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Someone70's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Freedom Planet Great game, I'd recommend it to any 2D platforming fans.
Kid Icarus Uprising This game is a hidden gem among all of the 3DS early release games. It's certainly worth a try for the arcade-like action and witty dialogue.
Star Wars - Rogue Squadron The 2nd screenshot is for the GCN game lol
Pokemon - Touhou Merry's Version This game is based on the Touhou series, which I recommend looking up. ;3
Tales of the World - Narikiri Dungeon 2 Looks like a well-made action RPG. Too bad it's in Japanese...
Boktai - The Sun Is in Your Hand Was this their terrible attempt at getting kids to play outside? :P
PokeMon Crystal Glass This game is either a poor translation or a fan translation of the Japanese Pokemon Crystal.
Aka-chan Doubutsuen Super kawaii~! This game is going on my list of "games to play when I fully learn Japanese".
Cardcaptor Sakura - Sakura Card Hen - Sakura to Card to Before you get into the game, know it plays more like a visual novel than an action game.
Angelique Sounds like a cute concept. If only there was a translation for it!

Someone70's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Pokemon 4-in-1
01-07-12 06:00 PM
Where's the Pokemon in this Pokemon?
The first thing I should probably make clear about this game is that it is not an official game. It's an original bootleg, made to look like Pokemon, but not really. It wasn't made by Nintendo and never was supported by them. It's kind of like a hack, but an original game. (Don't quote me on that... This may be a hack of an actual game, though not really done well.)

This game is called Pokemon 4-in-1, a bootleg game that contains 4 games in all. There is no year marked on it so I'm not sure if it was made before or after Pokemon first came out. Looking at the quality of the images and the Pokemon involved, it looks like it came out some time after gen II, so I'm not sure why the maker decided to put it on the NES. But who knows, there are some good games out there for the NES that people play today, so maybe that's what they though.

So with that said, I still think games need to be good quality, bootleg or not. As for this game, there isn't much hope riding for it. The whole cartridge comes with a total of 4 fairly empty and shallow games. And only one of them is even remotely Pokemon related. Like many other "bootleg" Pokemon games, this one doesn't seem to care what its customers think, so long as they're tricked into a profit. But who knows? Could there be some sort of reward in these games anyways?

Graphics: 5

For the NES, the graphics are actually quite good, but considering that this game was made in the 2000's, it isn't surprising. Thus, it'd be more reasonable to compare the graphics to games of the time period, including Pokemon Gold and Silver. If we do that, then they don't seem as impressive.

All except for maybe one or two of the graphics seem original, though not wholly Pokemon. The menu screen contains a picture of Pikachu which is obviously taken from an official source. In the minigame "Picadance" (see below for my descriptions of the games), there is another picture taken from Pokemon Yello... Read the rest of this Review
Mario Kart - Super Circuit
01-02-12 11:24 PM
Just an SNES port?
Super Circuit is the only Mario Kart game released on the GBA. While the other games in the Mario Kart series are critically acclaimed for being groundbreaking and addicting, this game does little to add to the appeal of the overall series.

Graphics: 8

These are probably the highlight of the series. The graphics here are good when compared to other GBA games. However, the only game in the series they're better than would be the SNES version. The coins and most of the terrain is still flat. However, there is some nice activity in the background and the item boxes and items at least stand up. Other than that, it's comparable to the SNES graphics. One thing I was disappointed about was the lack of the pop-up map on the bottom, but I guess there was no room for it on such a small screen.

Sound: 6

The music was probably made to sound similar to the music in Mario Kart 64, but the shortcomings of the GBA's sound system didn't quite let it get there. It's not as addicting as any of the music in the series. The sound set just makes it sound average to all other GBA games, really. The sound effects are similar to those in the SNES Mario Kart, as well. Nothing very significant about those.

Addictiveness: 5

Like I said, this game falls short of the expectations of other Mario Kart games. So as a result, it's not quite as addicting as them.

The fact that it's on the GBA makes it portable so that you can play Mario Kart wherever you go. But that happens to be one of the shortcomings in its addictiveness. Because it's on the GBA, it's a hassle trying to set up multiplayer, with adapters and wires and whatnot needed to establish a connection. I consider multiplayer to be one of the core mods of the Mario Kart series, so because it hardly exists here, it's not as fun to play.

Also, another gameplay aspect that I find unnecessary is the coin system. In the SNES version, coins were also use... Read the rest of this Review
Super Mario Kart
10-29-11 05:33 PM
Super Mario Kart
Ever since his career as a plumber and princess-saver took off, Mario could not content himself with just one job. He ventured into the sports zone, pleasing fans with his supposed athletic abilities. One of these was racing, in a game known as Super Mario Kart. But does this game deserve a 1-up? Or should Mario just stick to going down pipes and eating mushrooms?

