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02-28-20 12:10 AM

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anybody get it yet?
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09-25-14 03:46 PM
10-06-14 11:04 PM

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09-25-14 03:46 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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FIFA 15 has just been released in North America a few days ago and Europe today for pretty much every active system. UK and Ireland versions of the game will come out tomorrow. I bought the American version for the PS4 the day it came out, though I have not yet had a chance to play it yet. 

Has anybody else bought the game when it came out, or plan on getting the game soon? The standard console version costs 60 while the ultimate console edition costs 70. I bought the ultimate edition, and I also plan on getting the Vita version when I get a bit more money.
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09-25-14 03:47 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition for the PS4. It has not been delivered yet, I should get it by Saturday.
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10-06-14 11:04 PM
sonicmcmuffin is Offline
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I've got the PS3 Version simply because i spend all my money on steam games and cant be bothered to save up for a ps4. 

The game itself is pretty good, the small changes they have made to the ps3 version seem to make it easier to score in places and a lot harder to score from others... E.G i played FIFA 14 a lot so i knew where to shoot.. They do not really work in the new version.  I do however like that they have put all of the premiership teams stadiums in the game which is awesome... 

I'd love to hear how the PlayStation 4 version is different from the previous game.
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