana could had gotten killed who did that?! Asked Itoh in worry. 

Uh...guys? I think we are about to find out...said Palmon pointing. 

Oh no that's Tyrannomon! Watch out for his fireballs because it can toast you real good! Also watch out for his slash claw move it can shred you to pieces like potato chips and it is as sharp as a paper! Said Chicchimon warning them.

Aww crap guys your going to have to fight! Said Hana. 

But...what about the others?! Said Itoh freaking out.

We can lure them all here that's the plan! Said Hana Chicchimon and Palmon you guys are going to have to fight until help shows up!

Look out he's going to attack again! Said Chicchimon. 

Slash claw! Said Tyrannomon. 

Everyone dodged again. Tyrannomon used Dino kick. 

Oh no its going for Itoh! Said Palmon. 

Ah! Itoh cried out. 

I need to help Itoh time to digivolve! Chicchimon digivolve to penguinmon!

Penguinmon used his slide attack to trip up Tyrannomon!

Wow! Way to go Um...Penguinmon I guess now? Said Itoh. 

It's not over yet! Make sure you and Hana stay safe and out of the way! Said Penguinmon. 

Poison ivy! Said Palmon who was trying to keep Tyrannomon on the ground, and on hold. Ack! This move won't hold him for long if the other digigestend are here they better move it fast to help us! Said Palmon while struggling.

Did you say help? Said someone. 

Everyone looked. 

Hey guys! Said Ame. 

Wow! Ame and gazimon were the first to meet up with them!

Ame commanded Gazi go and help the others I'll go and address us to those people!

Sure no problemo! Said gazimon dashing towards the battlefield.

Paralyze breath! Said gazimon That should hold him for a few mins!

Ame went to go and join Hana and Itoh.

Hi there. My name is Ame Sagare and judging from the looks of it you guys are both the new digigestends right? Said Ame

We sure are! Thanks for finding us in a nick of a time! Ame have you seen any other people like us yet? Asked Hana. 

Not yet...but with the way things are going I am sure we will see them soon. By the way what are your names?

My name is Hana Fuyuka. My digimon partner is Palmon over there the one in green. And this guy here is called Itoh Hamasaki!

It's nice to meet you my digimons name is Penguinmon who is also fighting as well. Said Itoh

Not so far from them was Saki's crew. 

Woah guys did you see that?! Asked Saki. 

We did. I think we should go to that direction. Maybe some of the digigestends are there. Said Harumi. 

Rightyo let's go then! Said Elecmon. 

Yuuko and Xiaomon also saw the fireball.

Yuuko...what are you thinking? Asked Xiaomon

We need to head where the fireball happened!

So she took off heading to that direction.

Sato and Lunamon were the last to see it. 

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Asked Sato

I sure do let's get over there!

Gazimons move started to wear off. And then Tyrannomon shook Palmon and Penguinmon off from him. 

Ah! They both said and fell onto the ground

Oh no! Palmon are you ok?! Asked Hana worriedly. 

Yeah...I'm ok don't worry it's just a scratch. Said Palmon getting back up. 

Penguinmon can you stand?! Asked Itoh.

I'm sure I can. It will take more than that to bring me down.

Come on guys let's attack him again! Said Gazimon

But he's far too powerful! Said Palmon we need more than 3 digimon!

Super thunder strike! Said one voice

Flower bubbles! Said another.

these moves distracted Tyrannomon.

Hey guys! Sorry for being late to the party! Said Saki. 

Everyone looked over. 

Hey there's 2 more digigestends finally! Said Hana. 

Indeed I've never felt happy! Because we were not standing a chance! Said Itoh. 

It's a good thing we got here before you guys got BBQ lol. Said Harumi. 

But Tyrannomon wasn't done yet. 

Wild buster! It said

That move makes him ram into his enemies with heavy damage. And this move was going for Harumi! 

He's going for Harumi! Harumi move out of the way! Said saki

EEK! Said Harumi shaking in fear. 

Due to his foot stomps she was finding it hard to escape!

Harumi needs help I need to do something! Said Yokomon. Yokomon digivolve to Biyomon!

Hold on Harumi I'm coming! Said Biyomon flying towards her. 

Biyomon got up close to Tyrannomon in the air and said

Don't you think of hurting Harumi! Spiral twister!

This made Tyrannomon to divert somewhere else. Biyomon went over to harumi so quickly. 

Oh Harumi are you ok?! I was so worried about you!

I am now thanks to you...thank you Biyomon. said Harumi smiling at her.

They both hugged. 

That's great biyomon, but could you get back to helping us beat Tyrannomon?! Said gazimon while fighting.

I'm coming! Now Harumi stay safe and out of the way with. So that you don't get harmed again! Go and stay with the rest of the others ok?!

Ok! Said Harumi moving to where the others are. 

We need 2 more digimon for help our attacks are not powerful enough! Said Elecmon


Tear shot!

Is that who I think that is?...Said Hana turned to look. 

What's up guys?! Said Xiaomon. 

It's a pleasure to meet you all. Now let's do our best to defeat Tyrannomon! Said Yuuko.

Yo. said Sato. 

Finally we are all here! Said Lunamon. 

Tyrannomon again went to try and hurt someone else his next target was Sato. 

Great he's coming for me next! Sato ran. 

