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List of Video Game Characters in Warcraft Franchise
A'dal [Warcraft],
Aethas Sunreaver [Warcraft],
Agatha [Warcraft],
Aggra [Warcraft],
Akama [Warcraft],
Akil'Zon [Warcraft],
Alexandros Mograine [Warcraft],
Alexstrasza [Warcraft],
Alleria Windrunner [Warcraft],
Anachronos [Warcraft],
Anduin Lothar [Warcraft],
Anduin Wrynn [Warcraft],
Antonidas [Warcraft],
Anub'arak [Warcraft],
Arator [Warcraft],
Archimonde [Warcraft],
Arthas Menethil [Warcraft],
Arugal [Warcraft],
Arygos [Warcraft],
Aviana [Warcraft],
Aysa Cloudsinger [Warcraft],
Azgalor [Warcraft],
Azshara [Warcraft],
Baine Bloodhoof [Warcraft],
Balnazzar [Warcraft],
Baron Revilgaz [Warcraft],
Baron Rivendare [Warcraft],
Benedictus [Warcraft],
Blackhand [Warcraft],
Bolvar Fordragon [Warcraft],
Brann Bronzebeard [Warcraft],
Broll Bearmantle [Warcraft],
Caelestrasz [Warcraft],
Cairne Bloodhoof [Warcraft],
Cenarius [Warcraft],
Chen Stormstout [Warcraft],
Chi-Ji [Warcraft],
Cho'gall [Warcraft],
Cordana Felsong [Warcraft],
Daelin Proudmoore [Warcraft],
Dagran Thaurissan [Warcraft],
Danath Trollbane [Warcraft],
Dar'khan Drathir [Warcraft],
Dargrul [Warcraft],
Darion Mograine [Warcraft],
Darius Crowley [Warcraft],
Daval Prestor [Warcraft],
Deathwing [Warcraft],
Dentarg [Warcraft],
Detheroc [Warcraft],
Draka [Warcraft],
Dranosh Saurfang [Warcraft],
Drek'Thar [Warcraft],
Durotan [Warcraft],
Eitrigg [Warcraft],
Elune [Warcraft],
Eranikus [Warcraft],
Falric [Warcraft],
Falstad Wildhammer [Warcraft],
Fandral Staghelm [Warcraft],
Faranell [Warcraft],
Fenris Wolfbrother [Warcraft],
Freya [Warcraft],
Gadrin [Warcraft],
Galen Trollbane [Warcraft],
Garona Halforcen [Warcraft],
Garrosh Hellscream [Warcraft],
Gazlowe [Warcraft],
Gelbin Mekkatorque [Warcraft],
Genn Greymane [Warcraft],
Goldrinn [Warcraft],
Greatmother Geyah [Warcraft],
Grom Hellscream [Warcraft],
Gul'dan [Warcraft],
Halazzi [Warcraft],
Halduron Brightwing [Warcraft],
Hamuul Runetotem [Warcraft],
Hex Lord Malacrass [Warcraft],
Hodir [Warcraft],
Hogger [Warcraft],
Illidan Stormrage [Warcraft],
Imperator Mar'gok [Warcraft],
Jaina Proudmoore [Warcraft],
Jan'alai [Warcraft],
Jarod Shadowsong [Warcraft],
Ji Firepaw [Warcraft],
Jorad Mace [Warcraft],
Kalecgos [Warcraft],
Kargath Bladefist [Warcraft],
Kel'Thuzad [Warcraft],
Khadgar [Warcraft],
Kil'jaeden [Warcraft],
Kilrogg Deadeye [Warcraft],
King Ymiron [Warcraft],
Koltira Deathweaver [Warcraft],
Kor'gall [Warcraft],
Korialstrasz [Warcraft],
Kurdran Wildhammer [Warcraft],
Lady Vashj [Warcraft],
Lei Shen [Warcraft],
Leoroxx [Warcraft],
