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04-18-19 05:36 AM

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01-01-19 02:55 AM
Mecha Leo
01-11-19 09:23 PM

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The Future of the Sonic Franchise


01-01-19 02:55 AM
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As of now, the future of the Sonic franchise remains very uncertain. With the brillaint success that was Sonic Mania, and the huge flop that was Sonic Forces, nobody knows what to expect. However, just very recently, Takashi Iizuka has expressed his interest in remaking Sonic Adventure. Now, it's not confirmed that there will be a remake, but he has gone one record saying he would like to remake it. If this does end up happening, tit would actually be really exciting. I found the original Sonic Adventure to be really fun, and it also turned 20 years old just last week. Would you like to see a remake of Sonic Adventure?
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01-01-19 06:31 AM
EX Palen is Online
Link | 166 Words

EX Palen
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A remake of Sonic Adventure, which could perfectly be labelled as Sonic Adventure 3, it's the only thing that has the potential of keeping the Sonic franchise alive, in my opinion.

I stillĀ haven't got tired of SA2B, and I've owned that game for more than 15 years. Having another entry in the series, more specifically with enough emphasis on the Chao World, is something the fans have been asking for a long time now. Besides, remakes and reboots are somewhat of a trend right now, so hopping aboard that wagon won't do the Sonic franchise any harm.

With Japan hosting the Olympic Games next year, they'll have the whole world's attention and I bet the Japanese videogame industry will take advantage of it. If that happens, Sega will need a powerhouse stored to not be overwhelmed by the competitors, and their best ace is reviving the Sonic Adventure series. Too beautiful to be true, but let's keep the hopes for at least one more year.
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01-01-19 06:38 PM
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I won't outright say most 3D sonic games suck, but I will say there are fundamental flaws within every single one of the games. If they remade sonic adventure and fixed the insurmountable amount of bugs, I would like that a lot.

As for any future games, I have no faith. At all.
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01-03-19 03:06 AM
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yoshirulez! : In my opinion, the fundamental flaw with all of the 3D Sonic games is that they're 3D, and a really easy fix would be to make more games in the style of Sonic Advance and Sonic Mania. That's just me, though.

If they remake Sonic Adventure 2, I won't be particularly hyped, but I'll give it a chance. I might just warm up to it.
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01-05-19 01:38 AM
NovemberJoy is Offline
Link | 103 Words

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Considering what's going on with Sonic Team, I wouldn't hold my breath too much for another great 3D Sonic game like Generations to come out of the woodworks. I would, however, keep watching for another 2D game that hits the spot perfectly like Mania was able to. I do think that an Adventure remake or sequel would be cool...but they did already try to do that with Sonic 06, and we all know exactly how that turned out. I'm not gonna say that a good 3D game is out of the question, but a good 2D game is more likely at this point.
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01-07-19 04:09 PM
nakina is Offline
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I would like to see a remake of Sonic Adventure simply so the possibility of a Sonic Adventure 2 remake might be on the table. I've always enjoyed the 3D sonic games quite a bit myself. I did play quite a bit of the first sonic game and sonic & knuckles as well though.
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01-09-19 10:56 PM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
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As most of the others have already said, I also think that an HD remaster of Sonic Adventure is in order, as well as Sonic Adventure 2. After that, shock the world by announcing Sonic Adventure 3 Sega! If you want people to get excited about Sonic again, that's what you need to do.
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01-10-19 10:17 PM
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Sonic Adventure was one of the only ones I remember being not trash at and actually enjoying it. I'd love a remake of it to see if that still holds up.

They should also have another game with the werewolf mode
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01-11-19 02:57 PM
Kiyo is Offline
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Sonic Adventure was literally my childhood. I spent so much time on both one and two (primarily one). And that isn't even counting the Chao garden which was the cutest fricken thing to ever have existed and I curse Sega for not bringing it back or making it a Spin-Off title that I would be playing right this second. but I digress.

Sonic has been my favourite Franchise ever since I was a kid. I was introduced at the age four I believe and have been playing religiously since. I still have my original copy of Sonic 3 & Knuckles and it still works. But again, I put the MOST time into Sonic Adventure. If they remade that/made a sequel to it, my life would be complete.

There's nothing more in life that I want than to see the Chao Gardens make a return in HD and modern graphics. Forget the wisps nobody liked those the CHAOS are where the money is at.
I never want Sonic to stop having games made for him. I'm even excited for that terrible looking movie that is coming out. But if they make a good 3D Sonic game again, I could die happy.
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01-11-19 09:23 PM
Mecha Leo is Offline
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Mecha Leo
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The way I see it, Sonic Team just never settled into their own boots. You have Sonic Adventure, which was largely experimental, and Sonic Adventure 2 refining a lot about the formula, but then they try Sonic Heroes, which had the potential as something good but was a bit shoddy in the optimizing department, Shadow the Hedgehog, which tried too hard to act as something different, some other game I don't remember, but I think it might have been bad too, and then two motion control games where Sonic was basically a motorcycle and that thing with the werehog being tacked onto otherwise excellent level design. Sonic Team keeps trying to find that special something to graft onto their games which makes it fulfilling, but they just can't for the life of them find out what they need. Sure, you could say that they need to mix things up to stay fresh, but after Forces, after Lost World, after BOOM, I think refining the Adventure format is just what we need right about now.
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