But Tyrannomon came up close. 

Oh no Sato is going to get injured! Said Lunamon

She quickly did another attack. 

Leave him alone you bully! Lop-ear claw!

This move that she used makes her spin many times with her ears. Which generates a vortex of bubbles, that traps any enemies inside it.

Oh my Sato are you ok?! Said Lunamon who rushed to him. 

Yeah...but that did surprise me...thanks for saving me Lunamon. was nothing much. I just wanted to make sure that you didn't get hurt at all!

Then a light came inbetween them two.

Could it be?.... Sato that means that you are my human partner! Lunamon said this happily. 

That's good. said Sato smiling a bit.

Then Tyrannomon went for Yuuko!

This isn't cool! Said Yuuko running away in worry. 

No! Yuuko will get injured! And I will not allow that! Said Xiaomon Xiaomon digivolve to Labramon!

Retribark! Said Labramon. 

This move made one powerful bark echo making Tyrannomon fall down!

Wow...said Yuuko lost for words. 

Labramon ran up to her. 

Are you ok Yuuko?

Yeah I am thanks to your awesome move! Said Yuuko praising him       

Come on guys we need to finish Tyrannomon together! Let's all focus our attacks all in one! Said Palmon.

I'm good with that. said Elecmon. 

Yeah let's teach him a lesson! Said Biyomon. 

He will never know what hit him. Gazimon said this cockily. 

He's going down! Said Penguinmon. 

Labramon said This will teach him next time to take us on!

Get ready for what's coming to you! Said Lunamon. 

So all digimon attacked him at the same time. And this made Tyrannomon become data after the attack!

Yay we did it! Said Lunamon jumping up and down.

Now don't get too carried away Lunamon. Said Sato

Everyone celebrate! Said Gazimon starting to dance. 

Everyone gathered around to talk did more introduction's. 

Now what do we do? Asked Saki. 

Yeah we need a plan. said Sato. 

Also we need food and supplies...said Harumi. 

No need to worry about that I have my big bag. said Itoh. 

Woah...what do you carry in there? Asked Penguinmon. 

Badges, food etc. said Itoh. 

Wow you are so reliable Itoh. said Palmon. 

Thanks Palmon. So if anyone is hurt I'll treat it. Also we will need to find a house or something to stay in while we are in the digimon world. said Itoh

I think I know who the person to contact for help. said Yuuko. 

Izzy? Asked Hana. 

Nope. He comes second on the list. Hana do you remember how the old digigestend got help?

Hmm....wait... you mean Gennai?! Thee Gennai?!

Precisely. said Yuuko I just need to set up and connect. I doubt the old digigestend know what is going on since all of them are now on highschool. But with the laptop that I have. I could try to access, and reach to Izzy. 

It's going to be even more tough along the way you guys...said Elecmon.

Yeah no doubt. This is seriously dangerous...said Saki.

It's is far from over you guys this is just the beginning....said Hana.

Let's just pause on the chapter. The digigestend have defeated their first evil digimon! I wonder what is going to happen in chapter 4? ^-^

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Eniitan : Okay I think we all know that Yuu-chan did all the work 3 (jk) But reading this chapter and that link brought back soo many great memories so thank you much for writing this! Also I forgot but there is a feature where if you defeat a certain digimon a few times and collect enough data you can materialize it or make your own stronger weird right? Can't wait to see Gennai again though.

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Hey guys....sorry no chapter today um...because I am going through a few things. but by tomorrow chapter 4 will be up also chapter 5 as well. its been a rule if I miss one chapter the next day I put up two.
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Starting On Their Quest To Find Gennai Also Stopping For A Place To Sleep At Night Chapter 4

Wow...can you believe this Yuuko?! Imagine we will be able to meet the old digigestend! Does that mean we will see other old friends of theirs as well? Asked Hana.

It might be possible if we do Hana. It will be truly an honor meeting Izzy. Because I am his number 1 fan! He could teach me a thing or a 2! Said Yuuko.

Wow you guy's...are impossible. said Sato Why fangirl over it?

For your information Sato. I've been a digimon fan since when I have been young! Come on. You should at least known what happened in Tokyo when digimon raided the area! Said Hana.

Nope wasn't there at the time, so I don't really know. What's so great about it anyway? Said Sato.

Sato! Don't go picking a fight and also you are being very rude! Said Lunamon snapping at him.

Fine I'll keep quiet. Said Sato. about drama...said Saki.

What was that little girl? Sato asked while glaring at her.

Uh....nothing! Said Saki keeping quiet.

Have you always been this uptight Sato? Asked Harumi.

Even if I am it doesn't concern you. said Sato. about being a jerk...Harumi said this in thought.

With the way that he is going, he's not going to make some new friends...I feel sorry for him. Hana said this I'm thought.

So Yuuko were are we headed? Asked Saki.

Hmm...I think we shall go to the factory where Izzy got his first power source for his Internet.

How far was it again? Asked Hana.

Can't remember. But, I think we shouldn't be too far from it. said Yuuko.

Well we can't really complain much right? Asked Saki.

If this is how the digigestends did it before. Then I believe we can also do the same. said Harumi.

Yep. said Itoh agreeing with her.

This is some long trip...said Elecmon.

Well Elecmon think about it. Its fun this way! Right Ame? said Gazimon.

