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05-17-21 11:18 PM
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  #1 Touhou fan!|Nitori Kawashiro
Vizzed Elite
Age: 28 (05-17-93)  Gender: Female
Registered: 06-02-11 06:54 PM (3637 days ago)
Posts: 8,111  Threads: 93
Post Words: 305,427 (38 word avg)
Viz: 27,815    Contribution Points: 5,000
Post Rating: 40   Trust Points: 17   Chat: 606
Level: 152    Experience: 44054894
Next Level: +246766 Exp    Per Post: 8147 Exp
Last Activity: 10-23-16 05:54 PM
Last Post: 07-26-16 12:39 AM
  Sword Art Online's Lisbeth


Clicky and maybe something good will happen!

ACHIEVEMENT GET: Get all 4 jerseys in the Tour de Vizzed! (first to do so as well )


Wriggle NightbugKoakumaYoumu KonpakuShikieiki YamaxanaduStar SapphireKanako YasakaKogasa TataraNitori KawashiroUtsuho ReiujiKisumeYuuka KazamiMerlin PrismriverNazrinShizuha AkiLily White

Chat quote wall-


[8:11 PM] Rasenganfan2: LEGACY BLOWS COCKZ LULZ
Welcome to General Chat, legacyme3!
[8:11 PM] Rasenganfan2: Uhhhh.... I dun goofed, didn't I?

[9:17 PM] legacyme3: Because like a good soup, this chat slithers down your throat

[1:06 AM] UserMike: whats a nitori?

[4:17 PM] the_casualty: "I'M DAVID HASSELHOFF"
[4:17 PM] the_casualty: "SO WHERE'S YOUR BOAT"
[4:17 PM] the_casualty: "BOAT? HAHAHAHAHA"

22:08 RedSnifit Don't tell him [leggy], but I think... I love him.

[5:03 PM] Sephitard9001: I'm going to eat food with my mouth organs

[4:22 PM] legacyme3: everyone vote Leggy for best female

22:08 the_casualty I'm taking leggy's pool

[1:47 AM] supersonic1998: you're MY douche

[4:53 PM] zeldaking1012: nintori??? who names himself after a video game console

[8:51 PM] KingKai: no one gives a zebra about minorities
[8:51 PM] KingKai: because the majorities have led human kind this far

[11:52 PM] cooldragon1990: my doctor told me to get out embrace the world well i say that the internet i could be anything and forget my damn seriousness i have around people I CANT EVEN ASK A GIRL OUT!!!!!!!! even online. damn even here i am blusing '

[12:02 AM] DarthDub: mmm let me rub your thighs

Lazlo Falconi: I've seen posting sprees that would make Leggy blush

[2:05 AM] Markeith21: oh hey mizore are you and mega related?

[10:52 PM] legacyme3: I thought Nitori said
[10:52 PM] legacyme3: "I smell suspicious"
[10:52 PM] legacyme3: I was going to ask what the hell she was on about

VCS results!
June 2011- 4th (125 pts)
July 2011- 4th (87 pts)
August 2011- 6th (80 pts)
September 2011- 3rd (142 pts)
October 2011- 2nd (152 pts)
November 2011- 6th (101 pts)
December 2011- 2nd (207 pts)
February 2012- ?

Tour de Vizzed results!
January 2012:
    Red Jerseys- ?
    Blue Jerseys- ?
    Yellow Jerseys- ?
    Green Jerseys- ?
    Total points- ?

Made Global- 1/27/12 =D

Will I ever complete this bio? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how much people would want one...

How many times you've seen my profile!

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