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01-20-19 09:35 PM

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01-06-19 11:19 PM
Divine Aurora
01-19-19 10:37 PM

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Legalize Marijuana?


01-06-19 11:19 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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As marijuana becomes legal for recreational use in some states, and for medicinal use in even more states, the debate about nationwide legalization continues to rage. What are your thoughts? Do you think marijuana should be legalized for medicinal use? For recreational use?

Personally, I think marijuana should be legalized for recreational use nationwide. I have never tried weed in any form before, but I know plenty of people that have, and they seem a lot more functional high than they do drunk. To me, marijuana is comparable to be alcohol, and should be treated the same way. Legal for anyone over the age of 21, but illegal to use before driving or operating machinery. I'd just take any laws related to alcohol and also apply them to weed.

I also think legalizing marijuana would lead to a decrease in crime. Instead of having to resort to shady drug dealers or black markets, people can simply go to a dispensary, and avoid all of the other crime associated with buying illegal drugs. The weed that people are buying can also be regulated, to ensure that it is completely safe and not laced with any other kinds of drugs.

What are your thoughts on the issue?
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01-06-19 11:25 PM
zanderlex is Online
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I say yes. I have never tried it myself but I'm sure that if it was legalized there would be far fewer conflicts revolving around possession crimes and the sort.

Back in high school when I was young there was a kiddo who loved all kinds of drugs but he seemed to be the most determined of all of us.
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01-06-19 11:35 PM
Lexatom is Online
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There are way too many instances where people are being arrested simply for having weed, which isn't even as effective as being drunk, so I have no idea why it's illegal in the first place. Plus, I am all for letting people just do what they want as long as it doesn't end up in hurting other people. What's funny is that more cases of being drunk have ended up in hurting other people than cases of being high, because when you are high, you have at LEAST some control over yourself. That, and the more times you do it, the more control you have. It's tolerance. So yes, I am very much for it. No reason for it to be illegal, especially when alcohol is legal.
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01-06-19 11:38 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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Lexatom : You touched on another thing I forgot to mention, the number of people going to prison for a victimless crime. It doesn't happen as much anymore, but there was a time where just possessing marijuana could result in a prison sentence, and that is absolutely absurd. No one is being harmed in that situation other than the person taking the drugs, so why should they go to prison?
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01-07-19 12:11 AM
supernerd117 is Offline
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I don't think Marijuana should be recreationally legalized overall. It is my opinion that any recreational use of drugs (overall) is immoral. Yes, it's enjoyable, but it puts the focus on one person: Self. And I am of the opinion that self-fulfillment is inseparably tied to the fulfillment of others.

That said, I recognize that marijuana can have positive effects on health, and I recognize Prohibition didn't work. But the reason I believe it didn't work is because not of how strict it was, but how forceful. Those who drank alcohol or created it were embarrassed publicly. No one should be shamed or belittled because they choose to participate in recreational drug use, even if it is immoral.

So why am I against it? Because there is widespread potential for abuse. You can grow your own weed. You can get it publicly. It creates a culture in which the focus is on getting a fix, as small or as high as it may be, at the cost of things that are more beneficial not only to others, but to self.

Another reason is the effects I've experienced myself. I don't smoke weed and never have, but had some neighbors that were busted for growing it. I inhaled it. It was a pleasant smell, frankly. But it was one that caused me to feel...not in control. Not as alert. Duller. And I want to be as sharp as I can be. If weed affects me this way, surely it affects others this way. And while I like the idea of people being in control of what they take into their bodies, I also want to promote a culture of people that have potential for long-term success...and that means opposing some things that in a better society, should be allowed.

The problem is that weed is...well, weed. It has the potential to be everywhere. If cigarette smokers already disregard the health of those around them (such as their children in a car), what will weed do? Weed smoking is not a victimless crime (where it can truly be called a crime). It affects the health and inhibitions of others in a way they may not want. And by making it public, we are opening doors of abuse.