Yep this sure is fun! said Ame joggling along.

It looks like it's starting to get dark. We need to find a place to rest for the night. said Penguinmon.

Hey I think I can see something over there! Said Biyomon,

Everyone ran to the direction.

How....said Harumi.

Is...said Saki.

It possible....Said Itoh.

For a large house. said Sato

To appear out from nowhere?! Said Ame.

Everyone except for Hana and Yuuko were dumbfounded.

It's the digimon world guys anything can happen right Yuuko? Said Hana

Yep indeed. Right you are. said Yuuko.

We rest up for now tomorrow. Then we continue our search for the factory. Said Hana.

Everyone did so by going into the house finding something to eat then sleep. Instead of going to the morning quickly. Let's have the characters have a heart to heart talk with their digimon first up is Hana and Palmon.

Hey...what are you thinking of Hana? Asked Palmon.

Lots if things Palmon.

Do you think that it will help if you talk about it?

Sure. I don't see why not. Is it wrong to be too cheerful?

I'm not so sure what you mean.

Come on Palmon please be honest with me. said Hana.

There's nothing wrong about that, I like how the way you are. Even though you complain at times. Your cheerfulness lights up the atmosphere around people.

Yeah but...thinking of Sato it seems that he has been going through a lot of things to make him act how he is. I hope one day that he can open up to us saying why....said Hana.

Yeah...said Palmon.

Next up Yuuko and Labramon.

I am sleeping in the digital world...this is just amazing.

Hey Yuuko do you think that I could ask you some questions please?

Go ahead.

Have you always been this geeky?

Yeah...I wasn't as much when I was young but learning what Izzy did here really inspired me in so many ways... Both of my parent's are scientists and...


I never got to make any friends because we moved a'm a lonely person..

Labramon is rethinking of what he said before.

I'm sorry....He said.

Sorry? What are you sorry for? Asked yuuko

I said some really mean things about you in my head when we first met. Like your a weirdo, and how I didn't want to partner up with I understand you better Yuuko. I will take it to heart of what I say about you and be very honest.

That's ok...not a lot of people can stand me because I am this strange person...

Hey Yuuko?


Your not strange. I think you are pretty cool. Besides it's the first time that I seen you smile with the others. Its like you love their company, despite only just have met them not so long ago.


Yep. It's the honest truth.

Wow...thanks Labramon your the first to ever come out and say you enjoy my company....Said Yuuko.

Your welcome. Remember you are now not alone. said Labramon smiling.

Next up is Harumi and Biyomon.

Harumi? Asked Biyomon

Yes? it ok if I ask you more about your parents please?

Oh boy...thought Harumi Well it was going to be asked sooner or later...

Ok go ahead.

What problems do you have with them?

In the past...we had a good terms on talking. When I wanted to do something or go somewhere...they would say no. And that got me upset at times I felt like I was caged in my own house.and not being able to do what I want to do freely and happily...

I now understand what you mean...

In all honesty I don't hate my parent's at all. I just hope that one day we come to a mutual understanding on it....

I'm sure you will, I believe that. said Biyomon.

Thanks for asking Biyomon's making me to think about the past. I never did until I met you.

Your welcome, and I'll always be there for you Harumi no matter what.

Itoh and Penguinmon are next.

Hey Itoh? asked Penguinmon.


Do you think that we can like talk?

Sure what about?

Like...are you a responsible person or something?

Yep. I'm the second oldest of my siblings my big brother and my parent's are always away. So I have to be the one looking after them. To be honest this is the first time ever that I thought to do something for myself...I wonder how they are doing...

Don't worry Itoh. You will get back to them soon, but first you need to focus on your destiny now. Said Penguinmon.

Yeah...your probably right...I've never gone on an adventure before and always wanted I guess that my dreams came true then. I wonder how this will help me in life...

It will in a good way I promise you that. said Penguinmon.

Next up is Sato and Lunamon

Sato...what has gotten into you? Asked Lunamon.

I'm...sorry I let my anger and emotions get the best of me. Said Sato.

Well you will need to apologise to the others tomorrow especially Hana. Said Lunamon

Yeah I know. said Sato.

If you don't mind me asking. Is there something that is really upsetting you that you would like to talk about? Asked Lunamon.

I guess so...I've never had anyone to talk to about my problems. It's because I come from a rich family with no friends. And nobody wants to friend a rich guy like me.

I see...said Lunamon.

Also...a long long time ago I...I had a sister. My behaviour was rather pleasant back then. I was a friendly guy because of her....

What happened to her?...

She...we were playing. And all of a sudden a portal that brought me to this world appeared, and a digimon came out from it!

Wha..what else happened Sato?

It was unstable at first then it became started chasing after me and my sister! I did my best to protect her, but then he knocked me down to the ground, I fainted. By the time I woke up she was gone! Said Sato now in tears a bit.

Oh no.. Sato I didn't think that it was this you know what?


You need to tell everyone this...


Maybe they can help you. And if you are saying what you are saying of your past. Your sister may be in the digimon world...

She is?! Said Sato raising up from the bed quickly.

Yes. But I don't think she will be who she was when you were both young...


She could be evil now Sato...


But if you work together with the others. She might just be able to go back to who she once was.

Hey Lunamon?


Sato hugged Lunamon.

Ah...She said blushing wha..what did I do now?!