Graphics: 7
Super Mario Kart can be thought of as the prototype to Mario Kart 64. They’re the same, except that the SNES version is almost completely flat, from the walls to the coins to the item boxes. Because of that, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between track and wall, making you run into everything during a race. And because the coins and item boxes are flat, it’s hard to judge how to line up so you’ll run over them from far away. I think they could’ve taken a few measures to fix that, seeing how Star Fox came out at the same time and those graphics are more “3D.”

The screen is split into two parts, like a Nintendo DS. The top screen is a back-view of your racer. The bottom screen is either a map of all the racers, or a front-view of your racer (depending on which mode you choose). I like how the map works, with a bunch of big racers on a tiny track. It gets the idea across, but it’s sometimes hard to look at as you’re trying not to crash into the flat walls above.

Music: 8
The music in the game is very lighthearted and fun to listen to, just like in the original Mario games. As you speed along the tracks, you’ll find yourself humming to the music throughout. Some songs are familiar; the Ghost Valley track is just like the Boo house song from Super Mario World. Other songs are brand new, like the Donut Plains.

Addictiveness: 9
Like all other Mario Kart games, Super Mario Kart always keeps you coming back for more. There are 4 cups in all, and 3 difficulties... Read the rest of this Review
Rhythm Tengoku
09-14-11 12:11 AM
Music Paradise
We're all familiar with the rhythm games Guitar Hero and Rock Band. These games involve flashing lights, colorful buttons, complicated note patterns, and cramping gameplay. They had their reign during the rhythm game craze, but were plagued with bland gameplay, changed up only by the songs they used.
However, a single game manages to stand out from the rest, and that is Rhythm Tengoku for the Gameboy Advance. This game doesn't use an imitation of an instrument or yesterday's top 40 songs. Instead, it focuses on the fun that any type of music can bring to a game.
The basic premise of Rhythm Tengoku is that there are over 30 different minigames that you can play. These games are overly simplistic, remeniscent of the microgames of WarioWare, but they each have something to do with rhythm. From punching objects in time to the beat of a music to shooting arrows into ghosts at the end of 8 beats, Rhythm Tengoku offers a variety of ways to make tapping with the metronome fun.

Music: 10
In a game that relies completely on sound for its entertainment value, Rhythm Tengoku has music that is extremely catchy, and will get stuck in your head after just a couple plays. Each minigame features its own unique track, plus remixes that also have their own songs. This totals to over 40 different songs that you can find in the game and enjoy listening to.
There are virtually no complaints that I have with the music included in the game. All of it is original; nothing is taken or covered from today's pop songs. Many of them are funny and whimsical, which perfectly matches the lighthearted nature of the game. A couple of them even feature recorded lyrics (although they're in Japanese), and adds a dash of professional flavor into the game.
After completing the games in a "set," the game takes all of those games and throws them together in a remix. The remix is a whole new song, designed to take the gameplays of the five games in the set and seamlessly m... Read the rest of this Review
Super Monkey Ball Jr.
09-03-11 02:45 AM
No Monkeys in This Barrel
Many of us know the phrase of  “more fun than a barrel of monkeys.” But what if that barrel was a ball and that ball was on a flat stage floating in mid air? And what if you had to tilt that flat land so that the ball rolls into a goalpost on the stage? That’s the premise of Super Monkey Ball, and in this rendition of Super Monkey Ball Jr., that concept has been shrunken down to the size of your Gameboy Advance.

In case you were confused by my earlier questions, the goal of Super Monkey Ball is to roll an adorable monkey helplessly trapped in a ball to a big sign that says “Goal” somewhere on the stage. Along the way, you have to avoid falling off or running into obstacles that will cause your poor monkey’s demise. You also have a time limit in which you have to reach the goal before it runs out; otherwise, it also counts as falling off the stage. Your monkey also has an extreme banana addiction. Scattered across the stage are Dole sponsored bananas that you can collect, but are usually out of your way. You are rewarded for your efforts, though, as 50 bananas will earn you an extra life. Complete all the stages needed to beat the difficulty you're on, and you win the game. That's the basic overall goal of the game. This concept work exceptionally well on the Gamecube, but how does its miniaturized sibling stack up?

Graphics: 6

It's a rather unfortunate fact that Super Monkey Ball Jr. follows directly from the smooth version of the Gamecube, because everything had to be downsized so that it could fit within the specifications of the GBA. If we're only comparing the graphics to other ones on the same system, then I say that this game is a good pioneer for 3D graphics above the rest. The stages are rendered in full 3D, although your monkey is only 2D, so that it recreates the feel of the original game (or at least it attempts to).

However... Read the rest of this Review

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