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02-27-20 01:59 AM

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05-30-14 04:00 PM
06-01-14 10:22 AM

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Vizzed Minecraft Server = Week 5 & 6 Recap


05-30-14 04:00 PM
Davideo7 is Online
Link | ID: 1027733 | 376 Words

Level: 335

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We skipped the recap thread last week due to all of us admins being too busy but there wasn't a lot that took place between week 4 and 5 so I'll squeeze week 5 and 6 into 1 recap. In fact, I might do this for now on, do a recap thread every 2-4 weeks instead of every week. There haven't been many big updates in a while but this week had a big one (more on that below).

The Best 3D Sprite Art competition came to an end in Week 5 with Davideo7 getting 1st, Quhark 2nd, and bananaeater99 3rd. Here are videos of the 2 submissions that helped me win:

Week 5 introduced a competition titled Best Watercraft where users had to create the best water structure. That competition came to an end yesterday and Laian got 1st, bananaeater99 got 2nd, and Quhark got 3rd. Here are their submissions in order:

Yesterday I introduced a new competition titled Best Video where users create the best video using the Vizzed Minecraft Server. This competition has the highest pay out with $75 (or 100,000 Viz) and $25 up for grabs and this competition will last the longest, ending on June 27th. Be sure to go here to compete:

Now on to the most exciting feature of the week, an Interactive Map of the Vizzed Minecraft Server, a web app (Dynmap Plugin) that can be viewed right on Vizzed without a copy of Minecraft:

There's lots of information that you should know about that page and the app so here here:

And here's a short 5 minute video tour I put together of the app in action:

Over the past 2 weeks, I've removed and relisted a lot of lots that users had purchased but never put to use. Those lots have been relisted at a very cheap price and can be found in Iggy Land and Geeo's Island, I relisted around 10 lots of all sizes so be sure to go grab them before they're gone.

From now on we'll be keeping track of all the Minecraft Vizzed users differently. Before I was compiling a list in the Vizzed Minecraft Server thread but now we'll be keeping track on the
Be sure to select the 'Play Online' box and be sure to enter your Gamertag.

I'm going to end this post with screenshots and maps of the Vizzed world and the Genrody world using the dynmap app that I added this week. Enjoy

(click for a bigger picture)
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(edited by Davideo7 on 05-30-14 04:01 PM)    

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05-30-14 04:03 PM
Davideo7 is Online
Link | ID: 1027736 | 298 Words

Level: 335

POSTS: 31916/44049
POST EXP: 3262385
LVL EXP: 689365495
CP: 168172.0
VIZ: 93234885

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Summoning all the known users who have used the server so far. If you've used the server but didn't get a summon to this thread, add minecraft to your collection here:
Be sure to select the 'Play Online' box and be sure to enter your Gamertag.