Nothing you...have just brought back the old me. I lost hope many years ago. I am not on good terms with my father because of this. When I get back I hope to settle the matter with him, so thank you Lunamon really thank you...I may just be able to make friends now.

Your welcome Sato! I am always happy to help, I love you a lot that's why.

You love me?

Yeah! I mean isn't that what friends are for? Consider this. I am your very first friend and you didn't notice until now.

Yeah. said Sato smiling properly for the first time in years.

Second to last ones are Saki and Elecmon.

Hey Saki. What kind of a kid are you anyway?

Well...I used to be a trouble maker that caused mischief's. That ended when I stepped into this world...I never got to have any friends because I was always causing trouble for everyone...but being here for a number of hours have taught me many things.

Yeah like what?

Be cautious of how you are around here. Since you may be the one yourself getting attacked by a huge digimon. It's now a taste of my own medicine. But I like it this way. I have met some really neat people in the group.

You don't say? Elecmon sarcastically said while pointing his tongue at her.

Hey! What was that for?

Nothing. Besides people at your age don't learn new things like this quickly so I am proud of you.

Aww...thanks Elecmon that really means a lot and does encourage me as well to do my very best!

Your welcome Saki that's all you can do try your best.

Last ones are Ame and Gazi

Hey Ame what do you think of the digmon world for now? asked Gazi.

I think its wonderful and fun! Except for the dangerous parts. I have come to enjoy the other company along this journey of ours.

You know...ever since I met you. You've have changed a bit. said Gazi.

Oh really? What parts of me have changed? she asked.

For starters. You are so much more happier, and you skip when you walk. That is something you never did before, because you were so afraid. While being here, you have becmone used to little dangers, and have grown some confidence within yourself.

I have? wow...thats so cool!

Indeed it is. I am so proud of you Ame keep it up.

So morning came and everyone was up had their breakfast before continuing on their journey to contact Gennai. But, first Sato has something to share with them.

Guys? Said Sato.

Everyone was listening.

I...I need to apologize for my actions yesterday. He said.

Why?... Asked Hana.

I was being a jerk to you all. Because I was still blinded of my past which I will tell now. So you see...

Blah blah blah blah....

So...that's why...said Yuuko

I really am sorry and to you Hana it was wrong...

It's ok. Everyone makes mistakes now we know each other a little more better. I will watch your back from now on.

Really you will?

Yeah I will. I know we have just met, but I do hope to be a close friend of yours one day. said Hana smiling at him.

He was blushing hard and he turned around.

Um...was it something I said? said Hana blinking innocently

Don't worry Hana. He's just felt the feels in the stomach so that he can not handle lol. said Itoh laughing.

Shut up Itoh! Said Sato still not looking as he felt embarrassed.

Everyone laughed.

Ok back to business Hana what's the plan? Considering we have 2 tasks now. said Yuuko.

We continue onto the factory first. said Hana.

Okie dokie. You heard her guys, so let's move on out! Said Yuuko.

Oh yay another long journey...Elecmon sarcastically said.

The Gang Contacts Gennai And Izzy. Palmon Digivolves To Togamon And Biyomon Digivolves To Birdramon Chapter 5

So the digigestends still on their way spotted something in the distance.

Hey guys I think that's the factory up ahead! Said Saki.

Finally...said Elecmon.

Now we will be able to contact with Gennai! Said Hana.

Precisely. said Yuuko.

Well what are we waiting for? Let's hurry! Said Gazimon.

Everyone ran down the hill and into the factory. Yuuko waste no time to find the power room to connect her laptop in. She set up to analyse everything that has happened so far, and got on a quick dial to Gennai

Hello? He said.

Gennai! Said Yuuko. I know you kids? He asked.

No sir, but we need your help it's urgent! Said Hana

Yuuko explained everything.

Wow...He said We cannot waste time Yuuko, I am going to give your laptop extra power source then you can contact Izzy with no problems.

Gennai's connection started to fade.

Oh dear this power cut....said Hana.

Whatever you do contact Izzy when you can. Also be careful kiddddssss

It cut off.

Ok....said Yuuko We need to contact Izzy!

Then suddenly there was huge noises outside the factory!

Aw man...guys prepare for battle! Said Hana.

Everyone ran outside to see what the problem was. 

Oh no....that's Mojyamon with his brother j Mojyamon! I have heard rumours about them! They both have combo attacks that can really hurt your enemies! Said Biyomon.

Well time to fight guys! Said Palmon.

They did so, but it didn't turn out well the digimon were not powerful enough. Mojyamon used his bone boomerang, and it was going for Hana!

Oh no Hana run! Shouted Sato. 

She ran but the boomerang caught her and the attack injured her.

Ah! she yelped in pain.

Everyone gasped in horror.

No! I didn't protect her! Said Palmon.

Sato ran to see if she was ok. She had fainted so he took it upon himself to protect her himself.

Lunamon! Guard both of us ok?! He said while holding Hana close to him.

Right! Heard you loud and clear! Said Lunamon still fighting.

That's it! Said Palmon screaming.

Everyone looked at her. 

How dare you hurt Hana! Your going to pay big time Mojyamon! Palmon digivolve to Togamon!

Woah...said Saki. 

She looks more powerful now...said Yuuko

Lets kick it up from digimon starts to play.