That said, I am not opposed to the legalization of medical marijuana. I have heard a number of stories of people whose lives improved dramatically upon usage of it. People with chronic pain can live relatively normal lives thanks to it. It's not ideal, perhaps, but there's so much evidence to support the idea that medical marijuana ought to be legalized.

And besides, there are also products which contain compounds found in marijuana (such as hemp seed) that are both beneficial to health and legal to be sold already (and yes, it's delicious. We sometimes have some at home ). If those things have significant health benefits, then it stands to reason that the marijuana itself might be able to produce a similar effect, if used with wisdom.

My worry is that it will not be too often.
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01-07-19 01:41 AM
JigSaw is Online
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Drugs are usually associated with crime so to say selling more of them through other means would reduce crime is a falsehood. It would not reduce crime but encourage more of it. People will still buy in the black market because it's cheaper and you can buy in higher quantities then you can at a weed shop. In addition, there are now more drug dealers readily available to serve underage folks drugs. Mommy buys an ounce of weed, kid steaks some and resells it in school. You got yourself a new drug dealer! You can say you will keep your drugs and liquor and weapons in a safe place... don't fool yourself. Kids are smart! They WILL get their hands on your drugs and weapons when you are not home.

Also, I think you are forgetting that weed is a big introductory drug in schools and is the drug of choice for beginners right next to booze and cigarettes. First it might start out with weed then it might progress to meth and heroin etc... So technically having it more available to the public = more potential for drug abuse, crime and addicts.

Should it be legal? Medically yeah it should be. Recreational? I don't care. If people want drugs they will get them by any means necessary whether that be through a weed shop, someone in school or someone off the street.
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01-07-19 07:22 PM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
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These kinds of regulations are totally counterproductive. You're not going to control people with this kind of stuff. When you try to ban something so socially ingrained, you're trying to put out a fire with gasoline. There is so much revenue that could be coming out of the legalization of weed that could be put to something actually worthwhile and you wouldn't have to increase and other existing tax to do it.
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01-08-19 09:27 PM
Barathemos is Online
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As a couple people have stated, regulations on things like drugs aren’t effective and don’t really cut down on drug use at all. Just look at prohibition and, while alcohol is a more widely consumed drug, the whole situation was a mess. However, do I agree with the point behind the regulation? Yes.

I personally believe that marijuana is a gateway drug that causes serious problems if consumed for an extended period of time. Weed, compared to other drugs, is cheap. Therefore, many people can easily get their hands on to it and not see a huge financial problem. Eventually, people stop getting the same high from it, as is the same as any other drug, and will try and find their fix somewhere else. Weed, which wasn’t “addictive” in the definition sense, causes users to seek a high in other means. So sure, weed doesn’t cause all of these horrible problems that other illegal drugs cause, but the threat of mixing addictions is one I don’t want to take.

And yeah, people can get weed anytime they want because there is such a high market for it, but those people are likely to continue on to use more drugs in the future. The regulations don’t work, which I understand, but I support the reasons behind the regulations.

Do I think that possession of marijuana should be a low class misdemeanor crime? Absolutly. There are way too many people, primarily black, serving extended sentences for possession of marijuana. I think that’s absurd, and I was happy when the state of Georgia downgraded the crime and created a warming system to keep people out of jail. Our jails shouldn’t be used for such petty crimes.

And yes, I do support medical marijuana because it does have great medical benefits, when used correctly.
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01-10-19 11:19 PM
Furret is Online
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It should be legalized. Both for medical reasons as well as recreational reasons.

What good actually comes from making it illegal. If you do that then yeah people will take greater risks to obtain it as they can get arrested if they get caught. By legalizing it people would also be more quick to get help should something go wrong as they won't get in trouble for the possession anymore.

Maybe do this; when someone commits a crime while high off weed, strip them of their right to own it in the future. A weed license sounds dumb as hell though so that might not be the best idea actually. 