Li Li Stormstout [Warcraft],
Liadrin [Warcraft],
Liam Greymane [Warcraft],
Lilian Voss [Warcraft],
Llane Wrynn I [Warcraft],
Loken [Warcraft],
Lor'themar Theron [Warcraft],
Lorewalker Cho [Warcraft],
Lorna Crowley [Warcraft],
Magatha Grimtotem [Warcraft],
Magni Bronzebeard [Warcraft],
Magtheridon [Warcraft],
Maiev Shadowsong [Warcraft],
Mal'Ganis [Warcraft],
Malfurion Stormrage [Warcraft],
Malorne [Warcraft],
Malygos [Warcraft],
Mannoroth [Warcraft],
Marin Noggenfogger [Warcraft],
Marwyn [Warcraft],
Maxwell Tyrosus [Warcraft],
Medivh [Warcraft],
Merithra [Warcraft],
Millhouse Manastorm [Warcraft],
Mogor [Warcraft],
Moira Thaurissan [Warcraft],
Mordent Evenshade [Warcraft],
Mug'thol [Warcraft],
Muln Earthfury [Warcraft],
Muradin Bronzebeard [Warcraft],
Naga Siren [Warcraft],
Nalorakk [Warcraft],
Nathanos Marris [Warcraft],
Nazgrel [Warcraft],
Nazgrim [Warcraft],
Nefarian [Warcraft],
Ner'zhul [Warcraft],
Niuzao [Warcraft],
Nobundo [Warcraft],
Nozdormu [Warcraft],
Onyxia [Warcraft],
Orgrim Doomhammer [Warcraft],
Othmar Garithos [Warcraft],
Putress [Warcraft],
Ragnaros [Warcraft],
Rajaxx [Warcraft],
Rehgar Earthfury [Warcraft],
Remulos [Warcraft],
Renault Mograine [Warcraft],
Rend Blackhand [Warcraft],
Restalaan [Warcraft],
Rexxar [Warcraft],
Rhonin [Warcraft],
Rokhan [Warcraft],
Rommath [Warcraft],
Sargeras [Warcraft],
Sen'Jin [Warcraft],
Shaohao [Warcraft],
Shek'zeer [Warcraft],
Sicco Thermaplugg [Warcraft],
Sindragosa [Warcraft],
Sintharia [Warcraft],
Soridormi [Warcraft],
Sunwalker Dezco [Warcraft],
Sylvanas Windrunner [Warcraft],
Tagar Spinebreaker [Warcraft],
Taran Zhu [Warcraft],
Taretha Foxton [Warcraft],
Taylor [Warcraft],
Terenas Menethil II [Warcraft],
Teron Gorefiend [Warcraft],
Thargas Anvilmar [Warcraft],
Thassarian [Warcraft],
The Lich King [Warcraft],
Thorim [Warcraft],
Thrall [Warcraft],
Tichondrius [Warcraft],
Tirion Fordring [Warcraft],
Tortolla [Warcraft],
Trag Highmountain [Warcraft],
Turalyon [Warcraft],
Tyrande Whisperwind [Warcraft],
Vaelastrasz [Warcraft],
Valeera Sanguinar [Warcraft],
Vanessa VanCleef [Warcraft],
Varian Wrynn [Warcraft],
Varimathras [Warcraft],
Varok Saurfang [Warcraft],
Vek'lor [Warcraft],
Vek'nilash [Warcraft],
Velen [Warcraft],
Vereesa Windrunner [Warcraft],
Vincent Godfrey [Warcraft],
Vindicator Maraad [Warcraft],
Vol'jin [Warcraft],
Wrathion [Warcraft],
Xavius [Warcraft],
Xuen [Warcraft],
Yrel [Warcraft],
Ysera [Warcraft],
Yu'lon [Warcraft],
Zaetar [Warcraft],
Zalazane [Warcraft],
Zul [Warcraft],
Zul'jin [Warcraft],
Zuluhed the Whacked [Warcraft],

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