Hana began to wake up.

Mmm...She said

Hana are you awake?! Asked Sato

What...what happened to me?

Mojyamon hit you with his bone boomerang, and you fainted. So...I took it upon myself to look after you. Said Sato


Your welcome. he said hiding a hint of blush.

What happened to Palmon?

She digivolved to Togamon

Due to me getting hit?


Needle spray! Said Togamon

One Mojyamon turned into data!

Light speed jabbing! Said Togamon

And that also killed the other Mojyamon. 

end of music

Togamon digivolve back to palmon. Palmon ran to Hana Sato moved out of the way

Hana! She Screamed and tackle hug her Are you ok? How are your injuries?

I'm not so sure lemme try to get up...

Hana did so and fell down, but palmon caught her. 

Itoh! Palmon called for him.

I'm coming!

Itoh began treatment for Hana on her legs.

Well the sad part is that she can't walk for now...

I'll carry her. said Sato

Huh? Said everyone

Um...are you sure Sato? I don't want to be a bother to you.

It will be fine. said Sato going to carry her bridal style.

Hey don't you think that there is something going on here....said Harumi who whispered to Saki. 

Yeah..she whispered back I smell something going on between those two.

Ok where to next? Asked Elecmon

Hey...I have an idea. said Yuuko We can try locating the old digigestend digimon for help!

True I should have thought about that first. Said Hana but...they could be anywhere in the digimon world...

I know Hana if we do that...or..lemme contact Izzy now then he can inform them to meet us that way is better. Said Yuuko

In earth Tokyo highschool the old digigestend are having their lunch. 

Say Matt....asked Tai. 

What is it?

I miss Agumon...

I know Tai we all miss our digimon. There is nothing you can do about it. said Matt. 

Meanwhile in the computer room. Izzy as usual would be doing some research on the computer. Until he came across of a sudden email from the digimon world!

Please come to the digimon world we need your help...He said as he read it

He ran out of the room to find Tai and Matt

Guys! I've just received an urgent email from someone who needs our help in the digimon world!

Wha...really?! Said Matt

We need to contact the others let's go! Said Tai.

Ok with that done I will send a message back. said Izzy. 

Meanwhile back in the digimon world.

Hey guys! Izzy replied back! He said he and the others will be on there way! Yuuko said this happily

Finally! Said Ame

A loud boom noise shook the digigestends Sato made sure to keep in balance as he was still holding Hana.

Sato get Hana away from here so that she doesn't get harmed again! Said Palmon

Right! He said as he ran off.

Its unimon this time watch out for his aerial attack! Said Labramon

Aerial attack! Said Unimon

Ah! Said everyone trying to dodge the attacks.

One was going directly for Harumi.

Harumi run!!!! Shouted Ame

Oh no Harumi is going to get hurt! I'm not going to allow that to happen! Biyomon digivolve to Birdramon!

Wow check out Birdramon! Said Ame. 

I'm Going digital song starts to play*

Meteor wing! Said Birdramon deflecting the attack that was going to harm Harumi. 

Wow thanks Birdramon now go and kick some butt! Said Harumi moving to a safer place.

Aerial gallop said Unimon going for Birdramon. She dodged it

Meteor wing! She said again

Unimon dodged it again and took off to the air Birdramon did so as well. Unimon tried to trap her in the air but, then made Unimon to crash into hill wall then Birdramon used her meteor move again and killed Unimon.

Ends the song

Phew....said Saki

Birdramon digivolved back to Biyomon. 

Sato came back out from a hiding place with Hana. 

Boy...can this day get more dangerous?! Asked Ame. 

Nothing really surprises me anymore. We better press on. said Yuuko. 

Not knowing the digigestends were being watched by someone....

Wow how did you like this chapter you guys? Also who is watching them? Look out for the next chapter ^-^

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Eniitan : Yo Sato you wanna fight me bruh I'm bash you up with mah laptop dog! 

This chapter was really heartwarming especially the convos between the Destineds and their partners it was really cute.

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Guys we should favourite this since Summons aren't exactly working nicely with Enii
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deg2000 : Thanks lol. I have been working on this for 2 and half hours straight. It wasn't really pleasing to see all of my summon fail as that rarely happens....
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Hi Enii! Sorry I haven't replied on any of your chapters recently; I've had a terribly busy (and just plain terrible) past two weeks. But enough about me! Let's talk about your chapters.

I am not too familiar with Digimon. I believe I've told you my extent of exposure to it was watching it years ago on Saturday morning cartoons. Still, I quite enjoyed this. I feel really bad for Sato, though. The gang looks like it's full of interesting characters, and I can't wait to see what they're doing next! Keep them coming, please.
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Hey guys. I am so so sorry about the delay. Things have become really busy for me now, but I will try and get chapters up when I it is chapter 5. Please enjoy.

The Old Digigestend Can Not Enter The Digital World As Of Yet An Old Enemy Shows Himself. Chapter 5

So the digigestends made there way off to somewhere not sure where though.

So Yuuko what now? Asked Labramon.

To be honest I am out of ideas for now. All we can do is wait. said Yuuko.

Sato took a look at Hana, and she was sleeping.

I don't like cute things but your an exception...dang what am I saying! He thought to himself.

Hana shifted lightly and he started to blushing again.