Just let people do their thing as long as they don't hurt anyone with it is what I'm trying to say.
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01-11-19 12:15 AM
Kiyo is Online
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I give it a big ol' "Yes."

People are going to do it whether it's legal or not. It's readily available, easily accessible, and very prevalent. I agree with your point that it doesn't affect people nearly as negatively as alcohol does and how it keeps them more functional. I think that keeping it legal and available for recreational use (as well as medicinal) can be beneficial.

It will keep people who go to jail simply for possession out of jail. Smoking weed does not make you a criminal. I don't think it's fair that people are put into the same place as killers and rapists simply because they smoked an herb. That makes no sense considering it doesn't affect anyone but themselves. Further, it costs money to keep people in jails and prisons. Having so many people in those places because they smoked or were in possession of marijuana is poor for the city and government spending.

That brings me to my next point: Money. The government could make so much more money by legalizing marijuana into recreational use. Just put a heavy tax on it and use that tax money for much needed issues like.. Fixing the streets, food/shelter for the homeless, better living conditions in orphanages and nursing homes, More/Better rehabilitation centers, so many things. That would be a huge wave of more income going toward the government.

So not only would they get money for selling it and taxing it, but they would save money by keeping people who have drug problems out of jail. And HOPEFULLY they would see that having an addiction is less a crime and more an illness and send them to get the proper help instead of just sending them to jail.
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01-11-19 11:26 PM
tgags123 is Offline
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Kiyo : I didn't mention the money aspect in my opening post, but you're absolutely right about that. If the government were to tax marijuana as heavily as they tax cigarettes, they could make a ton of money off of it, and maybe even cut income tax because they have money coming from somewhere else instead. (Haha good one tgags, I'm sure that will happen.)

I also tend to agree with your point about addiction. If you have an addictive personality, you can get addicted to literally anything. Obviously some things are more addictive than others, but it's still something that we need to focus on helping people with rather than punishing them for it.

Furret : I don't know if I agree with preventing people from buying weed if they do something stupid while on it. We don't ban people from buying beer if they get into bar fight. In my idea world, we'd treat it the same we treat alcohol.

Barathemos : I don't necessarily agree with your "gateway drug" comment. Alcohol is a drug just like any other. You don't see people saying "this beer doesn't do it for me anymore, I'm going to try crack instead" do you? Every drug has a different kind of high, and makes you feel different. It's not like harder drugs just make you more high, they make you a different kind of high.
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01-12-19 02:45 PM
geeogree is Online
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Canada has legalized marijuana in Canada and it didn't make the black market go away. The black market still exists because Canada is choosing to tax marijuana making it more expensive than getting it the way people used to.

I'm fine with decriminalizing it for cases of possession because sending someone to jail for having a few grams of it seems insane. However, making it legal and treating it like it is less harmful than alcohol is reckless. It has an effect on brain development and since brains don't finish developing until around 24-25 having it legal at 18 leaves plenty of time for damage to be done.

So, I'm on board with decriminalization but legalization is too far. We still don't have a valid method to test for and measure intoxication. What is the legal limit of marijuana consumption before driving should be illegal? These are questions we don't have answers to and without those answers it shouldn't be openly legal.
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01-19-19 10:37 PM
Divine Aurora is Offline
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Divine Aurora
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To me legalizing marijuana is really like opening pandora's  box so to speak because now your basically allowing the argument to be made that all drugs should be legalized drugs like crack/cocaine and heroin as long as it's taxed or modified to lesson the negative side effects or dilute the high. Granted with legal weed the THC count is way less potent than what you would find naturally and it is taxed so good old uncle sam is receiving his cut but with the legalization of weed, are we going to free all the people that were locked up for weed since it's legal now? The legalization of weed comes with its own problems like what to do about being high in public, and whats the legal limit for  high driving. To me should it be legal no simply because you'd have to legalize all those other "drugs" to be fair and release all the people who have been locked up over the years for possession of the substance 
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