8bluefish : 8bluefish
A user of this : CurleyBeeans
Agoron : Agoron12
alexanyways : mattslawski
alexc1399: alex150304
allenhsia : AllenHsia
alsonic : alsonic
AngelicDirt : AngelicDirt
aso100 : Aso1000
awsome888 : awosme88
Axew13 : Axew13
Beliar: Belios
bigger0gamer : bigger0gamer
blade3143 : Blade_The_Wind
blazehawk12345 : king_evan
Blubcreator : Blubcreator
Boxia : bmouser9001
catbert225 : catbert225
celmac911 : plaindinks
Chart : Fancdew
Cooliogb : Cooliogb
Cooliogb : Cooliogb
coolmanbad : coolmanbad
cynthielle77 : Cynthielle77
Darkpower508 : Neo_Ray
Darkpower508 : Neo_Ray
Davideo7 : Davideo7
deg2000 : Deg200
dman9090: Trultra
doonoo1000 : craftydoonoo
dumlink23 : Tehkiyu
edwardauron : Dust_fingerr
fireking1058 : fireking1058
fugger973 : fugger973
Gabriel_E.D. : XxGabrielxXBR
geeogree : geeogree
Gingercream1 : Mewtation
Gluttony2007 : Gluttony2007
GrimmieShinda : SantosCreeper
guau : ErtasMertas
hermione494 : Izayoi_Aki
Hydrosa : WarBandit111
icefire45 : icefire451
ignite444 : ignite444
IgorBird122 : igorthedragon122
iiGrinchii : GrinchyIzzy
imamonster : thefouad
imundead2 : jtsc0tt
Juliet : caemonb
Kalactok : Kalactok
ketchupcereal : ketchupcereal
kingvictory : Ninjagaming5
knockout575 : Alexj
Koda : 7superfrenchy7
Laian : MysticLaian
Lastoimes : Lastoimes
lbcprower : lbcprower
lbcprower : lbcprower
lilpaws25: RareApplePie
LinkGanonslayer : LinkGanonslayer2
LocksmithArmy : MinerLock
loki19 : jacob1992
LOLer6454 : BossLOL12
Lovelesscatxxo : CatLawer
Lovelesscatxxo : CatLawer
MaijjikalMotart : MaijjikalMotart
mariosonic123 : beastofrelms
MarthFanboy : PandaMushroom
matapult : Matapult11
Matthew2321 : Matthew2321
mitchelw : ForsakenGunz
mlb789 : mlb789
mohammedroxx3 : mohammedroxx3
Mr.SuperSonic360 : Sonic3600
mrfe : crackofdon
mvivas2010 : mvivas2010
naco26withcheese : naco26withcheese
NameEntry : NameEntry
Overlord_Laharl : Overlord_Laharl
paper luigi : AgentMudkip2
pika pika raikou : Pika_pika_raikou
play4fun : asianbeliever
Pokefreak219 : Pokefreak219
Quhark : QhakeXD
Redbattler : Digitrainer
RetroGameNinja : Levelol10
ryan2000 : RyanHunter2000
Ryroe : KuroMiner
scythgar : maybeminer
Sephirothxxxxxx..: Royzourboyx
shad0wtraverse : Shad0w22
ShadowLink12 : KindDodongo12
silverthundr : silverthundr
Sincerely_Chris : Le_Christina
Singelli : Singelli
Snowdeath : Snowdaeth
Sun-Wukong : Sun_Wukong54
superkirby34 : ultrafighter3
SuperMariofan908 : Bursem92
supersonicracin..: MarioZeldaFTW
Tails the Fox : DragonZaris
takeo masake : METALDRAGON146
Takioshi Satahi : Takioshi
The Planned Acc..: PerfectOmega
TheAlphaPro : JaguarLynx
theglob77 : theglob77
thelastrequim : thelastrequim1
thelastrequim : thelastrequim1
thesurviver : _X_Bahamut_X_
the_casualty : Nksor_
Trucksaw : Trucksaw
vhero : transformas12345
wierdooooooooooo : DavidB2016
Xiledx : xiledx12543
zanderlex : Zanderlex1
Zlinqx : Zlinqx
Zora Marslink : Zora_Marslink
ZxCvBnM7792721 : zxcvbnm7792721
~Pikachi~ : Ross270
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Registered: 12-06-04
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05-30-14 06:57 PM
zanderlex is Offline
Link | ID: 1027837 | 96 Words

dark mode
Level: 236

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In my opinion, this has to be the best week of the servers life just because of this one plugin. It has so many uses and is so much fun, especially considering you don't have to be on the game or even own it for that matter. I am going to be using this feature all the time, maybe even while I am playing because it makes for a great map and can really help in Gen. (No more people trying to kill me will randlmmly pop out of nowhere anymore.) Great job with this David.
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05-30-14 07:20 PM
Cooliogb is Offline
Link | ID: 1027865 | 17 Words

Level: 24

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Oh my freaking god.
This plugin is godly.
I feel like crying for joy.
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06-01-14 10:22 AM
Overlord_Laharl is Offline
Link | ID: 1028717 | 25 Words

Level: 10

POSTS: 15/19
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CP: 450.0
VIZ: 40313

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David, I noticed my Minecraft Username is still missing the second _ next to the first one,

The map plugin looks awesome, thanks for that.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 03-29-13
Last Post: 1416 days
Last Active: 79 days