Hey. How are you holding up Sato? It seems you really enjoy carrying Hana. Itoh said while teasing him

Hana and Sato sitting in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Sang saki.

Shut up Saki!!! Sato yelled at her. And making his face to go really red.

She started to laugh like mutty something like this

This woke hana up.

Um...where are we? she asked. 

Sato replied back saying Well not sure as of yet we have just been walking sorry if I woke you up.

That's ok. she said back smiling.

Gazimon snickered Check out the love birds, and poor Hana doesn't know.

Sato do you think that you can put me down now please? I feel as if I have got my strength back. Said Hana

Oh ok. Sure.

Sato let Hana walk.

Thanks for carrying me when my legs got injured. Your not a so uptight anymore.

Yeah...I guess things have changed a little. he said But, that is a good thing.

Hey...whats that? Asked Saki.

Looks like some sort of a tunnel...said Itoh.

Let's go in. It may be a short cut. said Harumi.

Hana and Yuuko both began to shiver.

What's wrong Hana? Asked Ame.

Let's take another route round...said Hana. 

Why? It's like boiling hot out here! Said Saki complaining.

What are you both so afraid of? Asked Gazimon.

Fine...we will take that route. said Yuuko.

Everyone entered, and so it seemed to be a sewer.

Wow...this could go on for miles...said Elecmon.

Ok guys let's get moving. said Hana.

Everyone moved quickly to find an exit. When suddenly Hana stopped.

What's wrong Hana? Asked Sato who was worried. Is it your legs?

No...I'm home sick...I miss home...Said Hana starting to cry a bit.

I'm not surprised...said Palmon.

Sato what do you miss about your home? Asked Palmon.

Hmm....I miss painting or training with my sword...

What about you Yuuko?

Well...I miss my computer stuff..

How about you Saki?

Causing mischief' was really fun..

What about you Itoh?

Studying, looking after my siblings and writing...


I miss my thinking time, when my room was so peaceful and quiet..

And lastly Harumi?

Going out to the park, and looking at beautiful flowers...

Wow. said Palmon They are really depressed.

It is true that they all come from another world...said Lunamon.

Shh! Hey guys do you hear that? Said Biyomon

They all began to hear distant noise coming towards them.

Oh no...I hope it is not what I think it is...said Hana freezing and shivering on her standing spot. How could they find us already?!

Who? Asked Harumi.

It is best if we take our leave now...said Yuuko not wanting them to know.

Oh...I forgot how Yuuko and Hana are both digimon fans...Numemon live here...said Palmon How could I forget about that?!

Numemon? Who are they? asked Ame getting worried of the topic on them.

Looks like they are coming closer! Said Lunamon.

There is so many of them run!!!!!! Screamed Hana.

Numemon are a disgusting digimon that smell, and have really bad breath! Said Yuuko We tried to warn you about them!

Why are we running away! Why can't we just fight them?! Harumi asked while running. 

You will find out why just run! Shouted Hana.

The Numemon started to throw Nume-Sludge at them.

Eww! That horrendous smell! Said Harumi trying not to throw up any vomit.

Sato spotted another path not too far.

Hey guys let's go through here! Said Sato.

Everyone followed and saw some light.

Hey that's the way out! Said Labramon.

Quickly guys they are catching up! Said Yuuko looking behind them as they were running.

Everyone ran until they all got to outside. The Numemon stopped, because the light is what they hate. So they all crawled back into the sewer.

Phew...that was close...said Hana.

I never want to step into another sewer again.... said Ame.

Ok now what? Asked Saki. 

With that happening. The old digigestend were having a hard time getting back to the digital world.

Now what do we do? Asked Tai.

Contact Gennai to see if he can help us again. Until then. We have to wait unfortunately. Said Izzy. 

Back in the digimon world the digigestends were getting hungry.

Ugh....I am so hungry...Itoh do you have anything in that bag of yours? Asked Saki.

Sadly not proper food...said Itoh.

There has got to be like a restaurant around here somewhere...said Harumi.

Hmm.... Lemme see if my computer can help us. said Yuuko.

She started to analyze on her computer for a nearby food place.

Ok. According to the map that I have here. A restaurant shouldn't be too far.

Yippee! Said Saki jumping up and down.

They all walked until they got to a restaurant they ate and left. Until they got stopped in their tracks Hana and Yuuko couldn't believe who they were seeing before them. The others noticed this.

No way....but how are you alive?! The old digigestend killed you! Said Hana in shock.

Yeah I saw it too! How can it be possible?! Said Yuuko not wanting to believe.

Etemon said Let's just say I got reinstated here by a helpful friend. It's time to dish out my funky funk music of darkness to get rid of y'all new digigestends!

Oh my word....Etemon is back?! But how? Any digimon fan remember this old villain guy? The only way to find out and that is to wait for the next chapter!

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Ok. This is getting really stupid now.

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Yaaay Etemon! And I loved the link to Mutty's laugh in this chapter. It was hilarious and really made the scene even funnier in my mind. Poor Sato is so obvilious to his own feelings. I can't believe Hana hasn't caught on yet. Great chapter as always, Enii.
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Etemon's Re Comeback Tour And Labramon Digivolves To Siesamon Chapter 6

You....How did you find us?! Explain your self right now! Also who is the jerk digimon that revived you?! Demanded Hana.

