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12-08-21 12:51 PM
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EX Palen

sonicmcmuffin is Offline

  #1 Pointless title on Vizzed
Vizzed Elite
Previous Name: Davideo/
Real Name: Rukx
Location: UK
Age: 30 (07-06-91)  Gender: Male
Registered: 02-26-10 12:25 PM (4303 days ago)
Posts: 5,668  Threads: 228
Post Words: 470,830 (83 word avg)
Viz: 854,833    Contribution Points: 19,786
Post Rating: 776   Trust Points: 41   Chat: 5161
Level: 134    Experience: 27991834
Next Level: +595140 Exp    Per Post: 7407 Exp
Last Activity: 07-07-21 11:59 PM
  Viewing Symphonic's Profile


Hello there I am Sonicmcmuffin, also known as Muffin

I'm a British guy who pretty much plays games most of the time. but if i'm not i'm either watching anime or talking on discord, or y'know sleeping (but that rarely happens)

I suffer from epileptic seizures 3-4 times a week and have been in a long time fight with depression, insomnia, paranoia and anxiety. I don't like using my medical issues as an excuse for anything relating to my behaviour. I am the same as everyone else on this planet and should be treated the same way.

After many years of soul searching and failed relationships, i figured out that i'm asexual. It's still a concept i'm yet to come to terms with honestly.

I've been on Vizzed for a number of years now, I've been a local moderator, I've been site staff and sometimes i've just not been on the site or temporarily banned.

I've been a person that's demanded change, sometimes i try to enable change. and that has caused some users to either like or dislike me. I will usually voice my opinion but i do not aim to insult or upset others, Most of the time i actively try to help others, but this sometimes gets overlooked.

I was pretty much inactive from 01/16-12/18 because i didn't like the way i was treated or the direction the site was heading. I did protest at times and i'm aware that i came across as a bit of an idiot sometimes. My intentions were pure, but the execution was lacking. Also at the time one of the Admins had it in for me, simply because i spoke about how selfish and childish they were. They tried to get me banned on numerous occasions for very mundane things.

Now that user is no longer in a position of total power, I have come back to enjoy the site once more and to hopefully reunite with old friends and to make new ones also.. That is my goal for 2019.

During 2020 I just aim to be active on the site and now that i've been given the title of Game Review manager to ensure that people that bother to write genuine reviews for games at least get feeback/ a reply to their work.

I have done some bad things on here, I have done some good things. I am myself and no one can take that away from me.

p.s With my friends list being hideously out of date i'll be adding people again. So please don't take offence. thanks!

If your ever interested on adding me in discord or psn or steam just pm me. I have no issues with adding new people.

Random end of year awards i've received
Craziest member of Vizzed 2012
Insomniac of Vizzed 2012
2nd place for best userpic of 2012
Wealthiest member of 2014
Insomniac of 2014
2nd Meanest of 2014
Creator of the Greatest thread 2014
Creator of the funniest thread of 2014
2nd meanest member of 2015
2nd Best veteran in 2017
2nd best non active member 2017
2nd most wise member in 2017

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Page Comments

SonicOlmstead - 07-06-21 10:53 AM
Happy Birthday!!!
no 8120 - 07-06-21 07:25 AM
Happy birthday
becerra95 - 09-24-20 05:33 PM
I must say we’re getting too old for life. We need to have some pizzazz or something Idk
pennylessz - 08-16-20 01:52 AM
Hey, I heard there was a reunion server of sorts out there for old Vizzed members. Could I have an invite? There's a couple people there I've lost contact with, and would really like to at least say hi to once more.
no 8120 - 07-06-20 03:32 AM
Happy Birthday
Cap'n - 01-20-17 02:51 PM
bleh bleh blhe
yoshirulez! - 01-07-17 04:47 AM
Are you even still around anymore
Eniitan - 12-31-16 06:39 PM
Happy New Year! I know it early but I wanted to do it anyway! ^-^
sonicmcmuffin - 09-11-16 07:40 PM
Cap'n - 08-30-16 11:24 PM

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