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12-12-19 08:04 AM

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When was your first sign of Facial Hair?
Beard, Mustache or Sideburns.
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09-02-13 05:06 PM
10-28-13 06:44 PM

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When was your first sign of Facial Hair?


09-02-13 05:06 PM
MechaMento is Offline
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The title kind of explains this thread. When did you get your first sign of Facial Hair? This thread is dedicated for males but can be enjoyed by those female too!

Now I am 13, so quite young to be talking about this sort of thing. Believe it or not I have grown a mustache! It is not anything that spectacular, since it's blonde and my natural hair color is Brown. Obviously it hasn't colored yet, but it is in place and feels like genuin facil hair.

I have also noticed small signs of side burns.
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09-02-13 05:09 PM
Awesome-Kid is Offline
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My first bit of facial hair I believe is when I was 12, it wasn't a lot, it was just a little bit of mustache!!
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09-02-13 05:13 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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Well I'm fourteen and I'm developing a mustache on my lip at this very moment to tell you the truth.
I plan to shave soon though since having a mustache my age can be quite awkward at times.
I'm sure it will grow back though one day.
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09-02-13 05:18 PM
epic-san is Offline
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The first signs of genuine facial hair for me was after I had just turned 12. It was on my upper lip, and I was constantly rubbing it, fascinated at how fuzzy it was. Of course, now it's lost it's appeal, and I shave it and all other facial hair off whenever they decide to grow back.
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09-02-13 05:19 PM
MechaMento is Offline
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austipokedude : Why shave it. You can brag about it at school, and tell all your friends to grow up and stuff.

ONLY JOKING! Do what you want with it, I know how you feel. I once had a mono-brow so I shaved it down the middle. I had to get rid of it. It is a strang look for anyone any age!
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09-02-13 05:19 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
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My first sign of facial hair was a mustache. It's hard to see unless you get really close to my face because it is colored blonde.
Vizzed Elite
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09-02-13 05:24 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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I have a mustache and I think I got it in 7th or 8th grade or so, it is nothing extreme, I am also starting to grow a beard as well. But now that I am in high school, I don't feel weird about it at all, a lot of guys have beards and facial hair in one form or another and I don't stress over it. I might start shaving soon, but I am not like a hairy gorilla or anything. Just slight facial hair. Not a big deal and I really don't see the need to stress over it, it is perfectly common in high school, had it been elementary or the beginning of middle school I would've felt a little awkward about it, but being in high school, it doesn't bother me at all. 
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09-02-13 05:27 PM
MechaMento is Offline
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Razor-987 : I can't disagree with you. In my opinion they can be cool!
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09-02-13 05:32 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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I've had side burns since I was around eight. I had a mustache around twelve.
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09-02-13 11:49 PM
thephantombrain is Offline
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Yeah, 12 or 13 was when the mustache showed up. What really ticked me off was that my beard grew in patchy until I was about 21 (maybe it's the Native-American ancestry in my genes?). Now, I'm sporting a full beard and I've kept a mustache for close to a decade. I'm one of those people who grows a handle-bar mustache that can be turned up at the ends to make me look like an evil mastermind! mwhahaha MWAHAHAHA!
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09-03-13 08:08 AM
Pokegeek is Offline
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I have a moustache right now, no sideburns or any sign of a beard (thank god). It is a black colour, not jet black, just natural black.
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(edited by Pokegeek on 09-03-13 08:11 AM)    

09-03-13 08:11 AM
merf is Offline
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Pokegeek : I'm glad you don't have any sign of a bear, that could be dangerous!

My first sign of facial hair (that I remember) was a mustache. I let it grow for quite a while, and it was easily visible. I'm shaving regularly now though, otherwise I'd have a stupid looking beard. lol.
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09-03-13 08:41 AM
zelda2 is Offline
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I've had beards on my legs and moustaches in my ears since I was six years old!
Perma Banned

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09-03-13 10:26 AM
MechaMento is Offline
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zelda2 : But does that count as facial hair though? Unless you have eyes on your legs too! Also I cant imagine a hairy ear!
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09-03-13 05:18 PM
Mr. Zed is Offline
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Mr. Zed
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I started getting signs of facial hair when I was like thirteen years old. I am fourteen right now and I have chest hair
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09-03-13 05:22 PM
goodboy is Offline
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I've had sideburns for a while. Maybe, since I was 8. Also, I've been growing a bit of fuzz since I was 11, but you can't really tell at all since I have blonde hair color and white skin.
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09-03-13 05:25 PM
Kevyn13 is Offline
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I had to start shaving when I was 11 due to an almost full stache and sideburns, now I just have a full beard because I would have to shave everyday to keep it off. It gets bad I can shave at 8 am and have full stubble by midnight. Sometimes I feel like Tim Allen in the Santa Claus.
nananananana KEESE MAN!

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09-03-13 06:12 PM
DittoDude44 is Offline
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Not yet, but I do feel a fuzz-ish feel above my upper lip. 
The Birthday Thread Maker

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09-03-13 06:50 PM
rcarter2 is Offline
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I don't remember when it actually started for me. I just remember all the comments I got because I was in 6th grade and had a full goatee. I started shaving the mustache part of the goatee in 6th grade and kept the well trimmed beard portion. So I was 11 when I started shaving, and around 10 when I was actually growing it. I can't even tell you when the whole 'peach fuzz' part must have started. 
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09-03-13 07:01 PM
Eirinn is Offline
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I'm not sure exactly when it was, but I'm thinking I was 13 or 14, and it was a beard and mustache. It all just kind of came in together. I hated to see it, because I wasn't in a hurry to start shaving. Still not a fan, but I manage to keep it clean shaven.
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