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04-01-20 07:32 PM

Vizzed Ghostblood's Profile -

Vizzed Ghostblood is Offline

Trusted Member
Real Name: Alexander
Location: Oregon |or| Washington D.C.
Age: 23 (05-15-96)  Gender: Male
Registered: 05-06-10 10:13 AM (3618 days ago)
Posts: 1,753  Threads: 121
Post Words: 60,075 (34 word avg)
Viz: 30,807    Contribution Points: 1,721
Post Rating: 30   Trust Points: 9   Chat: 235
Level: 79    Experience: 4414997
Next Level: +164470 Exp    Per Post: 3777 Exp
Last Activity: 02-14-20 12:20 PM
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All About Me

Hey! I'm 20 years old and I am currently a student at the university in Washington, D.C. I had a severe hearing loss at the age of 2 to the point where I cannot hear anything anymore. Often, toward to many people, I was considered set to fail in the life all because I cannot hear anything, and so everyday I've been fighting to prove that I am not letting such hearing losses to interfere with my ability to work. There are a lot of jobs around that doesn't requires you to interact with customers, and there are multiple ways to communicate with me such as through the lip reading, paper and writing, or if I'm lucky enough, sign language.

Despite the fact that I've learned English long before I learned American Sign Language, ASL is my primary language. However, I have a great desires to learn and to improve my English, so if you do happened to see me making any grammar errors or misspell something, let me know!

I am working hard to reach my goal in getting BA degree within the biological field, especially ecologist. I want to understand the purpose behind the changes within the environment, such as global warming. Especially when it is having an effects with the ocean's lifeforms. So, if you want to strike up a conversation about the biology, animals, or anything related to such, I would love to talk about that!

My hobbies are filled with many things such as video gaming, watching anime, drawing/painting something, reading books, and many more, there's no limit to what I like to do. I am always interested in trying out new things so if you got something to suggests, let me know.

Thanks for taking your time in reading this bio!

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