Hey....calm down Hana....said Sato worried of her burst of upsetness.

I won't Sato!

Sato flinched slightly.

He...he's an evil digimon! she said again shouting.

That correct you are on. And also sweet heart, that's for me to know and for y'all to wonder! Said Etemon grinning evilly.

Your going down Etemon! And this time we are going to make sure that you stay dead! Yelled Yuuko.

Guys who is this digimon? Asked Saki who was worried.

Well Saki. Anyone who has seen digimon or been in it should know! But you guys never watched it. So I will explain...his name is Etemon a puppet digimon. And one of the very first toughest villain in season 1, who fought the old digigestend! Said Hana while posting at Etemon.

Right you are sugar. Didn't anyone told you that it is rude to point? Time to stop this chitty chatter. Be prepared y'all. It's time to dance and groove! Said Etemon preparing to attack the digigestends.

I don't care Etemon! said Hana shouting at him.

Watch out he's going to attack with his guitar!! Yuuko warned them, and being the first one to dash out of the way.

Etemon brought out his newly powered up evil guitar.

Dark network! He said.

Guys move out of the way! Said Harumi who moved quickly before she got hit.

It's time to power up! Said Palmon Biyomon are you ready to digivolve?

Ready when you are! Said Biyomon.

Palmon digivolve to Togamon!

Biyomon digivolve to Birdramon!

Your going down music guy! Said Togamon.

Meteor wing! Said Biyomon.

Needle spray! Said Togamon.

Etemon said Sweet. It is time for y'all to hear some of my old tunes! Concert crush!

Etemon sang very bad due to his bad vocal cords. Togamon and Birdramon got damaged badly!

Ah! Make it stop! Said Ame covering her ears as tightly as she can.

Man that guy vocal cords stink! Said Saki also covering her ears.

His voice is so bad that I am struggling to cover my ears! Said Itoh.

Oh no! Togamon are you ok?! Asked Hana.

Yeah, I am fine ...He seems more powerful than he was in the past! Togamon.

How did he gain so much power? He was a weak as a newborn kitten before...Said Yuuko thinking.

Like I said kids. It's all thanks to my new friends! Said Etemon grinning evilly.

They need help! Said Harumi You guys try to fight him!

The other digimon tried doing so, but only to be damaged as well by his attacks.

I need a volunteer. How about you sweetheart? He said pointing to Yuuko. 

Oh no.....said Yuuko, she gulped and ran for her dear life.

And where do you think you are going? He asked.

Away from you!

Not while I am here ya won't. Dark solo attack!

Wow this move was going for Yuuko!

No she's going to get hurt! I must summon the strength to digivolve before that happens!

Labramon digivolve to Siesamon!

Time for some digimon music. I purposely did this in Japanese just for deg. enjoy!

And who are you supposed to be? asked Etemon. 

Your worst nightmare! Tiida Ija!
Said Siesamon. 

Ooh what is that move going to do? Etemon asked sarcastically.

Watch and see. said Siesamon smirking.

A quick air noises was heard from the sky! It looked like golden arrows were heading to where Etemon was standing!

What in the world is that? he asked while looking up.

Instead of moving he got badly damaged by Siesamons attack!

That should teach him a lesson. said Siesamon.

Come on guys let's finish the job! Yelled Togamon.

Yeah let's! Said Birdramon taking flight to the air.

Lightspeed jabbing! Said Togamon hitting Etemon multiple times.

Fire flapping! Said Birdramon flapping her wings and releasing a stream of flames and burning Etemon.

And Siesamon used the same attack as he did before. Then Siesamon dedigivolve back to Labramon. and song ends.

Aww.....Labramon you were amazing! said Yuuko cuddling him.

Your welcome. I just had to protect you Yuuko I wouldn't be myself if something would have happened to you...

Etemon was down for the count. But he was still alive and well.

Etemon quickly got up and said Don't think that this is over my sugar buns. Big plans are being made to destroy y'all once and for good! So until then!

He ran away.

Oh great he ran off. said Itoh.

How typical. He's the running away type when he can't handle such power. said Sato. Closing his eyes and folding his arms while saying this.

Chicken! Saki yelled and sticking out her tongue.

I can't help but to feel something terrible of what Etemon said...said Ame

Don't worry Ame. Whatever it is all of us will be strong enough to take it down! Said Gazimon encouraging her.

Now what do we do? Asked Harumi.

Maybe we can help you guys out. Said a voice

Everyone turned around to the voice and all of them gasped and saw...

Ooh...who is it? Better stick around for the next chapter to find out! sorry that the chapter is a bit short. I hope you enjoyed it. ^^

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madison :
cnw64 :

My summons better work this time. 

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Eniitan : What you didn't know is that is my favourite Japanese Digimon Evolution song in the world! I never knew what is called until now thank you!! This song actually worked very well with this chapter. I didn't really care that it was shorter I was just glad I still got too read this exciting chapter. 
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Eniitan : Nice chapter! I liked seeing Etemon fight. He's kind of odd, but in a quirky, interesting way. I wonder who showed up at the end? 
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-Thread closed due to requested by the thread creator-
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~Thread reopened, this was requested by the thread creator~

Eniitan : Have fun with updating this thread with your fanfictions again.
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The Digigestend Meet The Old Digigestend Digimon! Chapter 7

No....way...said Yuuko being the first one to speak.

Your...your....y-y-yo-ur. said Hana stammering to talk.

So your the new digigestends that Tai has been talking about? Asked the voice

Omg...I can't believe that Agumon and the rest of the old digigestend digimon are standing before us...said Hana still in shock.

Yeah I can't believe it too...said Yuuko also in disbelief.

Earth to Hana and Yuuko what's with the stammering? Asked Saki. are looking at legendary digimons before you....said Hana still in shock. These guys saved the digimon world from a horrible fate...

Everyone gasped.

Wow...said Saki.

Yeah kidding...said Itoh.

This is really shocking. said Sato surprised.

I never guessed that we would meet the old digigestend digimon like this...said Harumi.

This is too good to be true...said Ame with her eyes growing wide.

So...said Soras Biyomon What's wrong now?

Well...Said Hana.

Bla bla bla bla bla.

That's terrible! Said Tentomon.

Where's the digigestends Agumon? Asked Yuuko.

Well...Tai and the others for some reason are having a problem rentering back into the digimon world....and told us to find you guys.

Maybe the enemy has done something to the digital portal...said Gabumon.

So...who is the leader of the group? Asked Mimis Palmon.

Everyone pointed their fingers to Hana.

Hehe....said Hana blushing with all eyes on her.  Hey Palmon?  

both of them replied saying Yes?

Sorry Palmon of Mimi I meant my one. Here's a special scarve for you to wear so then everyone can tell the difference.

Gee thanks Hana! Said Palmon.

So what is our top priority now? Asked Elecmon.

We need to find out what's going on firstly. So the best way to do it is to ask Gennai in person. Said Hana.

That's the best thing we can do now. said Lunamon.

Meanwhile in the darkness of the wilderness. Something was brewing up to stop any good from rising again in the digimon world.

???? Said So....we have all of the information about these so called new digigestends? The voice appears to be a male.

???? Said Yes our ruler said to seek and destroy them without any caution and mercy as well. This voice appears female.

???? Said Hah! I think that they are wannabes. If they want to bring back peace to this world, I dare them to try! Another voice that appears to be male with a lower voice.

???? Replied back saying What about Etemon? He was supposed to kill them as promised! But the old coger failed! Said the male voice.

???? Replied saying I didn't even think it was worth reviving that uselessness good for nothing, piece of trash. Said the female voice.

??? Also said In all seriousness, I can't take the guy seriously! I was laughing my head of finding out as of how he failed his mission in the first place!!!! Said the male with the lower voice laughing so much.

???? Said So back to the mission. It is now up to us to stop these pesky kids right? Said the male voice.

???? Right. said the female voice.

???? It's time to show them what we are made of! Said a male lower voice

These unknown voices set of to somewhere. On earth Izzy has been working tirelessly to find out the problem to do with the link of entering into the digital world and why it is not working for them.

So Izzy have you figured out why we can not get into the digimon world? asked Tai.

Not yet Tai be patient. I am still analyzing the source of the problem. Also Gennai got back to me. It seems that we are about to find out why. Said Izzy typing away on the computer still.

Back in the digimon world.

As the others continued to talk, amongs the bushes something rustle. Ignoring that for now... Someone was heading towards them

Watch out you guys I sense someone coming! Said Tais Agumon going into defense mode.

Yeah me too! Said Matts Gabumon.

Well, well what do we have here? Said ????

Looks like the digigestends that we were told about? said ????

Look at all of them so puny, they won't be worth the fight. Let's leave I don't know why the others were so worried. said ????

Who are you guy's?! Yelled Soras Biyomon.

Us? No need for us to tell our names as you will all die so quickly. Said ????

Say what?! Said Itoh.

You heard him. Why bother telling you our names if you are all going to die instantly? Said ????

And who are you to judge us so quickly? said Sato glaring with his arms folded.

Pipe down child don't glare at me like that said ???? Glaring back at Sato.

Sato has every reason too you bimbo! Yelled Hana.

Bimbo? You must be silenced loud mouth girl. Said ????

Before ???? Can attack Hana. Sato is in front protecting her with his arms wild out.

You will never harm Hana as long as I am around.

Tell me boy. Why is it you protect this girl? Said ????

She's my friend and I care for her that's why! Shouted Sato.

Hana is extremely shocked.

Doesn't matter anyway. Black Agumon said ????

A black digimon that looks like Agumon comes out from nowhere. This made Agumon to be surprised.

???? Points at Sato and Hana Destroy them.

Black Agumon fired a dark fireball at them before it can hit them. It gets blocks off by Hanas Palmon and Lunamon! Because the blast was so powerful it left a lot of damage on them.

No Palmon! Said Hana running towards her to see how she is.

Lunamon hang in there! Said Sato doing the same to see if she is ok.

Let this be a warning to you children that was little taste of our dark power. That will happen to the rest of you if you continue to be in our way of putting the digital word into eternal darkness. said ????

All the others can do is glare back.

Till next time. 

The trio of unknown people left in black darkness covering and causing them to disappear.

Now what...said Harumi.

Those guy's are way out of our league...said Elecmon

Don't give up! said a voice in the distance.

Everyone turned to see the shock of their lives.

I wonder who they saw? Better wait till the next chapter to find out!


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